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Chapter 143: Chapter143 The Stolen Limelight

As for Su Huixian, she already knew who she was going to invite.

A few days ago, she had met the new best actor, Zhuang Wenhao.

He came to a banquet because of the Du family, and she had a good talk with him.

After the banquet, Du Luo introduced her to Zhuang Wenhao.

They sang and drank together.

At that time, Zhuang Wenhao had shown great interest in working with her.

Actually, this event was Su Huixians idea.

She proposed to Wei Lan to add this activity and convinced her to agree.

When Wei Lan heard that Zhuang Wenhao would be Su Huixians partner, she finally agreed to Su Huixians proposal.

After all, Zhuang Wenhao was a famous actor.

If he appeared with Su Huixian, it would definitely cause a great sensation, and Feng Shangs reputation would also increase.

Su Huixian could also take advantage of Zhuang Wenhaos popularity to stabilize her position in the entertainment industry.

As for the other five models, they should also try their best to invite famous people.

Of course, if they invited some unknown people, the photographer would skate over their scenes.

But it would not affect Feng Shang.

“Qin Zhi, who are you going to invite” one of the models asked Qin Zhi.

“I will invite a friend in the entertainment industry,” Qin Zhi replied casually.

“How about you, Luo Li”

Luo Li wasnt worried either.

She smiled and said, “I have a few friends in the industry.

Whoever I will invite, Im sure he will agree.

After all, he will take part in a video for Feng Shang.”

Everyone then turned to look at Su Bei.

Among the six of them, she was the newest.

She had only formally appeared in public through Orisa Fashion Show.

It could be said that she didnt have any connections, let alone famous friends in the entertainment industry.

Su Bei was actually in a dilemma too.

Most of the people she knew in the industry were in the United States.

The entertainment industry in the United States and S Country had always been distinct.

The barriers were so deep that it was difficult to merge.

She couldnt possibly ask someone to come back from the United States to shoot with her, could she

Seeing the embarrassment on Su Beis face, Su Huixian understood that she couldnt invite a famous partner.

If that happened, Feng Shang would definitely not give her and her partner too many scenes.

Feng Shang wasnt a charity.

It wouldnt do good deeds for no reason and would only support deserving people.

Luo Li smiled and said, “Huixian, tell us, who are you going to invite We cant wait to hear your good news.”

“Thats right.

Whos the lucky one Huixian, tell us.

He must be the top male celebrity in the entertainment industry, right”

“Hmm…let me guess.

Is it the popular young star, Wu Ruoxi Or Xie Tingkeng, who is known for his acting skills”

Su Huixian smiled and said, “Actually, I dont know yet.

Du Luo said that he will help me choose a partner who is suitable to my temperament.

But he hasnt told me who he is yet.”

Her words did not only show off their affection but also made people understand something.

“Huixian, it seems that you already knew that the editor-in-chief would hold this activity.”

“Well, she suggested that I find a partner.

So I proposed to her that everyone should also have a partner.” Su Huixian seized the opportunity to let them realize her kindness.

Sure enough, everyone expressed their gratitude towards her.

“Huixian, thank you so much for giving us such a good opportunity.”

“Thats right.

Huixian, you are so considerate.

You always share good things with us.”

The limelight that was stolen by Su Bei just now returned to Su Huixians side smoothly.


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