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Chapter 1426: Treat Us To Wedding WineTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Everyone, stop for a moment.” Lu Weijian stood at the door and shouted.

Hearing his voice, everyone turned to look at the door.

The moment they saw Su Bei, there was a moment of silence.

Then, everyone exploded.

“Its Su Bei!”

“Oh my God, Im really seeing Su Bei in the flesh!”

“Its true! I wasnt mistaken!”

The members of Team ** had seen Su Bei crush world-class experts in games last time.

The members were similar to Lu Weijian.

They had no other hobbies, and playing games were their biggest hobby.

When they saw Su Bei, they were undoubtedly shocked to see a world-class expert!

“Sister Bei Bei is here to celebrate my birthday today!” Lu Weijian shouted proudly.

“Can I have your autograph, then”

“Youre useless.

Cant you ask for a photo”

Su Bei felt ashamed to accept their praise.

It was clearly Da Bao who played the game last time, but now, all the glory was hers.

However, she could only accept it with a smile.

Thus, she met all the members of Team **.

“Youre Ai Si.

Youre super fast, right” Su Bei realized that she could actually recognize them.

She had probably heard Da Bao mention them many times.

“Sister-in-law, you actually know me”

“Ive seen you compete a few times.”

Of course, she only watched with Da Bao.

Excited, Ai Si pointed at himself.

“Sister Bei Bei knows me!!!”

Su Bei could probably name the others too.

Everyone was very excited.

Ever since they had seen Su Bei compete the last time, she was constantly praised by the team.

Besides, she was young and beautiful.

Who could refuse such a beauty

A member of the team called JK came over red-faced with a small notebook and asked for an autograph.

“Sister-in-law, youve always been a fan of mine… No, Ive always been a fan of yours.

I liked you before I watched you play games.” JK handed over his little notebook.

His momentary slip of the tongue caused everyone to laugh.

Because Su Bei was used to hearing Lu Weijian call hersister-in-law in private, she thought that they were just following Lu Weijian, so she didnt care and took the notebook.

After a while, Lu Weijian chased them away.

He was the one who invited Su Bei.

If he was surrounded by these guys, he would be beaten up when his brother came later.

Some of the team members went to play games on their phones, while others gathered around to drink.

“Sister Bei Bei, theyre just a little too noisy.

Thats all.

I wont let them mess with you later.”

Su Bei smiled and said, “Im fine.”

She held out the gift and said, “Happy birthday.”

Lu Weijian laughed happily.

“You really got me a gift”

“Of course, theres a gift for your birthday.

But I didnt bring Da Bao and Gun Gun over.

Ill invite you to dinner next time.”

“Okay.” Lu Weijian opened the gift happily.

Su Bei picked up her drink and sat at the side, watching the people on the team laugh and relax.

She received a WeChat message on her phone.

She picked it up and saw that it was from Lu Heting, telling her that he was almost there.

Su Bei sent him the room number of the private room and lowered her head to continue drinking.

JK came over and sat down.

The boy looked especially red-faced, but Su Bei knew that when he competed, he was famous for his composure and dominance.

He deliberately chatted with Su Bei about games.

It was obvious that he really liked Su Bei.

As Su Bei and JK were chatting, a team member ran over and patted Lu Weijian on the shoulder.

“Brother Weijian, when will you and Sister-in-law treat us to wedding wine”

Su Bei: “”

Lu Weijian looked at him in horror.

“Who are you callingSister-in-law”

“Arent you and Sister Bei Bei… together” The team member was also puzzled.

What they knew was that Su Bei and Lu Weijian were quite close.

Su Beis Di Xing Media Company was also Lu Weijians business.

The last time Su Bei helped with the competition, she competed using Team **s name.

Naturally, they thought that Su Bei was with Lu Weijian.

Su Beis lips twitched and she glared at Lu Weijian.

“So you didnt tell them”

Lu Weijian replied with his eyes,How can I say anything that my brother hasnt agreed to

“Brother Weijian, thats not right.

You have to give Sister Bei Bei formal status!” The team members said unhappily.

“Were men, right”

“Right, Sister-in-law” the team members said to Su Bei, looking indignant on her behalf.

The door to the private room suddenly opened with a loud bang.

Everyones attention was attracted, and they all looked toward the door.

When they saw the man who appeared at the door, they could not help but be stunned.

The man at the door was dressed in an expensive suit that accentuated his tall and straight figure.

The backlight shone on his cold features, outlining his exquisite nose bridge and cold lips.

There was a surging coldness in his eyes.

Just by standing there, he made people feel a cold wind blowing against their faces.

His aura was oppressive.

The members of Team ** stood up subconsciously.



They were friends with Lu Weijian, but they werent familiar with Lu Heting.

Looking at the man with a strong aura, they couldnt help but feel a little restrained.

Seeing the emotions hidden in Lu Hetings eyes, Su Bei knew that he had heard the teasing of the team members just now.

She actually wanted to explain it earlier, but she didnt expect Lu Heting to come so quickly and coincidentally.

Lu Heting strode toward Su Bei and stood in front of her.

He lowered his eyes and said, “Im here.”


Have a seat,” she said softly.

Although they hadnt said anything remarkable or done anything intimate, how could the members of the ** team not see the relationship between the two of them

The team member who had just asked when they would attend Lu Weijians wedding wanted to slap his own mouth.

“If you call meBrother, you can call herSister-in-law Su Bei.

But if you call meMr.

Lu, please call herMrs.

Lu.” Lu Heting didnt sit first.

Instead, he looked at everyone and said lightly.

“Brother Heting!”



The team members were suddenly divided into two factions, each with their own opinions.

It was obvious that they had yet to unite.

Although it was a little awkward, the tense and cold atmosphere just now was instantly dispelled, and the entire private room became much more relaxed.

Lu Weijian raised his glass and said, “I was just about to introduce you.

Sister Beibei is my sister-in-law.

If you call herSister-in-law, you have to call my brotherBrother in the future.”

“To Sister-in-law! To Brother Heting!” This time, their voices were finally unified.

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