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Chapter 1425: Self-PrisonerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“It takes a long time, and its hard work to film my work.

Besides, the pay is very tight.

After all, I want to spend the money on the production of the film.

Su Bei, you have much better options.”

Su Bei smiled.

“Director Jiang, as far as I know, youre offered a high amount to film New Year movies and teen movies every year.

These movies are easy to shoot, make a lot of money, and can earn you both fame and fortune.

However, you still carefully choose the scripts and take time to carve out the plots.

Youre always venturing into different themes to discover deeper concepts and better entry points.

In fact, many of your works focus on different people at the edge of society to understand them and experience their difficulties.

“Im still a long way from you, Director Jiang.

But I want to learn from you and follow in your footsteps.”

Su Beis words came from the bottom of her heart.

Ever since she chose to be an actress, she had been committed to not being trapped by external things.

Just like when she was a model, she had to take the risks to soar higher.

Director Jiang nodded.

“Then you can go back first.

Ill let you know if theres any news.”

“Thank you, Director Jiang.

Thank you, directors.” Su Bei bowed and turned to leave.

After going out and changing into female clothes, she followed Qiao Mei out.

“How did it go”

“I think it was okay.

At least I gave it my best shot.

The final decision is in the directors hands.”

Qiao Mei smiled and said, “Zhao Sixius manager, Sister Yang, has already exchanged contact details with me.

She even said that well be working together in the future and hopes we can all work well together.”

Su Bei smiled but didnt say anything.

‘We still dont know if well get a chance to work together.

The director was naturally very satisfied with Su Beis performance.

However, some directors had doubts.

“Su Bei dressed in mens clothes isnt bad-looking, but one of the main characters personalities is a tough character.

How can Su Bei handle it”

Another director silently clicked on Su Beis movie, Boxer.

Instantly, their last doubts seemed to dissipate.

As Su Bei got into Qiao Meis car, her phone rang.

She picked it up and heard Lu Weijians voice.

“Sister Bei Bei, do me a favor.”

“Whats wrong Youre back from Y Country so soon” Su Bei wondered if she had guessed wrong.

Did Lu Weijians trip to Y Country have anything to do with Fourth Sister

“Yes, Im back.

It just so happens that its my birthday tonight.

I want to invite you and Big Brother over for dinner.”

“What did Heting say”

“I havent even called him yet, but I just know hell have me ask you if youre going.

So I dont feel the need to speak to him at all.”

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh.

Lu Weijians words did make sense.

Besides, Lu Heting would definitely attend Lu Weijians birthday party.

She agreed immediately.


Name a place, then.

Ill go over.”

“Sister Bei Bei, is it okay… for you to meet my team members” Lu Weijian asked.


Think of it as a birthday present for you!”

“You cant be so stingy, right” Lu Weijian wailed on the other end of the phone.

Su Bei hung up the phone and said to Qiao Mei, “Sister Qiao Mei, Ill get off here.

I still have something to do.

If theres any news from the director, please inform me.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

After Su Bei got out of the car, she went to order a birthday cake.

Then, she went to the mall to buy a gift before calling Lu Heting.

“Its Mr.

Weijians birthday tonight.

Are you free”

“Since he called you first, I have no choice but to be free.” Lu Heting immediately guessed that Lu Weijian had called Su Bei first and set the time.

“Hell also be bringing his team.”

Lu Heting didnt object.

“Let him be willful for once on his birthday.”

Su Bei burst out laughing.

Lu Heting smiled.

“What are you laughing at”

“Hubby, you really dote on your brother.

Ive already bought the gift.

Ill go over first.

You can come directly later.”

Lu Hetings heart softened.

Su Bei could always understand everything.

“Yes.” A smile curved her thin lips.

Even just one word could be colored with emotion and affection.

Grand Capital Clubhouse had always been a place where nobles came and went.

Only registered members could enter.

Others, even if they had money, could not enter.

This was the place arranged by Lu Weijian.

When Su Bei arrived in the car, he had probably explained something to the staff there.

As soon as she got out of the car, someone came to welcome her in.

The waiters here were used to seeing all kinds of elites at the top.

When they saw Su Bei, they were not shocked.

Naturally, since the top elites from all walks of life were here, they did not have to worry about their matters being exposed.

However, the waiters eyes still flashed with surprise.

Clearly, the real Su Bei was even more dazzling than she looked on screen.

“Miss Su, this way please.” The waiter walked forward and led Su Bei into the clubhouse.

“Sister Bei Bei!” Lu Weijian walked over quickly.

He was wearing a light-striped suit, and his hair was neatly combed.

He was wearing a tie of the same color.

He looked very formal and handsome with an extraordinary temperament.

When he was silent, he was only slightly inferior to Lu Heting.

He usually dressed casually, but he was dressed so formally now.

Su Bei teased, “Mr.

Weijian, your birthday is very grand.”

“It should be grand, and I should look like my brother.” Lu Weijian tugged at his lapel.

“This isnt bad, right”

“Very good!” Su Bei praised sincerely.

“Why didnt you stay in Y Country for a few more days and have fun”

A suspicious blush appeared on Lu Weijians face.

“Theres nothing fun about it.

Im just focusing on my career.

Brother handed Di Xing Media to me.

I was too busy gaming and didnt have the time to focus on my career.

I came back this time to make a name for myself.”

Su Bei no longer doubted her own guess.

Men would only suddenly change their personalities when they were wooing women.

Lu Weijian was initially not very interested in his career, but now, he was focused on it.

“You want to manage the company personally I suddenly feel a little pressured,” Su Bei teased with a smile.

“Dont feel pressured.

Of course, my Sister Bei Bei is the best! However, when the time comes, lend me Da Bao to review the new game, alright My new game is about to be released!”

Lu Weijian suddenly became a busy man.

Su Bei was not used to it.

She followed Lu Weijian into the private room.

In the private room, all the young men were discussing something excitedly and intensely.

The entire room was filled with hormones.

It was obvious that they were members of Lu Weijians gaming team.

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