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Chapter 1423: Is That EnoughTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Thats good.

But honey, the character in this script reminds me of Feng Ze.

I think part of this movie should be dedicated to him.”

Lu Hetings eyes instantly dimmed and were covered with a layer of frost.

His body instantly became colder and more intimidating.

Understanding that he was getting jealous, Su Bei stood on tiptoes and kissed him on the lips.

“Sorry, I didnt mean that.

You know what I mean.”

Her initiative to express her love gradually melted Lu Hetings frost, and his eyes lit up.

“Hubby, I think of Feng Ze differently.

After all, when I was very young, I received a lot of care from him in the orphanage.

Da Bao was also taken care of by him in the past.

I treat him the same way I treat Lin Stone, Little Brother Mo, and Fourth Sister.

They are all my relatives and people who are worthy of respect in my life.

But what I have for them is definitely not the kind of love between a man and a woman.”


Actually, Lu Heting knew all this.

He was never involved in her past.

He also knew Su Beis feelings for Feng Ze.

If she really loved him, she wouldnt have given him such a chance.

However, even though he knew it, he could not avoid it sometimes.

At these moments, he would be helpless to his feelings.

“Hes more like an elder brother or a father.

Ive been taken care of by him for many years, but Im usually afraid to see him.

To him, I must also be a very heartless person, right Now that theres such a role, I want to understand him better and be grateful.” Su Bei spoke very emotionally, but it definitely had nothing to do with love.

Lu Hetings expression had returned to normal.

Su Bei had already made things clear.

What else could he not accept

“I understand.

Go ahead with your plans.

As for the rest, leave it to me.” Lu Heting hugged her, his eyes flashing with love and affection.

Su Bei looked up at him.

She wasnt short, but she was still much shorter than him.

She smiled and kissed him again.

“Thank you, Hubby.”

“Is a word of thanks enough” The mans voice was hoarse now.

His Adams apple bobbed.

The hidden dark desire in his eyes was thick, filling his cold features with desire.

The next day, Qiao Mei came early to pick Su Bei up for the audition.

She was still in the ordinary neighborhood where Su Bei lived.

She couldnt help but frown slightly.

Why was Su Bei still living here

“Sister Qiao Mei! Give me a few minutes.

I forgot the script.

Ill go back and get it.” Su Bei called her.

“Theres no hurry.

Its still early.

Su Bei, forgive me for being presumptuous, but youre with Mr.

Lu now.

Didnt Mr.

Lu ask you to move houses” Qiao Mei glanced around.

The neighborhood was too ordinary, and the security was obviously ordinary.

It wasnt that it didnt match Su Beis identity, but wouldnt it be too easy for the paparazzi to break into such a place

As a manager, Qiao Mei was most concerned about the safety and privacy of her artists.

“Isnt this place nice Qiao Mei, have you ever seen me get secretly photographed here”

Qiao Mei: “…”

That was true.

She seemed to have worried too much.

“I brought you something to eat but I have no hands to carry it now.

Ill hang up first.” Su Bei hung up.

Qiao Mei got out of the car and leaned against the door, waiting for Su Bei to come over.

From afar, she saw Su Bei striding over with the script and food.

There were too many things that she needed to carry.

Qiao Mei subconsciously walked toward the entrance of the residence, intending to help her carry the items.

However, just as she approached the entrance of the residence, she suddenly felt a chill beside her.

A few burly bodyguards suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Are you from this residence”

Qiao Meis lips twitched at this sudden lineup.

Where did these people come from She had dropped by so many times but had never seen these people before.

Su Bei quickly walked to the door and greeted, “Sister Qiao Mei!”

When the bodyguards heard this, they retreated in all directions.

In the blink of an eye, they disappeared completely under Qiao Meis nose as if they had never existed.

Qiao Mei: “…”

Alright, she finally understood why Su Bei wanted to continue living here.

The security level here was very good!

Sorry, I was wrong about Mr.


Su Bei got into the car and handed the food to Qiao Mei.

She smiled and said, “I didnt realize that I didnt bring the script with me before I left.

I ran upstairs to get it again and wasted some time.

Try this cake.

I made it myself!”

When they arrived at the set, not many female artistes came to audition for the female lead.

The lead role this time was for a male character.

Many female artistes who had already become famous were unwilling to be in a supporting role.

Those who were not popular enough were either looked down on by the production team or they did not dare to challenge such a difficult role.

Su Beis presence caused a small commotion.

“Su Bei is here, Su Bei is here!” Someone muttered softly and looked at Su Bei.

Su Bei walked all the way over with a smile on her face.

The person sitting at the front was Zhao Sixiu.

He had a crew cut that was rare for male artistes, and his tough-guy aura was obvious.

However, his facial features were handsome and gentle, and he could play a variety of roles.

He could be considered a rare diverse artiste.

Zhao Sixius manager was a fat woman.

She looked ordinary but was very capable.

She was the first to greet her.

“Hello, Miss Su.”

“Hello, Sister Yang,” Su Bei greeted her politely.

Immediately, she stepped inside.

Sister Yang whispered to Zhao Sixiu, “It seems that the production team will choose Su Bei to play the female lead.

Although your acting skills are good, your popularity is not high.

With Su Bei around, this movie will greatly increase your popularity.”

In other words, she already thought that the male lead role was Zhao Sixius.

After Su Bei entered, she saw that the director was Jiang Yaowen, the big shot director of niche movies.

She couldnt help but feel relieved.

Qiao Mei was right.

He was indeed a first-rate director.

The director only released a new movie every four or five years, and the subject matter of each movie was absolutely different.

He explored all kinds of subjects, and every time, he could find another way to develop a certain subject.

It was admirable.

“Hello, Director Jiang and other crew members.

Im Su Bei!”

Director Jiang had never seen Su Bei before, but he knew her very well.

He said, “Su Bei, I know you have many representative works and your acting skills have been improving.

However, you still have to pass the audition today before you can get our approval.

Do you understand”

“Understood.” Su Bei nodded.

She saw the tired look in Director Jiangs eyes.

She knew that although there were not many female artistes who came to audition for the role, there were still a few.

It seemed that no one had been able to convince Director Jiang.

That was why that look appeared in his eyes.

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