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Chapter 1421: The Young Boy At Home Is Finally EnlightenedTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Hubby, lets go.

Lets go eat breakfast.” Lin Xiruo held He Jiangs hand and quickly left.

It had been a long time since someone had looked at Lu Heting with such disdain.

He touched the tip of his nose and turned around to go back to bed.

The exhausted woman was still sleeping soundly, her face flushed.

She would probably have to sleep for another two hours before she could relieve some of her fatigue.

Lu Heting called the hotel and asked for breakfast service.

He asked them to serve the food in two hours.

After Su Bei was done sleeping, she sat up and grabbed her long chestnut hair.

She tilted her head and saw Lu Heting changing his clothes.

He was wearing a neatly ironed shirt that covered his perfect figure.

It was pleasing to the eye.

Lu Heting walked to her side and kissed her on the lips.

“Wash up and have breakfast.”

“Okay.” After washing up, she changed into a casual dress and shawl.

She then picked up her bag and phone.

She clicked on her Moments and asked, “Honey, did you ask Mr.

Weijian to come to the royal wedding”

“I already asked you to represent the Lu family.

Why would I still need to ask him to come” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows slightly.

“So he volunteered to come” Su Bei asked curiously.


He said wanted to come, and I saw no reason to stop him.”

Su Bei recalled the scene of Lu Weijian and Hua Cuo arguing the last time.

She felt that she had caught on to something.

Su Bei placed the phone in front of him.

“My fourth sisters Moments yesterday show that she has a case that requires her to stay in Country Y for a few days.

Is Mr.


Lu Heting understood what she meant and laughed.

“Hes always only interested in games.

I thought he planned to be a monk for the rest of his life.”

It was rare for him to be interested.

He took out his phone and posted a message on his WeChat Moments.

[The young boy at home is finally enlightened.

Im relieved.]

Su Bei was amused.

It was rare for Lu Heting to be like this.

She could tell that he was really happy.

His feelings for Lu Weijian were no worse than any other biological brother.

It was one thing to fight, but the bond was unbreakable.

“Youre very happy about this” Su Bei asked with a smile.

“It does make me happy to be cheeky.”

Su Bei gave him a thumbs up.

He rarely posted on his Moments, and his posts were only visible to those close to him.

But after a while, there were still many replies.

Lu Hetings friends from those wealthy families were all puzzled.

[Whos this young boy]

Lu Weijian was the most active.

[Brother, did Da Bao accept a girls love letter, or has Gun Gun learned to flirt with girls]

When Lu Heting didnt reply, he asked Su Bei: [Sister-in-law, Sister Bei Bei, whats going on Hurry up and satisfy my curiosity!]

[Maybe its the young boy in your brothers villa in the suburbs] Su Bei asked, trying not to laugh.

Lu Weijian took a look and said: “How boring.

I thought it was something important!]

As soon as he replied to Su Bei, he realized that his brother had also replied to him.

He quickly went to take a look.

Lu Hetings answer was exactly the same as Su Beis.

[Youre the young boy.]

[Brother, arent you too lame A young boy Enlightened] Lu Weijian was speechless.

So what if a young boy was enlightened

Lu Heting replied: [My heart aches for the girl.]

Lu Weijian didnt want to talk to him anymore.

Lu Heting put away his phone and said, “Time for breakfast.”

Taking his arm, Su Bei walked downstairs with him.

He Jiang could not bear to see his daughter being snatched away, but he was in no position to fight with Lu Heting.

Out of sight, out of mind.

He bought a plane ticket and flew back on that day itself.

Su Bei and Lu Heting changed hotels and had fun in Country Y for two days before returning home.

After returning, Qiao Mei came to pick Su Bei up under Lu Hetings murderous gaze.

“Whats so urgent”

“My Su Bei, youre really capable.

After the royal familys matter came out, there were a lot of people looking for you to endorse their brands.

Your schedule has been filled up.

I can barely keep up.

Ive already recommended many artistes from the same company to take over the resources that I rejected for you.

But there are still too many for me to… handle.”

Su Bei thought about how lazy she had been recently and how light her workload was.

As a popular artiste, she was indeed too free.

“About the matter of you going to the royal family, I havent even taken the initiative to send out articles to increase the popularity.

This surge of popularity is too strong.

Your fans are about to scold me to death for not doing anything.” Qiao Mei spread her hands.

“Theres no need to do that.” Su Bei completely treated that as a family social gathering.

What was the point of posting about it

“Thats right.

After all, you went with Mr.


Theres no need to post articles about it.

Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang went with their families and were scolded to death,” Qiao Mei said with a gratified expression.

“Im relieved that Mr.

Lu actually brought you to such a place.

Im just afraid that rich men like him dont take relationships seriously enough.”

Su Bei took out her invitation.

Qiao Mei took it and looked at it suspiciously.

“Sincerely inviting Miss Su Bei… The royal family invited you alone Mr.

Lu wasnt the one who brought you there”

“I had two invitations,” she said.

Qiao Mei gave her a thumbs up.

“As expected of you, Su Bei!”

“So whats my job for today”

“This script.” Qiao Mei handed it to her.

“You said you only want to read good scripts.

This one is really good.”

Su Bei picked it up and glanced at it.

It was calledSplit.

It was a story about how the protagonist had 12 personalities.

She was suddenly interested.

She sat down and read the outline of the script.

The protagonist had been suffering a great deal of trauma since he was young.

In order to protect himself, his mind split into many personalities.

There were men, women, killers who killed people, gentlemen, and obedient children who needed someone to rely on.

After the doctors diagnosis, there were actually 12 personalities.

Su Bei couldnt help but feel very excited.

This was obviously a test of acting skills.

Not to mention 12 but even playing two characters in the same movie would be a test of an actors foundation.

Qiao Mei said, “Take it back and read it.

After that, call me to tell me your decision.

In the meantime, Ill take some photos of you and respond to your fans.”

Su Bei obediently took a few photos.

Fortunately, her skin was good.

She didnt need any makeup and was already very photogenic.

Because of this, anyone who had worked with her was extremely satisfied and happy.

Who wouldnt love an artiste who didnt require a lot of work

After taking the photos, Su Bei walked out of the company with the script.

Lu Heting was waiting for her with a gloomy expression.

Obviously, his dissatisfaction was directed at Qiao Mei.

“Okay, Ive taken some photos and received a script.

Were good to go.”

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