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Chapter 1409: RegretTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ou Huanwei was so angry that she wanted to tear Tang Yue apart.

“You b*tch! Its all my fault for being blind and liking you! Jing Hao and I have never been disloyal to you.

Weve never done anything to let you down! Youre ambitious and crazy.

How could you do such a thing!”

“Ha, you were never disloyal to me You didnt do anything to let me down Who was the one whose eyes froze and who couldnt walk anymore the moment they laid eyes on Su Bei Who was the one who only took a fancy to the title of the Tang familys daughter Do you think I dont know your real thoughts” Tang Yue shouted uncontrollably.

Du Jinghao did not participate in their argument.

He lowered his head with a cold expression and did not speak.

Perhaps Tang Yue was right.

He only chose her because he had never forgotten the beautiful figure he had seen.

Ou Huanwei really regretted it.

It was a pity that the person her son had taken a fancy to back then was Su Bei.

She felt that Su Bei was not good enough and could not compare to Tang Yue, so she tried her best to matchmake Tang Yue and her son.

After the kidney donation incident, Du Jinghao suggested breaking off the engagement.

She was the one who salvaged the situation and forced her son not to break off the engagement.

All of this caused the current situation!

She had mistaken Tang Yues shamelessness for kindness!

Ou Huanwei was heartbroken and regretful! She looked at Su Bei, who was obviously different from Tang Yue, the woman who had lost her mind and given up!

She had carefully made her choice, but she only ended up causing trouble!

Su Bei narrowed her eyes and refused to look at this scene.

All of this had nothing to do with her.

She had never taken the initiative to provoke anyone, but if someone insisted on taking advantage of her, she would not hesitate to return the favor!

“Shut up!” Old Master Tang shouted and stopped everyone.

After all, Ou Huanwei did not dare to offend the old man, so she could only stop.

Old Master Tang was also mentally and physically exhausted.

“I didnt do my job well as an elder and caused you so much trouble.

The Tang family will definitely give the Du family an explanation! You can go back first! I guarantee this with my reputation.”

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei knew that this was the only way.

But even if they got an explanation or a huge amount of compensation, so what

Their sons legs would be disabled forever!

They could only reluctantly leave first.

Among them, Ou Huanwei was the most devastated.

When she went out, she staggered.

Du Jinghao glanced at Su Bei and saw that her beautiful face was full of confidence.

He knew that he shouldnt care about all this.

Su Bei naturally had her ways.

No one could bully her here.

After the Du family left, only Lin Shulians desperate cries could be heard in the ward.

Tang Yue sat on her knees, limp as mud.

Everything was over for her.

Not just her career, but her image in the minds of her entire family, their love, and everything else.

Her reputation was ruined.

She had lost everything.

Why! She had tried so hard to hold on to everything, but everything was blown away with the wind!

“Su Bei, its been hard on you.

Everything has been made clear now.

I apologize on behalf of Tang Yue.” Old Master Tangs face was filled with wrinkles, and he looked abnormally old.

Su Bei held him.

“Grandpa, youre not the one at fault.

You dont have to do this.”

“Then go home first.

Ill discipline Tang Yue well and give you an explanation after this.”

Su Bei shook her head slightly and said, “I still have something to settle.”

“What else is there” Old Master Tang asked reluctantly.

“Its a matter of my parentage.”

Tang Yue stared at her with red, venomous eyes.

Her voice was hoarse and unpleasant.

“Why Youve chased me out of the Tang family.

Now, youre here to cause trouble and replace me”

“No, this has nothing to do with you.” Su Bei didnt even look at Tang Yue.

Old Master Tang and Lin Shulian were surprised.

Su Bei slowly walked toward Lin Shulian and said, “Mrs.

Tang, I have a few questions for you.”

Although Su Bei was not very close to Lin Shulian, she still respected her.

Now that she was addressing her like this, Lin Shulian was very surprised.

She raised her tired eyes and looked at Su Bei strangely.

“Lin Shulian, when you and Lin Xiruo gave birth, what happened to your child” Su Bei asked directly.

Old Master Tang and Tang Jianming were both stunned.

What kind of question was Su Bei suddenly asking

Lin Shulians eyes flickered.

She was obviously trying to avoid Su Beis gaze.

Su Beis gaze was too sharp and cold at this moment.

There was not much emotion in it, but it was shocking.

Lin Shulian could not avoid it at all.

“Why arent you answering me Wheres your child” Su Bei asked directly again.

“My child… I brought my child home.

But Tang Yue lost her.

You all know about this.”

“The child you carried home and lost… Was it really your own child”

Lin Shulians eyes became even more flustered.

“Su Bei, what are you talking about I dont understand anything.

Besides, this is all from a long time ago.

How old were you then What do you know”

“Since youve forgotten or lost your memory and dont know much about what happened back then, let me tell you.” Su Beis cold voice echoed throughout the ward.

Lin Shulian subconsciously lowered her head.

“Back then, you didnt have a good relationship with the Lin family.

However, because you took care of Old Master Lin for several years, Lin Xiruos impression of you changed.

She felt that you were just burdened by your mothers identity and had a good nature.

Therefore, she chose to get along well with you and the two of you even gave birth together.

“However, there was a huge problem with the child you gave birth to.

You discovered this earlier than the doctor, so you took your child to the nursery and swapped it with Lin Xiruos child.

Your child died in Lin Xiruos arms, while you took Lin Xiruos child away and brought her home.

When the child was almost two years old, Tang Yue brought her out and abandoned her.”

When Tang Jianming heard this, he asked in confusion, “Shulian, is what Su Bei said true Why did you take Lin Xiruos child away Was it so that… you could get more inheritance”

It was no wonder that Tang Jianming believed Su Beis words immediately.

It was because from the moment Su Bei entered the house today, every word and sentence she said contained flawless logic.

Everything she said was proven to be true in the end.

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