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Chapter 1417: How Embarrassing!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Before he could begin to explain, officials from the royal family came out and greeted him in English, “Mr.

Weijian, Mrs.


Su Bei smiled back and responded fluently in the local language.

But what was going on with this matter of Lu Hetings ex-fiancée

Her eyes darted around, and her thoughts returned to a few years ago.

When she found Lu Heting at the Civil Affairs Bureau, he seemed to have been waiting for someone.

Yes, who was he waiting for at the Civil Affairs Bureau with his identification documents It must have been his fiancée!

So Wang Jiarou was the woman Lu Heting wanted to marry

No wonder she acted familiarly with Lu Weijian just now.

She even looked a little aggrieved and pitiful.

Before Su Bei could finish her thoughts, she was welcomed in.

A bustling crowd appeared in front of her.

For a moment, countless people greeted her.

It was a dazzling sight, so she didnt have time to think about it.

Lu Weijian saw that she was a little lost and could not help but feel anxious.

Wang Jiarous matter was not a big deal.

It would be fine as long as they talked it out.

However, he did not have the chance to say it now.

At this moment, not only was the place full of guests but there were also many reporters.

If they were to whisper to each other, it would really be inconvenient.

He could only scratch his ears and cheeks anxiously.

He took out his phone and sent Lu Heting an apology message, hoping that his big brother would show mercy when he hit him.

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing were chatting when they saw Su Bei come in.

Their expressions were slightly ugly.

How did Su Bei get in

Didnt she not have an invitation

Sheng Xiaotang saw Lu Weijian, and their smiles recovered a little.

They said, “So she was brought in by Lu Weijian.”

“It seems that Su Bei is indeed good at winning the favor of the higher-ups.

Lu Weijian is willing to be stepped on by her,” Lu Tianqing said.

Although she was unhappy, the fact that Su Bei could rely on Lu Weijian to get in would probably cause a lot of speculation in the media.

Lu Tianqing would wait for the bloodbath on the internet.

After Su Bei was finally done greeting everyone, she could take a breather.

Because He Jiang and Lin Xiruo had already been arranged to sit beside their peers, Su Bei did not force her way through.

The usher told her her seat was in the front section and asked her to sit down.

However, Su Bei didnt want to sit too close to Lu Weijian.

There were so many cameras below the stage.

If the shippers got a whiff of the two together, how would she explain things to Lu Heting

Besides, she saw a friend she had known since she started her days as a model in the distance.

She took the initiative to ask, “Can I sit over there”

“You can.

But Mrs.

Lu, your seat is actually in the front row.

Theres no need to go so far away.

That seat over there isnt very good.”

“It doesnt matter as long as its a place to sit.”

The usher naturally wouldnt refuse.

“Then Ill take you there.”

Lu Weijian sat down in front.

When he was about to call Su Bei, she had already walked far away.

Lu Weijian looked worried.

If he sat close to her, he would be in trouble.

If he sat far away, he would be in trouble too.

If he couldnt explain Wang Jiarous matter clearly, he wouldnt be able to go back!

After this arrangement, Su Beis seat was further away than Lu Weijian.

When Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang saw this, they were a little satisfied.

Su Bei was just so-so.

So what if she could enter She could only receive such treatment.

The wedding officially began.

The royal wedding was naturally full of formalities, speeches, and rituals.

The internet celebrities below naturally squeezed into the front row to record this scene.

While recording, they noticed Su Bei.

“Su Bei is at the ceremony! She has an invitation!”

“But its pretty far back.

It looks like Lu Group might have given her a chance to get an invitation to the ceremony.”

“Didnt those people say that she didnt have an invitation It seems that these things are all nonsense.

You really cant believe anything.”

“Quick, take more photos of Su Bei.

Gathering traffic this time wont be a problem!”

Realizing she was being photographed, she smiled at the crowd.

When the internet celebrities saw her respond, they took even more photos of her.

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing snorted.

How embarrassing!

Lu Weijian took out his phone and sent Su Bei a WeChat message to explain the situation.

However, Su Bei was watching the ceremony now.

Her phone had already been turned to silent mode, so she wasnt aware that she had received messages.

Besides, even if she could hear it, how could she use her phone casually on such a grand occasion

Everyone was watching the ceremony.

Apart from Lu Weijian, no one else was using their phones.

However, everyone was used to Lu Weijians personality, so no one said anything.

The internet celebrities became more and more enthusiastic.

All kinds of videos were sent back to the country at the same time.

Many night owls were staying up late to watch them.

[I didnt know the princes wedding was so complicated.

Im almost falling asleep watching it live.]

[But in order to see Su Bei, I think its still alright.

She looks good in all the camera angles!]

[Su Beis seat is even worse than Lu Tianqings and Sheng Xiaotangs.

Whats going on]

[After all, Su Bei is just an artiste.

Even if shes from Lu Group, shes just an employee of Lu Group.

But Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing are different.

Their family members are high in power.]

[Its already good that Su Bei can have a seat.

Otherwise, she could only squeeze in among the internet celebrities.

Why are you still being so picky]

[Thats right.

Dont you know what kind of occasion this is Its already a blessing for her ancestors that shes able to enter.

Why Do you think shes going to be invited to sit with the queen]

Some of the anti-fans were exceptionally sarcastic.

Just as the anti-fans were mocking Su Beis fans, an internet celebrity said, “Hey, someone is inviting Su Bei over! Did you see that Its someone close to the Queen.”

“Whats going on Please bring the camera closer! I want to see it in HD!”

While Su Bei was watching the ceremony, someone beside the Queen came over and said, “Mrs.

Lu, the Queen is calling for you.”

“Shes looking for me” Su Bei was surprised.

The Queen called her over

What was this situation Did it have to be so exciting

Su Bei followed the man to the Queen, who smiled warmly at her.

“You should answer the phone first.”

“Okay, thank you, Your Majesty.

Sorry to trouble you.” Su Bei took the phone from the Queen.

The netizens watching the live broadcast were about to explode.

“The Queen handed her phone to Su Bei!!!”

“Their friendship is to this extent”

“Mother of God, this is shattering my soul! My poor brain cant digest this!”

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