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Chapter 1430: Beauty Beyond GenderTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Sister Yang clearly could not take this loss.

She had to ride on the attention Lu Bei was receiving now to increase Zhao Sixius popularity.

When Su Bei saw this, she did not mind.

This time, the fans attitude was quite gentle.

It was not appropriate to scold Lu Bei, so they did not attack him personally.

Among the previous attacks, this could really be considered very gentle.

She could understand how her fans felt.

If she didnt know the inside story, she probably wouldnt be able to help but criticize a good-looking person who had no acting skills either.

Well then, Ill just make them look forward to it!

Lets see whos the one stepping on who!

Lu Bei was scolded badly by the netizens, but fans of Lu Heting and Lu Bei were stoked.

It was like a celebration for them.

The fans posted a lot of photos and produced a lot of content.

They were happy and harmonious.

Lu Heting logged into Shell 001s account and lurked around the Internet.

He found that the people who scolded Lu Bei were quite lenient.

Some of the discussions were also polite, so he forgave these fans.

Then, he saw the beautiful photo of himself and Lu Bei and clicked onLu Heting x Lu Bei Fan Group.

Then, he realized that he and Su Bei were also a popular ship.

However, their popularity was not as good as that of him and Lu Bei.

Even so, it could be seen that the eyes of the public were still sharp.

He did not have much interaction with Su Bei, but they still foundevidence of their relationship.

Their theories were also reasonable and convincing.

In order to protect Su Beis image as Lu Bei, the crew of Split did not publicize Lu Bei too much in the early stages.

On the whole, they let nature take its course.

In the early stages, Lu Bei did not appear to meet the rest of the crew.

On the day of filming, Zhao Sixiu arrived at the scene early in the morning.

Sister Yang followed beside him and thoughtfully instructed the various staff members.

Today, Lu Bei and Zhao Sixiu had a scene together.

The character that Zhao Sixiu was playing now was a police officer.

He was in charge of a case, which Lu Bei felt that one of his split personalities was responsible for.

His image was relatively simple.

In order to form a stark contrast to Lu Bei, he trimmed his already short hair even shorter.

When he appeared in his sportswear, it accentuated his hard and strong face, making him look even more masculine.

As soon as he entered the production team, he attracted a lot of attention.

Although his looks and temperament were not suitable for the aesthetics of the mainstream fan market, he was still very handsome in reality.

It made the hearts of those female staff members palpitate.

The men did not hate his looks either.

Instead, they yearned to become like him.

Therefore, Zhao Sixiu had already gained the production teams favor.

Sister Yang gave him a look, indicating that he had to seize the opportunity today and strive to perform.

She didnt need to remind him as Zhao Sixiu would think the same.

Even when being suppressed by truly powerful people, Zhao Sixiu would just hide his resentment and admit defeat.

But being suppressed by Lu Bei…

He was furious about it.

Now, in the entire circle, those weak, harmless, but gorgeous men were popular now.

All of them took the feminine and effeminate route, which made things hard for those men with tough-guy images like him.

He didnt have a good impression of these young and beautiful men.

It was usually fine, but this time, he was being suppressed by Lu Bei.

His counterattack happened to be fierce and direct.

Zhao Sixiu found a seat and sat down.

The way he sat casually made the female staff members eyes sparkle again.

“Lu Bei is almost here.

Everyone, get ready,” someone shouted.

Sister Yang pouted.

Clearly, she could not stand the way the production team was welcoming Lu Bei.

Sure enough, a few male staff members were also discussing in low voices, “Where did Lu Bei get the ability to get everyone to welcome him I can kill 10 such sissies with one punch!”

“Hahaha, he has the right background and ability.

He might even bring funds to the team.

For the sake of our jobs, lets endure it.”

“Yes, if it werent for my job, I would have really punched him! I dont know what the trend is now.

Every man is making himself look like a woman.

Its fine if male celebrities look like women, but Lu Bei looks like a woman and is also sleeping with men.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Just thinking about it makes me feel f*cking disgusted.

Im going to vomit.”

Sister Yang stood at the side and could not help but feel happy when she heard these discussions.

If even these staff members thought so, then the discussions in the outside world would not be any better.

It would be difficult for Lu Bei to become popular.

Zhao Sixiu frowned slightly.

He did not agree with these unpleasant words.

When others saw this, they felt that his frown was a show of agreement with what was being said.

“Stop talking.

Lu Bei is about to enter.

Its fine if we offend him, but do you think well be able to keep our jobs if we offend Mr.

Lu” The person in charge reprimanded.

They then heard continuous screams coming from outside.

The female staff members who had marveled at Zhao Sixiu just now moved on as fast as lightning.

They had just been shouting about how handsome Zhao Sixiu was, but now they were screaming and cheering for Lu Bei.

Zhao Sixiu raised his eyelids disapprovingly and glanced indifferently in the direction of the screams.

He wanted to quickly look away, but in an instant, his gaze was glued to that spot and he could not look away.

The young man who came in was dressed in simple white clothes and white pants.

It was a very simple style without any embellishments.

The clothes wrapped his young and healthy youthful figure cleanly.

The stray hair on his forehead scattered in front of his eyes, slightly blocking his extremely bright and clear eyes.

The bright lights of the production team shone on his handsome face, outlining his extremely exquisite facial features.

His nose bridge was high, and his thin lips were slightly sharp.

His entire temperament was extremely noble, making him look other-worldly.

He was escorted in by a group of female staff.

He stood out in the crowd.

Wherever his gaze landed, there were screams.

The male staff members, who had been judging the situation, were momentarily speechless.

They hated sissies and men pretending to be ladies, but the man in front of them could hardly be described as a sissy.

Even though he was exquisite, he looked noble in a way that could not be desecrated.

It was beauty that went beyond gender.

Whether he was a man or a woman, one couldnt stick a simple label to this person.

Faced with Lu Bei, those profane, vicious words were completely impossible to say.

They could only be in awe at his gaze and want to surrender to his suit pants.

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