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Chapter 1413: Became Like YouTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He Jiangs words echoed in the ward, cold and full of strength.

Old Madam Lin sighed softly.

“Lin Shulian, I admit that I didnt treat you that well.

I cant treat the daughter of a woman who betrayed me and took away my husbands love well.

However, is this the reason why you hurt Su Bei and almost caused their family to fall apart Youre selfish, and its all because of your grievances and discomfort.

But have you ever thought about others

“Xiruo was grateful that you had taken care of the old man for so many years, so she kept saying good things about you.

Even when you were giving birth, she invited you to the hospital where she was in order to let you receive excellent care.

But what did you repay Xiruo with You let her and her daughter be separated for more than 20 years!

“Lin Shulian, Ill leave my words here.

From now on, youre no longer a member of the Lin family.

Everything in the Lin family has nothing to do with you.

You cant be forgiven for taking the child away!”

Lin Shulian raised her eyes, her gaze fierce.

“The Lin familys inheritance was left behind by my fathers will.

There are lawyers to testify.

What should be given to my daughter will be given to her and not a cent less!”

“Go ahead and find a lawyer, then.

If I have to give you anything from the inheritance, consider it my loss!” When Old Madam Lin was young, she was also a ruthless person.

She had risked her life with Old Master Lin and had experienced many things.

When she spoke ruthlessly, she was not inferior to young people.

Lin Shulian was stunned.

Tang Yue came back to her senses.

“Thats mine.

You cant deprive me of something…”

He Jiang glanced at the two women with extreme disgust.

He was extraordinarily handsome, and being despised by him was like being crushed by a huge rock.

Lin Shulian and Tang Yue were shocked.

Lin Xiruo slowly walked forward, squatted down, and said softly to Lin Shulian, “I really didnt expect that in your heart, I was such a person.

In the past, you and I had always been harmonious.

I always thought of you as a good friend.

Even if we werent related by blood, I thought that our relationship was still good.

Now that I think about it, I was really blind when I was young.

I actually believed that you could really be a good person.

“Back then, I quarreled with my mother and brother a lot because of you.

In the end, my efforts have really made me an ingrate.

What you repaid me with was to replace my child and carry her away.

You caused us to be separated for more than 20 years and made me suffer for years…”

She spoke gently.

Even when she was accusing Lin Shulian, she did it kindly and politely.

But when she got to this point, she couldnt go on.

He Jiang reached out to support her, his eyes filled with heartache.

“Perhaps even now, you still think that what you did was right.

The entire world has let you down, but youre the only one who endured the grievances and heartache.

No one can change your mind, and I dont expect someone like you to recognize your mistake and apologize to me.” Lin Xiruo stared at Lin Shulian.

“But look at everything youve done.

Look at what your daughter has become.

Others might find it strange, but you shouldnt find it strange at all, because shes just another you.”

Lin Shulian suddenly recovered from her daze, and hatred flashed in her eyes.

“Dont spout nonsense.

Im not like that, nor is my daughter.

Lin Xiruo, youre really vicious!”

“No, Im not vicious enough.

I despise myself for not being vicious enough! Do you know the heart-wrenching pain Ive endured for the past 20 years Can you understand my growing longing for my daughter You cant, because you have no heart.

But fortunately, during the past 20 years, my daughter grew to be like me.

And your daughter has become you.”

When Lin Xiruo said this, a trace of pain flashed across her eyes, but when she turned around to look at Su Bei, this pain gradually subsided.

No matter how deep the pain was, it was all healed by the sight of her daughter in front of her.

“Ah! Ah!” Lin Shulian was agitated by these words.

She did not know what to say and could only vent her dissatisfaction and pain by shouting.

She looked both twisted and terrifying.

Even Tang Yue took a few steps back and distanced herself from her.

“Ah!!! Tang Yue, is that how you look at your mom Is that how you look at me Is that it Huh Is that it” She tried to stand up, but the problem with her legs made it impossible.

She crawled toward Tang Yue.

“Ah!” Tang Yue screamed in fear.

She had never seen her mother being so terrifying.

He Jiang couldnt stand it anymore.

He reached out and pulled Lin Xiruo up.

“Lets go.”

Old Madam Lin snorted and took the lead to walk out.

He Jiang and Lin Xiruo held Su Beis hands and walked out one after another, leaving behind a scene that no one could bear to watch.

Su Bei suddenly turned around and ran to Old Master Tangs side.

He looked old and helpless with a deep frown.

Everything that was happening in front of him made him look very serious.

He looked up at Su Bei.

The emotions she saw in his eyes crashed into her heart, making her feel heavy and especially uncomfortable.

She bent down beside Old Master Tang and whispered, “Im sorry, Grandpa.”

She had happily exposed Tang Yues and Lin Shulians crimes back then, but doing this was like a knife in Old Master Tangs heart.

He was not wrong, but he had to worry for the juniors and bear more shame than they did.

Apart from apologizing, Su Bei didnt know what else to say.

The weight of those three words was exceptionally light.

Old Master Tang shook his head.

There was a hint of love in his turbid eyes.

“Dont apologize.

Youre not the one who did something wrong.”

Su Bei was silent.

Although she was also a victim, she felt uneasy with Old Master Tang.

“Go on.” There was relief in his eyes.

“You dont have to be bullied now that there are people who dote on you.

Im relieved.”

Su Bei held his old hands.

They were exceptionally dry now, like the last tenacious trees in autumn.

She didnt let go for a long time.

Then, a series of capable footsteps sounded outside the door.

The door was pushed open and Tang Xinru appeared.

When she saw the scene, even though Tang Xinru had already expected it, she still couldnt help but reveal a look of surprise.

Lin Shulian and Tang Yue looked… very different from humans.

They looked a little like animals.

“Grandpa, Ive come to pick you up,” Tang Xinru whispered.

She leaned over and helped Old Master Tang put on his coat.

“Thank you,” Su Bei said softly.

Tang Xinru arrived as soon as she called, which saved her from worrying too much.

“Leave Grandpa to me,” Tang Xinru said to Tang Jianming.

“Second Uncle, let Grandpa stay with me for the time being.”

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