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Chapter 1419: Father And HusbandTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The anti-fans racked their brains but could not think of a way to start mocking Su Bei.

They dejectedly exited the live-stream.

Su Beis fans were overjoyed.

Their idol was not freeloading on popularity.

She was an esteemed guest!

Sheng Xiaotangs and Lu Tianqings expressions slowly darkened.

They watched helplessly as Su Bei and the Queen chatted.

They didnt know what they were talking about for so long!

Seeing that Su Bei was in a good mood after the call, Lu Weijian was finally relieved.

Although he had caused small trouble, fortunately, it did not cause any trouble.

As expected, Big Brother was the one who took action.

Between them, he was indeed the more powerful one!

After the royal wedding, there was still the wedding reception that was held in the royal palace.

The only people who could attend the reception were those who had received the invitation.

The ordinary citizens who had applied to attend the ceremony left one after another.

The internet celebrities could only leave with them and go back to edit the video and photos.

They tried their best to maximize the benefits of this trip and not make a wasted trip.

After this group of people returned, they realized that they had taken photos of Lu Tianqings and Sheng Xiaotangs invitations.

On closer inspection, the names on their invitations were not actually their names at all.

The names on Lu Tianqings invitation statedHe Yuan and Mrs.

He, while the names on Sheng Xiaotangs invitation statedSheng Gaode, Mrs.

Sheng, and Miss Sheng.

The internet celebrities didnt mind watching the commotion and wanted an easy way to gain popularity.

Naturally, they immediately posted two photos with the caption: [Previously, they even mocked us for not getting an invitation and being only worthy of riding on the events popularity.

But theyre any better.

Their names arent even on their invitation cards, yet they still had the cheek to say that we could only apply to attend Theyre just relying on their families! If we had been able to reincarnate well, would we still need to ride on the events popularity]

Although Sheng Xiaotangs and Lu Tianqings names were not mentioned, it was no different from pointing at their noses and scolding them.

Other internet celebrities also reposted it.

This time, the netizens did not mock the internet celebrities.

After all, the ones who started this matter first were Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang.

In the entertainment industry, there were many people who posted articles to promote themselves, and there were also many who stepped on others.

However, everyone had their roles to play.

Internet celebrities were not like other celebrities who had to pay attention to their images.

They could not be bothered to care so much.

They just needed to feel good.

If they felt good and they could even increase their popularity, why not

For a moment, Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang were mocked.

They were even mocked by a group of internet celebrities and small-time actors.

The sight was really too beautiful.

When the two of them heard the news, they were so angry that they could only spend money on public relations.

They had never expected that they would be stepped on by people far inferior to them.

After that, they didnt dare to mention Su Bei at all.

They were afraid that they would be slapped in the face if anyone mentioned the royal family again.

After an entire day of attending the wedding, Su Bei smiled until her face stiffened.

Halfway through, someone actually wanted to introduce the other princes to her.

She hurriedly used her identity as Mrs.

Lu to shut these people up.

On the way back, Lin Xiruo said with a smile, “Theyre right.

If you had grown up by my side, you might really marry into the royal family.

At that time, you were almost betrothed.”

“Mom, stop it.

I even have children now.”

“Thats true, thats true.” Lin Xiruo couldnt help but smile.

“But youre very popular.

Didnt you see that the Queens other sons were all looking at you”

He Jiang felt honored.

“My daughter is naturally popular.

However, that brat isnt worthy.

Even if Su Bei had grown up beside me, I would never have let her get married and have children so early.”

Su Bei stuck out her tongue.

She wondered if Lu Hetings ears were burning hot now.

When they arrived at the hotel, He Jiang said a few words of concern to Su Bei before accompanying the sleepy Lin Xiruo back to her room to rest.

Compared to his daughter, he still seemed to love his wife more.

Su Bei couldnt help but smile.

“Sister Bei Bei, come down and let me buy you a cup of coffee.” Lu Weijian called.

“Im really sorry about what happened during the day.

I want to apologize to you.”

“Heting has already called me.

Theres nothing else for you to do.”

“Him calling you is his business.

Me wanting to apologize to you is my business.” Lu Weijian begged, “Sister Bei Bei, please, just give me a chance! You dont want to see me beaten up by my brother, do you”

“Okay, give me a moment.

Ill be right down.”

Su Bei changed into simple sportswear before going downstairs.

The casual sportswear that did not cling to her body still outlined her beautiful and perfect figure, giving her a heroic but also gentle temperament.

The café and bar on the first floor of the hotel did not lose its liveliness because of the late hour.

Instead, because of the late night, it attracted countless guests who had just started their nightlife.

Everywhere they looked, there was a bustling crowd.

When Su Bei stepped into the cafe, Lu Weijian waved at her.

“Sister Bei Bei!”

Su Bei walked in his direction and sat down in front of him.

“What would you like, Bei Bei Coffee Juice Milk”

“I want what youre having,” Su Bei said lazily.

She only planned to sit for a while before going upstairs to sleep.

After Lu Weijian finished ordering, he said anxiously, “Wang Jiarou whom you saw during the day really has nothing to do with my brother.

At that time, Grandma was very sick.

You know that my brother didnt have a father when he was young and it was always my grandparents who took care of him.

She was given a notice of critical illness and her dying wish was to see my brother get married.

How could my brother not satisfy her request Thats why he chose Wang Jiarou among a lot of socialites.”

“Heting has told me everything.”

“Yes, hes said his piece and Ive said mine.”

“But why did Wang Jiarou come to look for you” Su Bei asked.

She could tell that Wang Jiarou was waiting for Lu Heting today, but she didnt see him.

So she approached Lu Weijian instead.

She probably had something to say.

Lu Weijian looked bitter.

“How would I know I dont know her at all.”

“Youre not familiar with her, so how did she get on the list of socialites to choose from”

Lu Weijian hurriedly said, “Lets put it this way.

Grandma announced that my brother was getting married, but the candidate wasnt decided yet.

If there was anyone who was willing, they could offer their photo to be shown to my brother so that he could choose someone.

Those who were willing quickly sent their photos over.

Who knew that my brother was so childish He actually made Lu Hang close his eyes and pick a photo!”

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