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Chapter 1408: Never LeavingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Why should we leave! We have to get to the bottom of this today!” Ou Huanwei shook off Du Jinghaos hand.

Unfortunately, his injured leg made it inconvenient for him now.

If Ou Huanwei did not follow him, he could not use force.

Su Bei reached out and stopped Du Jinghao.


Du, you dont have to leave or worry about hurting me.

After all, this matter has nothing to do with me.”

“Listen! Listen to what youre saying! You still have the cheek to say that it has nothing to do with you The person who hurt Jinghao is your fan! Do you not acknowledge such a fan now”

Su Bei said unhurriedly, “Firstly, hes not a fan of mine.

I dont have such a fan.

Secondly, hes Tang Yues admirer.

He came to my event that day just to avenge Tang Yue and cause trouble for me.

“Not everything can be pushed to Tang Yue.

Yes, Tang Yue did do something wrong, but thats not a reason for you to shirk responsibility!”

“Well, you can look at what he said and what he did at that time!”

Su Bei clicked on a video, and the mans voice sounded.

“I know Tang Yue because Ive always been pursuing her, but she has never been moved by me at all.

“I also know that the gap between us is too great, but I always swore that I could catch up and give her a better life.

“During this period, Ive been following her often.

There were even a few times when I drove unreasonably and planned to hurt Du Jinghao.

Jealousy blinded me, so I hated Du Jinghao very much.

“She knows all these things, but she didnt say a word about it to me.

“The first time she contacted me was because she had made many mistakes in her fight against Su Bei.

She was in a bad mood and complained a lot to me.

“That day, I went to Su Beis event venue to make things difficult for her.

If any fans were injured at her event, no matter how Su Bei defended herself, the outside world would still blame her.

“However, I didnt expect Tang Yue to tell me not to do anything irrational at the critical moment and not to cause trouble at Su Beis event.

“I listened to her advice.

After all, I was also afraid of Su Beis bodyguards.

However, it was Tang Yue who told me that she was with Du Jinghao.

It triggered me, and I lost my mind.

I found Du Jinghao in the crowd and injured his leg.”

These were things that this person had never said in the previous interrogation sessions.

He had previously insisted that he was Su Beis fan, which was why Ou Huanwei hated Su Bei so much.

Now that she heard this, she looked skeptically at Tang Yue.

Although Tang Yue was crazy, she was unwilling to make more enemies.

“I dont know about this.

I dont know at all.

Su Beis fans are trying to come up with an excuse for her.

Are they going to implicate me”

Ou Huanwei would rather believe Tang Yue.

“Su Bei, this is all one-sided.

Why didnt he say these things before and only now”

“Why Then let him answer for himself!”

Su Bei clicked on the video and the same man was heard saying, “Because I always believed that Tang Yue had feelings for me.

I didnt want to cause her trouble and was unwilling to say these things before, Besides, she really didnt encourage me to do anything.

“But now, I know that she and Du Jinghao are about to get married.

When I found out, I knew that I had no hope at all.

It turned out that I had never had any hope.

She had never seriously considered me.

“Therefore, why cant I tell the truth now Its what it should be.

Anyway, I was the one who injured Du Jinghao.

I dont regret this! I almost injured him when I was driving previously.

I only hate that I didnt kill him previously.

“However, its fortunate that I didnt kill him.

I think even if Du Jinghao died, Tang Yue wouldnt look me in the eye, right”

After the video finished playing, Su Bei put away her phone and put it in her bag.

She said calmly, “Mrs.

Du, youre a smart person.

Im sure you dont believe everything I and this person said.

But its not difficult to find out if this person is related to Tang Yue, right”

Ou Huanwei finally believed her.

She had never suspected Tang Yue before, so there was nothing to investigate.

However, once she became suspicious and her intelligence returned, she could guess the basics when she connected everything together.

Her body was trembling.

It turned out that this fanatical admirer of Tang Yue had made plans to kill Du Jinghao.

No wonder Du Jinghao almost got into a car accident a few times.

If she checked the surveillance video of the accident scene now, she would probably be able to tell if the person had really targeted Du Jinghao!

She glared at Tang Yue.

“Tang Yue, you know this person.

You also knew that he wanted to hit Jinghao with his car previously, right You clearly knew that this person intended to hurt Du Jinghao and had a criminal record.

Not only did you not tell us, but you also didnt remind Jinghao.

You even deliberately let them appear on the same occasion when Jinghaos life was under threat.

What are your intentions”

Du Guoshou couldnt help but rush forward and slap Tang Yue a few times.

Tang Yues face was swollen from the slaps.

She reached out to touch her face.

Tang Jianming did not go forward to help.

Lin Shulians legs were not good, so she could only watch helplessly.

Du Jinghao looked at Tang Yue with resentment.

He originally thought that it was just an accident, but who knew that Tang Yue already knew about such a risk…

“Tang Yue, do you have a heart” Ou Huanwei cried and accused.

“I trusted you so much before and listened to you.

I sincerely hoped that you would marry into the Du family.

Is this how you repay us Did you want Jinghaos leg to be broken, just like your mother Do you want him to rely on you alone in the future and never leave you”

As soon as she said this, Du Guoshou and Du Jinghao recalled what Tang Yue had said to Lin Shulian just now.

A chill flashed through their bodies, and even their hearts turned cold.

If these thoughts had always existed in Tang Yues heart, then although Tang Yue did not directly do anything to Du Jinghaos leg that night, she was not completely innocent either!

Tang Yue slowly raised her eyes, which were filled with malice, resentment, and indignation.

She said, “Now that things have come to this, I have nothing to say.

Anyway, none of you stand on my side.

All of you only care about Su Bei and never take me seriously.

Unfortunately, the person taking care of you when youre lying in the hospital bed will always be me, not Su Bei!”

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