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Chapter 1415: IgnoringTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

For the first time, Lu Heting felt that his exclusive right had been challenged by the outside world.

“Alright, alright.

Ill go with my mother, not He Xuyan.

Besides, when I arrive, Ill just say that Im Mrs.


“Yes, thats good.” Lu Hetings eyes regained their warmth.


Lu will take my place and participate in social activities.

In the future, I might need you more and more.”

“Its really not good to be Mrs.


There are too many responsibilities to bear.”

She hooked her arms around his neck.

“But I like it!”


There was a faint smile in her eyes, which made Lu Hetings Adams apple move slightly.

Their gazes were intertwined, and there was an indescribable ambiguity and warmth.

“Bei Bei, youre about to drop your cake!” Rollie reminded her.

“Ah, my cake…” Su Bei quickly retracted her hand to save her cake.

Amused, Lu Heting put his arm around her waist to steady her.

The wedding of the prince of Y Country was a public ceremony.

Not only could the citizens of Y Country go and watch the ceremony, but the citizens of other countries could also apply to attend.

This kind of wedding was like a large-scale event.

It was very eye-catching.

This time, Su Bei went with Lin Xiruo two days in advance.

She treated it as accompanying Lin Xiruo on a trip.

Country Y had a long history.

It was pleasant to wander the quaint streets and look at all kinds of ancient architectural styles.

The sky, which was usually drizzling, also cleared up beautifully.

The sun shone down lightly, covering everything in a warm golden color.

There were many pedestrians on the street, most of whom were walking leisurely and slowly.

Su Bei accompanied Lin Xiruo for a day.

Both mother and daughter were in a good mood.

Although their time together was limited and this was their first time staying together, they shared a tacit understanding.

It made their relationship stronger with each passing day.

After shopping, they returned to the hotel.

After chatting with Lin Xiruo for a while and seeing that she was a little sleepy, Su Bei said good night first and slowly walked out.

In the cafe on the first floor of the hotel, she ordered a drink, sat down, took a photo, and sent it to Lu Heting.

At this moment, it was time for Lu Heting to go to work.

But he quickly replied: [Did you have fun]

[Im very happy today.

I went shopping with my mother and we bought a lot of things.]

[I can tell.

You had a very sweet smile.]

Su Bei couldnt help but continue to laugh.

[Hubby, its really good to have a mother.

I used to think that having one wouldnt be much different when I was growing up, but its very different.]


Thats why the heavens sent your mother back to you.]

Su Bei pursed her lips.

[Yes, thats why Im always grateful.]

[Maybe its because Im a man.

I still think its better to have a wife.]

Su Bei burst out laughing, and there was another burst of laughter beside her.

Su Bei looked over and saw Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang sitting not far away, laughing about something.

She looked away, not intending to acknowledge them.

However, Lu Tianqings and Sheng Xiaotangs voices were just loud enough to be heard.

Sheng Xiaotang smiled and said, “Tianqing, did you receive an invitation this time”

“I did.

The royal family of Country Y and He Consortium have always been on good terms.

As a member of the He family, I naturally received an invitation.

As for you, you received an invitation because your father has business dealings with Country Y, right”

Sheng Xiaotang nodded.

“Yes, my father asked me to come over to broaden my horizons and expand my connections.”

“Look at those people.

Theyre all here to gain popularity,” Lu Tianqing said, looking at Su Bei.

Su Bei looked up subconsciously under her gaze.

Lu Tianqing smiled and said, “Su Bei Im sorry, I only recognized you now.

I was talking about the group of people beside you.

Theyre all internet celebrities and minor celebrities.

These people are simply freeloading on the events popularity.

Its fine if they spend money on the red carpet of some awards, but this time, they actually spent money to ride on the popularity of the princes wedding banquet.

“When they return to the country, theyll do another wave of marketing.

Theyll say that they were invited to attend the wedding banquet where they sat with celebrities from all over the world.

Once their market value increases and their popularity surges, theyll start selling goods online.

The better ones can even take on some movies.”

“Really” Su Bei didnt comment.

She glanced at the group of people beside her and saw that they had indeed paid for an invitation.

They were wearing revealing clothes and hosting live-streams.

It was indeed a little unsightly to see them making a ruckus.

It was obvious that Lu Tianqing was talking about the people beside Su Bei, but every word of hers targeted Su Bei.

She said that she didnt receive an invitation and was here to gain popularity and hype herself up.

“Initially, an event like this holds very high prestige.

When I go back, I can tell others where I went.

Now, if I do that, my reputation will be ruined by these people.

Although I came with an invitation, its not appropriate for me to tell others where I went when they ask.

Theyre really a bunch of rotten apples who ruin it for the rest of us.” Sheng Xiaotangs tone was filled with complaints.

Without responding to her, Su Bei looked down and typed on the keyboard.

Sheng Xiaotang asked with a smile, “Su Bei, dont you think so”

Su Bei smiled and looked up.

She said with a smile, “In theory, anyone who wants to go to the princes wedding banquet can attend.

As long as they conform to the rules, theres nothing wrong.

As long as they can enter according to the rules, then whatever problems therell be will be the royal familys problems.

Im not a member of the royal family, so why should I care so much”

“You have a point, but thats only for those who cant get an invitation.

I didnt expect you to say that too.

And does the prince really welcome so many messy people for the ceremony Its all because of the rules.” Sheng Xiaotang sighed and smiled.

“This gives these people a chance to gain popularity.”

“Since its the rule, theres nothing wrong with it,” Su Bei said lightly.

Sheng Xiaotang laughed until her shoulders shook.

She said to Lu Tianqing, “People who do wrong always find excuses for themselves.

But thats true.

Without a dignified reason, how can they convince themselves to come”

Su Bei stood up.

“Only the narrow-minded can see what they want to see.

I hope the people with the invitations will be happier than others.”

“Well definitely be happier than you,” Sheng Xiaotang replied.

Su Bei turned to leave.

How annoying.

Why did she have to meet two annoying flies

Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing couldnt help but laugh.

“Su Bei is really arrogant.

Shes still so arrogant even though she didnt get the invitation.

Lets see if she can withstand the ridicule of those vicious netizens.”

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