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Chapter 1407: CreepyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“My parents can only belong to me and love me! No one can snatch you away, and no one can take away your love for me! You can only be mine! But its not enough that you already had me as your daughter.

You actually wanted to have another child to snatch the love that belongs to me.

Have you ever thought about my feelings”

Tang Jianming and Lin Shulian were really shocked.

“Youre usually a little arrogant, but we never expected you to think like this.

Even if we had other children, wed still love you!”

“But that love is no longer enough.

Its already discounted! Its useless! From the moment your second child was born, Ive been thinking about killing her! Even if I couldnt kill her, I had to get her away! You guys can only belong to me! You have to be mine alone! But you two still want to give your kindness and love to others! Even if Su Bei isnt your daughter now, you still have hopes of retaining a close relationship with her!”

“No! I cant allow even that! Look, your leg is injured.

Only your biological daughter, which is me, has been here to serve you.

Did Su Bei ever come to visit you No, not at all! She couldnt even be bothered to buy a birthday gift herself.

Shes just patronizing you!

“Only me.

Im the only one who really loves you.

Ive never left your side even when something went wrong! See, Mom, Im the only one whos true to you.

Im the only one whos really filial to you.


“One daughter is enough, isnt it”

Tang Yues words were full of emotion.

Her face was twisted.

Her words sounded like they contained genuine mother-daughter feelings, but they were chilling.

Lin Shulians face and lips were trembling violently.

She did not dare to look at her unfamiliar daughter.

On the side, Ou Huanwei also felt that something was amiss.

Du Jinghao frowned deeply.

He recalled that Tang Yue had said the same thing beside his bed.

She said that she would never leave him and she was the only one who treated him sincerely.

Some words were usually touching to hear.

But at this moment, they felt a little creepy and scary.

“Why Why Why cant you understand my needs and worry about my feelings Why are you asking me why now” Tang Yue also looked puzzled as if this was really her biggest problem.

“Mom, Dad, why Why did you have to have a second child Why did you have to acknowledge Su Bei Why cant you hate Su Bei more now that shes not a member of the Tang family and slap her in the face”

Her questions were asked, but no one could answer her.

She looked as if she had gone mad.

Su Bei looked at her and withdrew her gaze indifferently.

It turned out that Tang Yue had gone mad.

To do such a thing was already beyond the comprehension of ordinary people, but in her logic, it was completely plausible.

Tang Yue put on a smile and stepped forward to shake Lin Shulians hand.

Lin Shulian instinctively wanted to pull her hand away, but Tang Yue held on tightly and said gently, “Mom, dont worry.

Ill definitely take good care of you.

In the future, no matter if theres something wrong with your leg or your hand, I wont leave you! Dont worry, Mom.

Youre my only mother and Im your only daughter.

Ill always take care of you in the future, okay”

When Tang Jianming heard these words, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

He was terrified and disgusted.

He never expected that this was his biological daughter.

Du Jinghao also looked away.

When he recalled that Tang Yue had also said the same words to him, he frowned and felt especially uncomfortable.

When Old Master Tang saw this scene, his expression became more and more serious.

Tang Yues emotions and attitude were clearly a little crazy, making it difficult for people to adjust to it.

However, the various things she did in the past had already revealed some clues.

It was just that her family never interfered.

He said in an old voice, “Jianming, accompany Tang Yue and get her a good psychiatrist.

As for what shes done…”

Tang Jianming gritted his teeth and said, “I will.

However, I can only hand such a daughter over to the police.


Lin Shulians face was also filled with disappointment and fear.

She never expected her daughter to do such a thing.

She wanted to speak up for Tang Yue, but she could not.

Tang Yue was still lost in her emotions, her face twisted and feverish.

Su Bei looked away at the scene in front of her, not wanting to look at it anymore.

Du Jinghao, on the other hand, looked at Su Bei.

When Ou Huanwei saw this, she was afraid that her sons feelings for Su Bei would revive.

She immediately said, “I think Tang Yue has been in a bad mood because of Su Beis return to the Tang family.

After all, its not all her fault.”

Su Bei heard the implication in her words and asked, “Shes not to blame, so are you saying Im still responsible Then can you please tell me what my role in this is”

Su Beis rude attitude angered Ou Huanwei.

Even if she did not choose Tang Yue as her daughter-in-law, she would not choose Su Bei!

She immediately said, “If it werent for your appearance and existence that dealt a huge blow to Tang Yue, she probably wouldnt have done such a thing.

Do you dare to say that youre from the Tang family Do you dare to say that you dont have any thoughts of being the eldest daughter of the Tang family You could just accept it after the Tang family admitted their mistake in acknowledging the wrong person”

Su Bei sneered.

“Youll soon find out who was wrong.”

“I dont need you to remind me.

As this is about the Tang family, I have no right to say anything about it.

But do you dare to say that Jinghaos leg has nothing to do with you He was injured by your fan at your event! If it werent for Jinghaos kindness, I wouldve blown this matter up long ago.

Do you think a person like you deserves to have fans and organize an event Im afraid even your own fans are similar to you—vicious and unaware!”

At the thought that her sons leg was injured and he could not walk properly, Ou Huanwei could not breathe.

She stared at Su Bei and glared fiercely as if she wanted to pierce her with her eyes!

“Since were here today, lets settle this matter as well.” A cold glint flashed across Su Beis beautiful eyes.

Ou Huanwei was not afraid of her.

She only cared about the hatred in her heart.

“So be it.

Do you think Im afraid of you Im just afraid youll shirk responsibility!”

“Mom, this has nothing to do with Su Bei.

Lets go!” Du Jinghao looked at Su Bei guiltily, pulled his mothers arm, and wanted to take her away.

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