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Chapter 1422: Public StatusTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting gradually regained his composure.

He took the script and let her get into the car.

“Sister Qiao Mei was just asking me to take some photos for my fans because they havent seen my updates in a long time.”

“Its precisely because I know shes doing this for your own good that I didnt go up and capture her.” Lu Heting pinched the space between his eyebrows.

Qiao Mei was too bold to snatch someone from him.

Su Bei also knew that Lu Heting would restrain himself for her own good.

Otherwise, Qiao Mei wouldnt have been able to snatch her away.

She put down the script, leaned close to him, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

A rare evil look flashed across Lu Hetings handsome face.

He held her waist and whispered, “Is that all”

“What else do you want”

“Its not enough!” Lu Heting leaned forward and kissed her hard on the lips.

Su Bei went home and finished reading the script.

She had a rough idea of the entire story and was tempted to take the challenge.

It had been a long time since shed been on set since the last movie.

The biggest reason was that she hadnt seen a script she liked.

This one was of excellent quality.

However, speaking of multiple personalities, Feng Zes image slowly surfaced in her mind.

It was true that she had many years of relationship with Feng Ze, but her fear of him made it hard for her to have a friendly relationship with him.

Now, she knew that his intention to kiss her forcefully at that time must have been because of a certain personalitys overly possessive nature.

It was not a characteristic of his main personality.

Even so, they had ultimately missed the time to recover their relationship back to normal.

She thought carefully about the Feng Ze she usually saw.

Sometimes, he was too cold; other times, he was too fanatical.

At times, he was even soft and cute.

There were also times when he had the exact same characteristics as Feng Feifei.

His condition was very similar to what was depicted in the script.

Her heart ached for Feng Ze.

Su Bei felt that she knew more about the characters in this script and felt closer to them.

She was already determined to get this role.

She pulled out her phone and called Qiao Mei.

“Sister Qiao Mei, hows the team for this movie How are the auditions going”

“As for the team, theres no need to worry at all.

Its a first-rate director and a first-rate team.

As for the lead role, its actually a male lead.

The male lead has all kinds of personalities, and the female lead only has two personalities.

Therefore, the selection of the male lead is the main focus.

Although the final candidate hasnt been decided yet, the entire production team is very optimistic about Zhao Sixiu.

If theres no better candidate, he might be chosen.

Now, theres not even a candidate for the female lead.”

Su Bei pondered softly.

She knew Zhao Sixiu.

He was a very popular actor now.

He appeared both tough and gentle.

The crew must have selected him because his image suited the role.

However, this time, Su Bei wanted to take the challenge of acting out all the personalities of this character.

In other words, she wanted to audition for the male lead.

She explained her plans.

Qiao Mei was surprised.

“Su Bei, I know you can be Lu Bei and its not unheard of for a woman to dress up as a man.

However, the scenes in the movie are very important.

Lu Bei isnt famous either.

Im afraid the production team wont agree.”

“Im only going to fight for it.

Its up to the crew how they choose and whether they pass me or not.”

“If thats what you wish to do, then Ill prepare according to this,” Qiao Mei said.

“Okay.” Su Bei nodded.

It wasnt easy for an actress to encounter a suitable role.

If Su Bei missed this role, perhaps there wouldnt be another role like this.

Moreover, this character was too similar to Feng Ze.

Su Bei had always remembered Feng Zes help over the years and the feelings they had for each other when they grew up, but there was not much she could do to repay him.

This time, she also wanted to use this role to express her inner emotions.

However, once the movie was completed, she would have to tell the public that Lu Bei was her.

Previously, Lu Bei had not really been in the entertainment industry, so there was no need to explain to the public.

But in such a situation, it was impossible to deceive the fans and netizens.

She had to discuss this with Lu Heting in advance.

Just as she put down the script, the butler welcomed Lu Heting in.

Su Bei tucked her hair behind her ears and stepped forward to greet him.

Lu Heting hooked his arm around her waist and gave her a light kiss.

“Have you finished reading the script”

“Yes, Ive read it and tried to figure out the characters.

Theres actually a lot to discover about each layer of this characters multiple personalities, but probably due to time restrictions, the screenwriter only highlighted a few of the personalities.”


So youll be auditioning for one of these personalities

“No, I want to try auditioning for his split personality and his primary personality.”

“You want to audition for both the male and female lead” Lu Heting immediately understood what she meant.

“In other words, we have to expose Lu Beis identity”

Su Bei tilted her head and looked at him.

“May I”

“Su Bei, there are no secrets between us.

In fact, Ive been looking forward to being able to stand in front of everyone with you to receive blessings and praise.

I also wish to announce your status as my wife.” Lu Heting changed the topic.

“However, Im a little worried that the pressure youll have to bear will be too great.”

“Ive thought it through.

Lu Bei cant always appear as Lu Bei, and you cant always carry the reputation of being with a man.

Sooner or later, well have to announce Lu Beis identity to the public.

Sooner or later, everyone will know that its me.”

Lu Heting pondered for a moment, and the emotions in his deep eyes were clear.

“This is a very good opportunity.

If we just announce it, itll cause a huge backlash to those who ship me and Lu Bei.

But if we announce it through your work, the fans will gain a good impression.

Its indeed the best opportunity to make it public then.”

“Thats what I thought.” She kept nodding.

“Alright, since youve thought it through, I agree with your decision.” Lu Hetings voice was slightly hoarse as he kissed her lips.

“I just received a call from my father-in-law asking me when I should give you a public status.

Hiding like this makes him have a lot of opinions about me.

I was thinking about how to explain it to the public when you had an idea.

Does this mean that were telepathic”

Su Beis eyes rippled with a faint smile.

“Did my father rush you He didnt say anything about you, did he”

“Yes, but on account of Da Bao and Gun Gun, he didnt go that far.” Lu Heting chuckled.

However, his father-in-law had looked at him with disdain.

Lu Heting was helpless and couldnt do anything about it.

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