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Chapter 1424: Waiting, Choosing, And CompetingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei had actually figured out the reason why those people hadnt been able to convince Director Jiang.

It wasnt that their acting skills werent good enough, but that they were good enough.

However, she speculated that they had already chosen Zhao Sixiu as the male lead, so when those actresses came for the audition, they deliberately approached Zhao Sixiu to make themselves appear close to Zhao Sixiu during their performance so that the director would give them bonus points for chemistry.

There was nothing wrong with that kind of skill and analysis.

In order to get the chance, these were necessary means.

Those skills were enough to impress ordinary directors, but they were clearly not enough to impress this director who never stuck to one thing.

Director Jiang flipped through one of the scenes in the script and said, “Su Bei, I see that your script is full of scribbles.

You must have studied every part of it carefully.

You can audition for this scene.”

Director Jiangs assistant stepped forward and picked up the script.

She handed it to Su Bei so that she could read it.


After reading it, Su Bei said, “Im ready.”

Just a glance and she said she was ready

Director Jiang was a little curious and said, “Then lets begin.”

The female lead in this scene was a personality that had split off from the male lead.

She was lively, cute, and active.

She was bright and sunny with a bright smile on her face.

It was probably because the male leads life was too dark, so this split personality was there to comfort him.

This image was very similar to Su Bei herself.

She could act as herself without any difficulty.

In the scene she was acting out, she was walking when the landlady suddenly stopped her.

She scolded her and urged her to pay the rent.

She even mocked her.

“Youre so beautiful, so you can even sell your body at night.

Why do you still owe me rent”

The role of the landlady was mentioned in the script, but when Su Bei was auditioning, there was no one to act with her, so she had to act alone.

The directors present crossed their arms and looked at Su Beis bright smile.

Suddenly, she lowered her eyes.

Then, when she looked up again, her eyes flashed with ruthlessness and coldness.

Her aura changed from sweet and harmless to sinister and cold.

The directors could not help but feel a little cold.

They subconsciously tilted the chair they were sitting in and leaned back.

Su Bei had not changed her clothes or put on any makeup.

Just the change in her gaze reflected her extraordinary skills.

Su Bei stopped being ruthless.

In the blink of an eye, the bright smile returned to her face.

There was a faint emotion in her black and white eyes.

It was as if through her eyes, one could see into her heart.

Two very different people with two personalities and different expressions.

Director Jiang was the only director who didnt lean back into his chair.

However, he nodded slightly.

He had seen Su Beis movies before and thought she performed well.

However, he didnt expect her to be so good at taking on different roles.

“Can you try another scene” Director Jiang asked with interest.

“Director Jiang, can you give me a few minutes to put on my makeup”

“Sure.” Director Jiang agreed with a wave of his hand.

Su Bei turned and walked out.

The other directors nodded.

“Su Bei is indeed remarkable.

At her age, her performance is outstanding.”


Her action of looking up was frightening.”

“However, shes still a little too young.

Shell have to rely on makeup for other scenes.

Its obvious that some things can only be achieved with external help.”

“Shes still young, after all.

An actor needs time to grow.”

The directors were in the middle of a discussion when a figure entered the room.

It was a young, good-looking man.

He was dressed in a light-colored suit and had a relaxed, willful manner.

On his flawless face were handsome, three-dimensional features.

He radiated the energy of youth.

He was dazzlingly handsome.

However, such good looks did not charm the directors.

They had seen all kinds of actors.

They preferred actors who did not have too outstanding looks but could quickly integrate into the plot.

For example, this person in front of him was similar to the most popular member of a male group.

He could obtain the favor of many fans and advertisers, but it was very difficult for the directors to be convinced by him.

Besides, who the hell was he It was rude to show up out of the blue.

The entire crew did not need such an actor.

One of the directors was about to question him when the young man said, “Director Jiang, how about I try this characters split male personality”

“Its Su Bei”

“Indeed, thats Su Bei!”

“No wonder this person looks familiar.”

Director Jiang agreed.

This time, Su Bei chose a scene herself.

This personality was refined and had good manners and upbringing, but he became manic and restless under the doctors wrong treatment.

In this scene, his eyes were bloodshot and he was shouting in a series of foreign languages.

His crazy actions were terrifying.

In the blink of an eye, he was dead quiet again.

All emotion was gone from those crazed eyes.

They were all blank and quiet.

His eyes were empty.

This was his other personality, a deaf and blind personality who existed to escape everything.

When the character didnt want to fight back when he was subjected to extreme emotions, this personality would emerge.

He was unable to hear or see, completely isolating himself from the rest of the world.

It was so painful that every time the male lead encountered new struggles, he would use a different personality to share the burden with, which was exactly what the protagonist of the movie suffered.

After Su Bei finished acting, she stood up, took off her wig, and returned to being Su Bei.

However, after a series of huge emotions, her heart could not calm down and was beating extremely fast.

The directors whispered to each other.

Director Jiang pondered for a moment and asked, “Are you planning to play the role of the male lead”

“Yes, I am.”

“But you have to know that the male lead has multiple personalities.

Its very difficult for you to get into character or even play him well.

It requires a lot of your attention.”

Im prepared for that.

Director Jiang looked up at her again and sized her up carefully.

In the current circle, Su Beis net worth was already top-notch, and her acting skills were widely recognized.

With an identity like hers, many artistes would choose jobs that could earn more money.

For example, advertisements and variety shows.

Movies were just a springboard for them.

However, Su Bei was still waiting, choosing, and competing for roles.

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