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Chapter 1427: He Wants Me To Accompany HimTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Although they called Lu HetingBrother, they werent familiar with him, so they didnt dare to get close to him.

They only dared to mess with Lu Weijian.

Lu Heting leaned against the sofa.

After all, it was Lu Weijians birthday and he had drunk some wine.

His gaze looked a little drunken, but he still looked sober.

After a while, the cake that Su Bei had ordered arrived.

It was a three-layered cake.

Lu Weijian was very touched.

He didnt like cakes, but it was obvious that Su Beis intentions also represented Lu Hetings.

A certain someone had grown up with his elder brother and eaten a lot of cake.

He was really spoiled.

The team members beside him didnt dare to get too close to Lu Heting.

The only exception was JK.


As a fan of Su Bei, JKs love for his idol could be seen clearly.

It was fine that Su Bei was Lu Weijians girlfriend, but now that Su Bei had become Lu Hetings girlfriend, he was a little angry.

Was Lu Heting worthy of Su Bei

Of course, whether it was family background or ability, he was definitely worthy.

But didnt Lu Heting already have Lu Bei What was going on

In terms of character, he was definitely not worthy of Su Bei!

JK sat on the sofa and gulped down his drink.

The others were also bustling and drinking, so no one thought there was anything unusual about his actions.

After he finished, he suddenly picked up the bottle and phone.

He staggered toward Su Bei.

“Sister Bei Bei, lets… play a round.

How about that”

Others had already changed their address toBrother Heting andSister-in-law.

Even if JK was unwilling to call outBrother Heting, he should address Su Bei asMrs.


When he said the wordsSister Beibei, it naturally caused the man sitting at the side to frown.

Su Bei subconsciously noticed his jealousy and knew that she was in trouble.

He was going to be jealous again.

She reached out her fingers and grabbed Lu Hetings palm.

She saw that his eyes were slightly closed, so his emotions were unclear.

“Sister Bei Bei, isnt your hand speed the fastest Im fast too.

Lets have a competition!” JK sat down and placed the bottle on the table.

He threw his phone on the table as well.

It banged twice.

Sensing something was wrong, the other team members came forward and restrained Jk.

“Youre drunk, arent you Go, go, go.

Lets go over there and sing.”

“If Sister Bei Bei doesnt want to join, why dont you compete with me, Mr.

Lu If you lose, youll have to drink, okay” JK was really unhappy.

Why was his idol only entangled with Lu Heting

Just as Su Bei was about to speak, Lu Heting replied indifferently, “What do you want to compete in”

“Lets do it like last time when… Sister Bei Beis did a one-on-one battle.

The loser will drink,” JK slurred his words.

The others quickly stopped him.

“JK, youre really drunk.

Dont think of competing.”

They knew that even if JK was drunk, he was still a heavyweight in a top team like **.

Not many people could beat him.

Although Mr.

Lu was Lu Weijians brother, he wasnt familiar with them after all.

If JK embarrassed Lu Heting, it would be awkward for them to get along in the future.

Therefore, everyone tried their best to persuade JK and even forcefully dragged him away.

“Dont stop him.

If he wants to drink, Ill accompany him.” Lu Hetings voice rang out.

It was steady, heavy, and carried an unquestionable temperament.

The team members had no choice but to let go of JK.

They thought to themselves that they were in trouble.

If they offended Mr.

Lu, how could they survive in Team ** in the future

Everyone wanted to convince Lu Weijian to smooth things over.

However, Lu Weijian had drunk too much just now and fallen asleep.

He didnt look like he could be woken up.

“Brother Weijian, Brother Weijian Wake up! Something bad has happened!”

“Dont touch me.

Scram!” Lu Weijian hugged the pillow on the sofa and fell asleep again.

The team members had no choice but to let go of Lu Weijian.

They knew that things were really bad tonight.

JK was really too much.

It was fine if he liked Su Bei, but why did he provoke Lu Heting at this moment

JK had already turned on his phone and entered the game.

He raised an eyebrow at Lu Heting.

He estimated that it would be a little difficult for him to defeat Su Bei, but it shouldnt be a problem for him to defeat Lu Heting.

He just wanted to show this kind of man that he shouldnt bully a kind and beautiful idol like Su Bei!

Lu Heting took out his phone and held it in his well-defined palm.

While calm and composed, he said, “Begin”

“Begin!” JK had sobered up a little.

He wanted to beat Lu Heting up and let him know that he wasnt the greatest in the world!

JK didnt take a person like Lu Heting seriously, so he didnt use his full strength.

He predicted that even if he used 30% of his strength, he would only need three minutes to end the battle.

He crossed his legs at an angle, not even sitting up straight.

The other team members did not want to watch.

What should they do later

On one side was the big shot, and on the other was their close comrade.

It would be terrible if either party got embarrassed!

It was just a birthday party.

How did it become a slaughterhouse

Suddenly, JKs expression turned strange.

Before he could adjust his posture, he was KO-ed!

When they heard “you lose, game over,” everyone subconsciously turned their heads, not daring to look at the scene of the big shot losing badly.

However, everyone sighed secretly.

As expected of Lu Weijians brother and a big shot.

He could last more than a minute against JK.

For a world-class champion team like Team **, the team members were all at the top of the world.

JK was also one of the top main team members.

Ordinary players would be killed by him before they could even counterattack!

For example, if a small fry encountered a martial arts expert, wouldnt the small fry be killed with a single palm strike

The big shot lost badly.

Everyone turned their heads away and tried not to look at the big shot who had just embarrassed himself.

When they heard the thud of a bottle, everyone glanced at the scene out of the corners of their eyes.

They saw that JK had already picked up the bottle and was downing it.

So this was…


Had Lu Heting won

In just over a minute, Lu Heting took down JK

Did JK throw the game

JK finished the bottle and threw it away.

Although he had drunk more than before, he felt his mind clear up.

The consequences of failing and underestimating the enemy had provoked him into sobriety.

“Again!” he said.


The team finally realized that it was really JK who had been KOd!

At this moment, no one avoided the scene anymore.

They even dared to poke their heads out to look at Lu Hetings phone.

They saw his hands moving quickly.

This time, JK was obviously going all out.

Therefore, it took Lu Heting a little longer than the last time.

However, in less than three minutes, a familiar female voice sounded in the private room again.

“You lose, game over!”

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