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Chapter 1420: Its My Turn to Be JealousTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei understood and said, “Okay, Im going to rest.

Im sleepy.”

“Then you have to protect my butt, Sister Bei Bei!”

“Huh” Su Bei sobered up a little.

“Your butt” Su Bei felt a faint voice behind her with an oppressive aura mixed with coldness.

She turned around and saw Lu Hetings tall figure appear in her line of sight.

She felt less sleepy, and a look of surprise appeared on her face.

Lu Weijian covered his face.

“Brother, what I mean is, when I go back and you beat me up, Sister Bei Bei should put in a good word for me.

Dont beat me up! I was wrong!”

Lu Heting ignored Lu Weijian.

He leaned over, lifted Su Beis chin, and kissed her lips.

It was supposed to be a simple kiss, but at the touch, he couldnt help but want to deepen it.

He narrowed his eyes slightly as he parted her lips to explore her mouth.

He tossed and turned his tongue.

Lu Weijian covered his eyes.

“Your coffee, sir, Miss.” The waiter came and set the drinks on the table.

The waiter was unfazed seeing Lu Heting and Su Bei kissing.

He smiled knowingly and turned to leave.

Only then did Lu Heting let go of Su Bei.

Su Beis face turned red.

She couldnt remain calm after being kissed in front of so many people.

“Brother, Brother, you know me…” Lu Weijian hurriedly tried to defend himself.

When he met Lu Hetings deep and cold eyes, he trembled in fear.

“Forget it.” Su Bei tugged gently at the corner of his shirt.

Lu Hetings aura instantly dissipated, and he became harmless and gentle.

He lowered his head and kissed Su Beis lips.

Lu Weijian hurriedly pushed the coffee over.

“Sister Bei Bei, have some coffee.”

Lu Hetings eyes turned cold again.

“Coffee in the middle of the night You dont want to sleep tonight”

“I didnt intend to drink anything.

I just wanted to order something.” Su Bei looked at him innocently.

“Then its you”

Lu Weijian felt bitter.

‘Why am I always the one who gets hurt

“Waiter.” Lu Heting called the waiter over.

What can I get you, sir

“Another 10 of this.”

“Yes, sir.

One moment, please.”

“Lu Weijian, theyre for you.”

Lu Weijian: “…”

He would not have to sleep after having these 10 glasses! Boo-hoo!

Lu Heting took Su Beis hand and said, “Lets go back to our room first.”

Su Bei looked back at Lu Weijian sympathetically, but her eyes were covered by Lu Heting.

He took her back to the hotel room and closed the door.

Lu Heting pressed her against the door and kissed her passionately.

When Su Bei was a little breathless, Lu Heting let go of her.

Her lips were slightly swollen, and her eyes were watery.

She looked at him with her starry eyes half-open.

“Didnt you say that you had an important meeting to attend and couldnt come to the wedding”

“I didnt want to worry you, so I thought Id better come.”

“What do I have to worry about”

“I wont allow you to hide any negative feelings in your heart, not even a little.” Lu Heting lowered his eyes and covered her with his gaze.

“Nothing like that is allowed between us.”

Su Bei raised her head and smiled.

“So you think Im jealous.”

“Its okay for you to be jealous, but Im afraid that youll be too jealous.” Lu Heting bit her lip lightly.

“No, all my jealousy is gone.” Su Beis slender arms went around his muscular waist.

“I just didnt really expect you to come.”

Lu Heting whispered, “Because its my turn to be jealous.”

“Huh” Su Bei was puzzled.

She didnt seem to have come into contact with any men today.

Where did his jealousy come from

“I heard that my parents-in-law almost betrothed you to the royal family.

Today, those princes were also eyeing you covetously.”

Su Bei burst out laughing.

She had forgotten about this and treated it as a joke.

She did not expect this man to take it seriously.

She said helplessly, “Do you think thats still possible Ive already admitted that Im Mrs.



Lu Heting, although you werent present today, I mentioned your name 18 times.

Your presence was very strong.

Is there anything else youre dissatisfied with”

“Theres nothing to be dissatisfied about.

Im done being jealous.

Now, this is your reward for those 18 times you mentioned me.” Lu Heting pulled her closer to him and kissed her slightly swollen red lips again.

Wang Jiarou had expected to see Lu Heting at the venue of the event, but she didnt get such an opportunity.

However, she met Lu Weijian and had a chance to talk to him.

She had to go back to the hotel first.

[Lu Heting didnt come today, so I didnt find a chance.

I can only try to return to the country.] She sent a WeChat message.

There was no reply from the other end.

She sent another message.

[Ill make the best use of my time.

After all, I was once his fiancée in name.

I can definitely get his help with this.]

The next day, after He Jiang and Lin Xiruo woke up in the morning, they knocked on Su Beis door, planning to wake her up for breakfast.

“Its so early.

Could our daughter still be sleeping” Lin Xiruo asked worriedly.

“Didnt we agree on nine oclock Besides, shes too thin and her stomach isnt too good.

Breakfast at this time will be good for her body.

I asked the hotel to prepare birds nest separately.

Ill let her recuperate later.” He Jiang started to show concern for his daughter as if they were discussing business.

He was a little clumsy, but there was no lack of sincerity.

Lin Xiruo laughed.

“Hubby, youre quite handsome when you nag.”

“Am I nagging” He Jiang was used to being quiet.

It was difficult for him to adapt to being naggy.

“I like it when you nag.” Lin Xiruo kissed his lips to calm his self-doubt.

He Jiang smiled, and the coldness in his eyes faded slightly.

He raised his hand and knocked on Su Beis door.

After a long time, the door opened and Lu Heting appeared in front of He Jiang and Lin Xiruo.

He seemed to be a little impatient because he had been woken up.

When he saw who was standing outside, his expression relaxed.

“Mom, Dad.”

Lin Xiruo exclaimed, not expecting such a situation.

When the royal family invited Lu Heting, wasnt he too busy to come

She realized something and couldnt help but blush.

“Uhh, its fine.

Im just here to have breakfast with Su Bei.

But you can rest.

It doesnt matter what time you guys have breakfast.”

He Jiang was looking at Lu Heting with disdain.

He even looked at the princes of the royal family with such a gaze, let alone Lu Heting.

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