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Chapter 1429: Please Stop Acting!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Director Jiang thinks that you can take on the role this time.

The male and female leads will be played by you.

Ive already discussed with him to let you act as Lu Bei first.

After the movie has been released for some time, you can reveal your identity.

That way, those people who are avid supporters of the love line wont be too distraught.

Moreover, Director Jiang also thinks that its fine.

When the time comes, it can be used as a promotional point for the movie.” Qiao Mei also knew that Su Bei had been preparing for this matter, so she had taken care of everything for her.

“Thank you, Sister Qiao Mei.”

“By the way, after accepting this movie for you, I wont have much time to accompany you anymore.


Weijian suddenly has a strong career ambition and plans to sign more newbies for me to take care of.

When the time comes, I can only let Xiao Bai accompany you more.”

Su Bei understood that Lu Weijian was eager to pursue a certain woman and was determined to promote Di Xing Media.

She smiled.

“Its a good thing to be career-minded.

Di Xing Media Company is such a good company.

Previously, it was only able to touch the edge of being a first-rate entertainment company.

Now, theyre getting closer and closer to being one.”

“We have to get busy too.

But its good to be busy.

If we dont work hard when were young, when can we work hard again” Qiao Mei sighed before hanging up.

After hanging up the phone, Su Bei told Lu Heting the news.

“Our matter has been put on the agenda!”

“Congratulations!” Lu Heting had already arrived at the company and was handling some matters in his office.

Even so, he knew what she was talking about.

“In the future, we wont have to sneak around.

But we might receive a lot of harsh criticisms in the early stages.”

Lu Heting frowned slightly.

As if she knew what he was thinking, Su Bei sent another message: [You dont have to care about those curses.

I lied to everyone before, but Lu Bei isnt a public figure, so it doesnt matter.

Now that Lu Bei is going to become a public figure yet his identity is still being kept a secret, its normal for him to get scolded later on.

However, this also means therell be less backlash in the future.

Dont worry about it for the time being.]

[I can ignore a little scolding, but if its too much…] Lu Heting sent this sentence.

Seeing this, Su Bei knew how much he was enduring.

She picked a few emojis that depicted hugs and kisses and sent them to calm the man down.

Director Jiang Yaowen was a famous director in the industry.

After the outside world found out that he was going to film a new movie, the cast had always been the focus of public opinion.

The outside world was looking forward to the official announcement.

As of yesterday, Jiang Yaowen had already stopped auditioning actors.

Everyone was looking forward to the announcement even more.

A little later, the crew announced the list of cast members.

[Su Bei, happy cooperation @Su Bei.]

When they saw Su Beis name, many people no longer had any doubts.

After all, after Su Bei acted in the previous movies, her results and acting skills were obvious.

She had been walking steadily on this path step by step.

At this point, no one could find any fault in her professionalism.

Of course, the fans were also overjoyed.

They forwarded various things and looked forward to Su Bei and Director Jiangs cooperation.

On the other hand, Zhao Sixius fans were waiting for the official announcement of who the male lead would be.

Zhao Sixiu had already auditioned several times for this.

His fans had long been looking forward to him working with the big director.

They were really looking forward to this collaboration.

Especially when they thought about how Su Beis participation would increase Zhao Sixius reputation, his fans were filled with anticipation.

However, two minutes later, the production teams official website tagged Lu Bei and Zhao Sixiu.

Lu Bei was tagged first, followed by Zhao Sixiu.

According to the unwritten rules of the industry, the person who was tagged first was the first male lead.

This was because they took the main male role.

Su Bei, whose participation was announced the first, was probably a show of respect toward women.

Now that the two names were mentioned together, it meant that there was naturally a main and secondary relationship.

This also meant that Lu Bei would be the male lead of this movie, and Zhao Sixiu would be his supporting actor!

Instantly, the comments section exploded.

[Lu Bei Am I seeing things Everyone, wake me up.

Did I drink too much last night Have I still not sobered up]

[Is it really Lu Bei I really want to know what Director Jiang is thinking.

What right does Lu Bei have He has only filmed one commercial before, right]

[Its true that Lu Bei is good-looking, and I admit that hes handsome.

But Director Jiangs movies have never been one that an actor can act in just because theyre beautiful or handsome, right Even Su Bei has worked hard to get this role.

Why Has even Director Jiang given in to capitalism]

[Lu Heting is too much.

He must have given Lu Bei this role! Zhao Sixiu is so suitable for the role.

Why was his role snatched away]

[I have no objections to sending Lu Bei to act in a drama or a teen movie.

Id even cheer for him.

However, can he not ruin our legitimate movie]

The netizens could not stand this lineup.

However, Zhao Sixius fans were the most furious.

[Whats with this decision We waited so long for the announcement only to find out the male lead will be this sissy Is Lu Bei worthy of that role]

[Im so disappointed in this circle once again! Whats wrong with the casting this time What did Zhao Sixiu do wrong to have to act alongside such a man]

[Zhao Sixiu, please stop filming! A crew like this is not suitable for you!]

Zhao Sixius mood was not good either.

Not to mention the outside world, even he and his company had long determined that Director Jiang would make him the main lead.

In the previous few interactions, Director Jiang was very satisfied with him.

Zhao Sixiu had no objections to the director choosing Su Bei.

He even looked forward to the scenes with Su Bei.

But Lu Bei

He had heard too many rumors about Lu Bei.

Moreover, Lu Bei did not have any work.

This made him very disappointed in Director Jiang and the entire crew.

“Alright, since its done, you should just focus on acting well.” Sister Yang comforted him.

“I didnt expect Lu Bei to appear out of thin air.

However, Director Jiang has already made his decision.

But Sixiu, you have to think carefully.

Lu Bei is a good-for-nothing.

He only got this role because of Lu Hetings support.

Therefore, his acting skills will definitely be inferior to yours.

Youll make him look useless!”

“If the movie doesnt become famous, will I become unpopular once more” Zhao Sixius concerns were reasonable.

If a movie failed, the actors would also fail.

They might not be able to become famous with a lousy movie.

“It wont be a loss.

When people talk about how bad the movie is, theyll know that its because of Lu Bei,” Sister Yang advised.

“Okay, I get it.” Zhao Sixiu tossed the lighter on the table.

“Ill do what I have to do.”

The commotion on the internet did not die down.

Sister Yang took this opportunity to release a few photos of Zhao Sixiu where he looked like a tough guy.

These photos made the handsome and noble Lu Bei look a little miserable.

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