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Chapter 1416: Im Here With OthersTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Su Bei came over this time, Qiao Mei didnt release a notice.

She didnt even tell the fans that Su Bei had such an itinerary.

She probably guessed that Su Bei was attending the event on behalf of Lu Heting, so there was no need to send out such a notice.

However, it was different for Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing.

They had already posted all kinds of articles in the morning, and their managers had also taken turns to hype things up.

It was just hype.

Of course, they felt that those who had invitations were naturally more qualified to hype themselves up than those who did not.

In fact, their agents had even arranged for various marketing accounts to write various articles and take note of the artistes who had received invitations.

As some internet celebrities and low-tier celebrities had already dressed up and sent out all kinds of photos early in the morning to attract attention, the celebrities who were not invited became the laughing stock of the netizens.

Su Bei was also on the list of people who were not invited, which surprised the netizens.

[Su Bei went too How surprising.]

[Im not surprised that Su Bei went but that she didnt have an invitation Why Su Bei is quite famous.]

[Whats the use of being famous The royal family is not a wet market.

There are many famous artistes.

Previously, that top female celebrity was famous enough and even married one of the top 10 richest people in S Country.

She wasnt invited either.]

[But Su Bei has always been an outstanding actress.

She actually used such a method to hype herself up.

I really dont know what to say about her…]

[Im a little disappointed.]

[Thats right.

I thought she was quite classy.

Why would she do something like that]


[Disappointed 1.]

The next day, the princes wedding ceremony began grandly.

The citizens of various countries had already obtained the right to attend the ceremony in advance.

Even some famous entrepreneurs and celebrities could only obtain the right to attend through this method.

However, the ceremony was held a long distance away from the banquet venue.

Actually, they could not see anything.

Many people just came to stroll around as if they were traveling.

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing came over early in the morning.

The two of them were dressed very exquisitely in long dresses.

They were elegant and beautiful as they held hands.

When they passed by the group of internet celebrities, they attracted the envy of many people.

“Its Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing! Theyre both holding invitations!”

“No wonder.

They either have a good father or a good husband.”

“In the entertainment industry, its people like them who have it better.

They dont have to work too hard.

Plus, theyre also good-looking.”

“Im a little envious.

To tell you the truth, Ive been looking for an agent.

Ive spent over a hundred thousand.”

“Thats right.

You need quick success, or you wont even get your principal back.”

When Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang heard these discussions, their vanity was satisfied, and the smiles on their faces became even more appropriate.

A few ushers from the royal family came up to Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang and said, “Please show your invitations.”

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing opened them, and the ushers picked them up to check.

The internet celebrities beside them quickly took photos.

After the inspection was over, the ushers smiled and said, “Please follow me inside to observe the ceremony.”

“Thank you.” Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang nodded and smiled.

This was no ordinary venue.

It was a royal venue.

Being invited to this sort of place naturally could not compare to the usual business events and runway shows.

Even many celebrity businessmen wouldnt have been invited if they didnt have direct business cooperation with the royal family or Country Y.

The two peoples sense of glory was naturally incomparable.

Just as the two of them were about to enter, they saw Su Bei walking over.

She was dressed simply in a silk shirt and a slim-fit skirt.

Her beautiful legs were faintly discernible.

As a supermodel and actress, she had an outstanding temperament and was just as tall.

However, no matter how outstanding she was, without an invitation, she could only hang out with these internet celebrities.

What was the use! Lu Tianqing retracted her gaze.

When the internet celebrities saw Su Bei appear, they couldnt help but mutter to themselves, “So Su Bei is really like us.

She only applied to attend the ceremony.”

They suddenly felt like they were treated the same as a top celebrity.

A few internet celebrities ran over to ask for a photo.

Su Bei smiled and fulfilled their request.

“Su Bei, will you be here later”

“No, Im here with other people,” Su Bei replied politely.

“I see.

I thought you were going to be with us.

But it doesnt matter.

Good luck wherever youll be!” The Internet celebrity punched her.

These people were quite cute.

Although they were trying to gain popularity, they were much better than Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang.

Su Bei said sincerely, “You guys have to work hard too.

Be careful.”

“Okay, okay!”

“Su Bei is actually quite good.

Shes so famous, but she doesnt put on airs.”

“Its just a pity that such a famous person can only watch the ceremony here.

Im afraid shell even have to pose for photos here later.”


Well get our photos taken first.

She must have a team with her.

We dont need to worry.”

Su Bei finally found Lu Weijian.

“What are you doing I couldnt find you following the location you sent.”

“Sorry, sorry.

There are too many people here.

Im a little dizzy.” Lu Weijian hurriedly apologized and said, “Lets go in first.”

“Why didnt I know you were coming”

“I decided to come at the spur of the moment.

That way, I can share your burden.”

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh.

“Isnt it just a ceremony What burden can we share”

“My brother is worried about you,” Lu Weijian said confidently.

Su Bei didnt say anything else and walked in with him.

He Jiang was here today and had already accompanied Lin Xiruo in.

She fell behind only because she was waiting for Lu Weijian.

The two of them walked forward.

As they were walking, a woman suddenly shouted, “Mr.


Lu Weijian stopped in his tracks.

When he saw the woman, he asked in surprise, “Miss Wang… is that you”

“Its me.

I have something to talk to you about.

May I I wanted to look for Mr.

Lu, but I saw that he didnt come today.”

“Ah, Im busy attending the ceremony now.

Next time, then.” Lu Weijian took Su Beis hand and hurried inside.

Su Bei felt that the atmosphere between Miss Wang and Lu Weijian was a little strange.

This subtle atmosphere made her suspicious.


Weijian, who is that”

“Youre talking about Wang Jiarou… Actually, shes no one.

Shes just my brothers ex-fiancée.

But this is in the past… Uhh, Ill explain it to you…”

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