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Chapter 1414: A Little AnnoyingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Jianmings expression was blank, and he did not comment.

Everything that had happened today had dealt him a greater blow than anyone else.

A wife whom he shared mutual respect with, a daughter who was obedient, sensible, and capable, as well as a happy family… They were all nothing but illusions that burst before his eyes like a soap bubble.

Seeing that they were silent, Tang Xinru helped Old Master Tang up.

Old Master Tang turned around and looked at the people in front of him one last time.

He couldnt care less about these people or these matters.

He didnt even say anything.

Su Bei caught up with He Jiang and the others.

She got into the car with them.

“Since you dont wish to pursue this matter anymore, I wont say anything else.” Old Madam Lin sighed softly.

“But from now on, therell never be someone like Lin Shulian in the Lin family.

I wont care about them in the future.”

Lin Xiruo nodded slightly.

“It doesnt matter.

Mom, dont be too anxious.

Su Bei is back, and that mother-daughter pair cant cause trouble anymore.

Just the Du family alone wont let them off after what happened to Du Jinghaos legs.

And about Situ Songhui… When Tang Yue was rich, that person was willing to take the fall for her.

But now that shes in this state, that might not be the case anymore…”

Old Madam Lin said, “Yes, then I wont mention it again in the future.”

Su Bei looked out of the car window.

The scenery outside was receding.

Although she no longer thought about Tang Yue, the matter was being talked about on Weibo.

The netizens did not miss the headlinesTang Yue Personally Harmed Her Mother andTang Yue Framed Others.

Lu Heting had already instructed Lu Hang to give out orders that Su Beis name was to be mentioned as little as possible.

They could not involve her in negative news when they sought justice for her.

Therefore, the news completely avoided mentioning Su Beis background.

[Tang Yue actually drugged her own mother and caused her legs to be crippled.

Many of her bones were also affected Oh my God, my worldview has been overturned.]

[I cant believe theres such extreme love and affection! Did you hear Even her fiancés legs were broken by her suitor!]

[The whole Tang family is so messy.

Actually, I think its really good that Su Bei isnt a member of the Tang family! Didnt you see that Lin Shulian even stole her sister and brother-in-laws child]

[Wealthy families really do hide a lot of filth! Tsk, tsk, tsk!]

[In any case, Su Beis name is cleared.

Dont say anything else about her.

Just take her away from this mess.]

This time, Tang Yues reputation was completely ruined.

Lin Shulian was no better than her.

The entire Tang familys business was greatly affected, and the share price of Sheng Tang Entertainment kept falling.

On Tang Xinrus side, she had no choice but to completely split up the company.

She placed Sheng Tang Entertainment under her name and completely kicked the others out.

Only then did she stabilize the situation.

“Grandpa, they dont have any shares in Sheng Tang Entertainment now.” Tang Xinru showed the report to Old Master Tang.

Old Master Tang said faintly, “Alright.

The Tang family has already been greatly affected because of them.

We cant let everyone be implicated.

They brought this upon themselves.”

Tang Xinru was silent.

She sighed in her heart.

Tang Yue was strong in every aspect.

After fighting for her entire life, she had lost everything.

The method she used was really too extreme.

As soon as Su Bei returned home, she was wrapped in a mans arms.

“I should have gone with you.

I was more worried being at home.”

“There were bodyguards with me as well as Mom and Dad.” Su Bei smiled.

“I told you not to worry.”

“Its good that things have been resolved.

The internet also knows that Lin Shulian was drugged by her own daughter now.

However, we didnt let them know that youre the daughter of the He family, lest they gossip.”

Su Bei waved her phone.

“I saw the news on the way.

Youre really fast.”

“Im fast In what way” Lu Heting looked down at her, his tone ambiguous and charming.

Su Bei pretended not to understand.

“Of course, its the speed at which you solve problems.

Otherwise, what other speed could I be talking about”

Lu Heting pressed her against the door.

“Are you deliberately angering me”

“No, no, I wouldnt dare!” Su Bei opened her mouth to beg for mercy.

Her red lips parted slightly, and her eyes were filled with ripples.

His cold eyes instantly darkened.

He lowered his head and kissed those restless red lips.

He pried open her teeth.

The tip of Su Beis nose was filled with his clear breath.

The heat brushed past her lips and ears.

Su Beis legs felt like jelly, and she could not stand.

She leaned against him and barely managed to stand.

“Da Bao and Gun Gun will be back soon,” she whispered.

Lu Heting let go of her.

“Ill let you go first.”

Su Bei heaved a sigh of relief.

The mans lips, which were not too far away, attacked her again.

He bit her gently before letting go of her.

At the same time, the doorbell rang and Gun Guns voice followed.

“Bei Bei, Im home!”

Su Bei quickly opened the door and welcomed her two children in.

“Bei Bei, what did you eat” Gun Gun looked up and smacked his lips.

“Huh Nothing.

If I was eating good food, Id definitely keep some for you.”

“But your mouth is red!” Gun Gun was still curious.

Su Bei turned around and gave Lu Heting a harsh look.

Lu Heting smiled gently and stepped forward to hold Gun Guns and Da Baos hands.

He said, “Lets go eat something delicious.”

Su Bei: “…”

What a good cover!


“Im going to attend a wedding in two days.

Its the wedding ceremony of the prince of Country Y.” Su Bei walked over and took a piece of cake from Lu Heting.

“Are you attending as an artiste”

“Not really.

Feng Cheng once helped their prince repair the wedding ring that has been passed down from generation to generation.

The eldest son has to use it when he gets married, but there was a problem the last time and no one could handle it.

They asked someone to look for me, and I recommended Feng Cheng to them.

Speaking of which, I benefited from Feng Cheng.”

“As it happens, Ive been invited too.”

“Thats great.

We can go together.”

Lu Heting shook his head.

“I cant.

I have a very important meeting in two days.

However, you can go in my place as my family.”

“Then Ill go with He Xuyan.

My parents invited me to attend as well.”

Hearing He Xuyans name, Lu Hetings cold eyes were covered with a layer of frost.

Now, he had to call that man his brother-in-law.

It was somewhat unpleasant to think about.

What was even more annoying was that the man now had a legitimate reason to contact Su Bei.

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