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Chapter 1428: He Has Another Person By His SideTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The team members were all shocked.

They all sat beside Lu Heting and went forward to observe.

Lu Heting frowned impatiently.

He was not used to being surrounded by so many people.

Su Bei could tell and sat a little closer to him.

The other team members understood and moved away a little, but they refused to be too far away.

After all, Lu Hetings hand speed was enough for him to join a professional team!

Just like martial arts enthusiasts who were itching to watch a battle between experts, the members of Team ** couldnt give up such a good opportunity to watch Lu Hetings operation up close.

Their eyes widened as they stared at Lu Hetings fingers.

JK finished his drink and threw himself back into the fray.

He was fully alert and knew just how formidable his opponent was.

When Lu Heting was playing, he wasnt completely engrossed like JK whose face was red.

Instead, he didnt seem to care about anything.

His movements were smooth, but he was very relaxed.

He even had the energy to occasionally look at Su Bei.

Everyone felt stifled by this PDA.

By the time JK was on his eighth bottle, he couldnt drink anymore.

He started to fall drunkenly to the floor, but there was still one bottle waiting for him.

His eyes were red and confused as he waved his hands.

“Sister Bei Bei, dont be with him.

Hes… He has another person by his side… Hes not sincere…”

Even in his intoxication, he was still defending Su Bei.

However, it was obvious that he was defending her purely because he was a fan of hers and not because he wanted to take her for himself.

The other team members hurriedly covered his mouth.

When they noticed that Lu Hetings eyes were covered with frost, they broke out in a cold sweat.


Lu, JK is drunk…”

Lu Heting reached out and tugged on his sleeve.

His bright diamond cufflinks shone with a charming dark light.

He stood up, held Su Beis hand, and said to JK, “You dont have to drink the ninth bottle.

But the next time you see Su Bei, remember to call herMrs.


Su Bei was about to leave when she suddenly thought of something.

She took out a pen and wrote something again in the small notebook that JK had placed here when he was playing games.

After she finished writing, she picked it up and showed it to Lu Heting.

Lu Heting glanced at it indifferently but soon revealed a warm light.

Su Bei returned the notebook to JK and said to the other team members, “Ill leave first.

Take care of those who are drunk.”

“Alright, Mr.

Lu, Mrs.


Take care.” Seeing that JK had caused such big trouble, no one dared to call themBrother Heting andSister-in-law anymore.

They greeted them respectfully, hoping that when Lu Heting remembered this matter, he wouldnt bear too much hatred.

Su Bei and Lu Heting walked out.

Seeing that he was still unhappy, Su Bei stopped in her tracks.

Lu Heting stopped and turned around.


Su Bei smiled.

“I cant keep up with you.

Are you sure youre going to walk so fast”

Lu Heting said apologetically, “Sorry.”

“Dont be mad.” Her voice was warm and soft as she hooked her arms around his neck and dropped a kiss on his earlobe.

The mans steps were stiff.

Even his spine straightened as he hooked an arm around her waist.

“I cant believe he told you not to be with me.”

“Hes just my fan.

Besides, everyone knows that youre with Lu Bei.

He naturally doesnt want me to be with you,” Su Bei explained.

Lu Heting understood these things, but he still couldnt bear to hear any words telling him not to be with Su Bei.

Su Bei said softly, “Therefore, letting the outside world know that Lu Bei and I are the same person is our top priority.

Otherwise, the more people who know that were together in the future, the more such things will happen.

We cant explain it to them one by one, right”

Lu Heting was relieved.

Thinking of the big plan to announce Lu Beis identity, he asked in a low voice, “How was the audition today”

“Im still waiting for the news from the director.

If theres any news, Sister Qiao Mei will tell me.

Weve already dealt with JK, so your anger should have subsided, right” Su Bei said softly.

Lu Heting pursed his thin lips slightly, but his eyes were still dark.

Su Bei raised her head again and kissed him on the lips.

But the kiss didnt end easily.

It was up to her to start it, and naturally, it was up to Lu Heting to end it.

He deepened the kiss and pressed her against the wall.

After a long time, he said hoarsely, “Yes, Im appeased.”

“Youre not angry anymore, are you” Su Bei rubbed her slightly swollen red lips.

“I dont mind getting another kiss out of it.” The mans hoarse laughter sounded above Su Beis head.

JK woke up the next day in his bed in the squad training camp.

He sat up.

His hangover was giving him a headache.

He couldnt help but reach out and press his forehead hard.

Everything that happened last night suddenly returned to his mind.

He couldnt help but feel a little vexed.

He hadnt even beaten Lu Heting up!

His teammate threw a small notebook over and said, “JK, whats wrong with you That person is Lu Heting! No matter how dissatisfied you are, you cant vent your anger in front of him! Besides, Lu Heting and the female celebrity can be together whenever they want.

Theres no room for us to interfere!”

JK grabbed the notebook and snorted as he flipped it open.

“Does it make sense for him to keep Su Bei as his mistress Su Bei is my idol! Do you know who my idol is Ive never seen a man as disgusting as Lu Heting…”

As he spoke, he opened his notebook.

In addition to Su Beis signature, there was also an additional signature.

Lu Bei

JK asked quickly, “Who touched my notebook last night”

“Everyone knows that the notebook is your darling.

Who would dare to touch it Before Su Bei left, she left you an autograph.

We didnt even dare to look at it!”

JK trembled as he looked at the signature.

So… Su Bei was Lu Bei Mr.

Lu got Su Bei to appear as Lu Bei because he was afraid of causing her trouble and was deliberately protecting her.

“What does it say” the team member asked when JK suddenly fell silent.

“Su Bei is quite good at gaming.

I didnt expect Mr.

Lu to be an expert too! Theyre indeed a match made in heaven!” JK couldnt help but sigh.

Hearing that the man who had just called Lu Heting disgusting had changed his words, the team member said in surprise, “Damn, did you drink too much Is your brain fried Can you still play games after this”

“Even if your brain gets fried, mine will never!” JK happily closed his notebook and felt revived.

When Su Bei woke up the next day, she received a call from Qiao Mei.

She had passed the audition!

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