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Chapter 1418: Were You Thinking Too MuchTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

[Sob, sob, sob.

Ill fight whoever says that Su Bei is there to gain popularity! Did you see that Did you see that Anti-fans, the Queen and Su Bei have a private relationship.]

[Damn! The Queen has a few sons.

Dont tell me the Queen is going to introduce Su Bei to them]

Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang looked at each other.

What was going on The Queen called Su Bei over and handed her her phone so that she could answer it

That call must have been from someone close to the Queen, but Su Bei could answer it.

In other words, Su Bei and the Queen were much closer than anyone thought!

Well… they couldnt believe their eyes!

Su Bei picked up the phone and whispered, “Hello Hello, may I…”

“Its me.” Lu Hetings familiar mellow voice came from the other end.

“Oh, its you, Hubby.

You scared me.

Why did you call the Queen”

“I cant get through to your phone.

I think its on silent mode, right As for Father-in-law and Mother-in-law, they must have turned their phones to silent mode as well.

I can contact Lu Weijian, but I dont want to give those fans a chance to ship both of you.”

“Is that why you called the Queens cell phone You scared me to death.” Su Bei really couldnt imagine how he could be so bold.

This was a wedding venue, and everyone was still watching.

Suddenly, he called her over to show off their love How would the Queen look at her after that Just thinking about it made her blush!

Lu Heting said anxiously, “Because theres something important that I have to tell you now.”

“Is it about Wang Jiarou” Su Bei immediately expected this.

“Did Mr.

Weijian tell you”

“Yes, I want to clarify and explain.”

“Go ahead.”

“When I married you, Grandma wasnt in good health.

The doctor said that she wouldnt be able to hold on for long.

Thats why I agreed to the marriage.

At that time, she sent over a bunch of photos of socialites.

I asked Lu Hang to randomly point at one of them.

I didnt know who it was.

Of course, I know now that it was Wang Jiarou.

At that time, I went to the hospital for a pre-marital checkup and made plans to get married.

But you know what happened after that.

Wang Jiarou didnt come, and I married you.

She appeared again today.” Lu Heting briefly explained what had happened.

If Lu Weijian hadnt mentioned this in WeChat just now, he wouldnt have paid much attention to it.

The previous marriage was rushed, and he had no feelings for Wang Jiarou.

“You were afraid that I would overthink, so you called me urgently to explain about Wang Jiarou,” Su Bei concluded for him.

“So you were thinking too much” Lu Hetings voice steadied, sounding deep and powerful.

Su Bei smiled sweetly.

Thinking back to earlier, she did overthink things for a second.

However, trust quickly prevailed.

Besides, if Wang Jiarou was really that important, why would Lu Heting marry her in the end

“Ive already thought about it.

Thats why I was watching the ceremony seriously just now.”

“What did you think about”

Su Bei smiled faintly.

“Even if your ex-fiancée appears, she wont be able to shake my and my two sons status, right After all, weve already locked you down.”

“Thats very reasonable.” Lu Hetings voice was clear and low.

“After all, Im only willing to let you lock me down.”

Su Bei was in a relaxed mood.

She felt countless eyes staring at her and said quietly, “Now, many people are looking at me as if Im an anomaly.

Should I go back”

Lu Heting said with a smile, “Okay, you continue watching the ceremony.”

Su Bei handed the phone back to the Queen.

The Queen wore a crown and had a wide smile on her face.

She had been taking good care of her appearance.

She reached for the phone and handed it to her entourage.

There was an empty seat beside her, and she gestured for Su Bei to sit down.

The ceremony was going through some trivialities right now, so many guests were talking quietly.

Su Bei could not refuse.

She gestured to her friend before sitting down.

The Queen smiled and said, “Su Bei, thank you so much for helping us repair our wedding ring this time.

“You flatter me.

Actually, the repair work was done by my friend alone.

I didnt do anything.”

Su Beis fluency, vocabulary, and accent were all very authentic, causing the queen to have a better impression of her.

“But your friend was only willing to take on this restoration job because of you.” The Queens eyes were gentle and loving.

“Its all thanks to you.

Youve been a great help this time.

If I hadnt found you, this ring wouldnt have been repaired properly.

It would have delayed the wedding date that was already set.”

Su Bei didnt dare to receive such a heavy compliment.

“Ill convey the royal familys gratitude to Feng Cheng.”

The more modest she was, the more the Queen liked her personality.

Her smile widened.

She continued, “Speaking of which, I touched you when you were in your mothers womb, Su Bei.”

“Are you friends with my mother” Su Bei didnt expect to have such a relationship with the Queen.


The year I got married, I was in this same seat and in the same place.

Your mother helped me paint my wedding portrait.” The Queens face softened and brightened at the memory of her youth.

“I see.

All I know is that my mother paints very well, but I didnt know she has even painted your portrait.”

“Its always been hard to commission her for a painting.” The Queen laughed.

Su Bei couldnt help but turn to look at Lin Xiruo.

She remembered that Gun Gun also had a talent for painting.

It turned out that what she didnt inherit had all gone to Gun Gun.

Lin Xiruo saw her looking over and gave her a loving smile.

The Queen shook her hand.

“Its just a pity that youve been living out there.

If youd followed your mother, the betrothal wouldve been set.

Perhaps the bride standing at the wedding today would be you.”

Su Bei couldnt help but click her tongue.

She didnt want to be the bride of the royal family.

She had no such thoughts at all.

Moreover, the prince and princess were very close now.

From afar, the happiness on their faces could not be concealed.

They looked like they were truly in love.

How could she go and mess that up

The prince was handsome, blonde, and blue-eyed.

He was indeed the dream lover of many people.

He had been in newspapers and magazines many times, and many celebrities had scrambled to entertain him.

However, just by comparing his and Lu Hetings faces, she couldnt help but immediately shake her head.

What was there to compare

Not only did Su Bei take the phone from the Queen, but she was also invited to sit beside her and chat with her.

This scene was also recorded by those live-streaming internet celebrities and seen by domestic fans and anti-fans!

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