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Chapter 1406: Why Did You Do ThisTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When Su Bei heard this, a faint smile appeared on her face.

“Since you mentioned evidence, Assistant, please tell Miss Tang the evidence.”

The assistant took two steps forward and said, “After buying the supplement at the mall, I bought other things according to the old mans request and went to a nearby place to do some work.

Therefore, I didnt take the supplements with me after buying them.

I handed them to the mall staff to be packed and sent to the Tang family.

The process of packing and delivery was recorded by surveillance cameras.

“After the items arrived at the Tang family, Madam personally opened them.”

After saying that, he retreated to Old Master Tangs side.

Su Bei continued and asked calmly, “So, are you going to cast your suspicions on the mall this time and ask the staff to cooperate with the investigation”

Tang Jianming was speechless for a moment.

No matter how stupid he was, he knew that it was impossible for him to find trouble with the mall.

If he found out that nothing had happened, he would have caused a lot of trouble for the Tang familys business over nothing.

Tang Yue secretly clenched her fists.

‘Su Bei is so cunning! She didnt even touch the supplement she bought.

“After that, I never went to the Tang family again, nor did I come into contact with any of the family members.

Im sure you all know this very well, right” Su Bei looked from Tang Jianming to Lin Shulian, then to Tang Yue.

Tang Jianming gulped.

He had checked the servants at home.

They had all been in the Tang family for many years and had no motive.

Moreover, they had not been anywhere during this time.

They wouldnt have been able to get their hands on those antibiotics.

It was precisely because those people had been eliminated from the list of suspicious people that they targeted Su Bei.

But now, the evidence Su Bei had produced…

Tang Yues smile became forced.

“Since the matter has been concluded for the time being, I think we should continue to investigate…”

She didnt expect that to be the case with the supplement.

Continuing the investigation would only put her at a disadvantage.

The only solution was to wait for time to play this down.

Tang Jianming seemed to have no choice.

When he heard Tang Yues words, he almost agreed.

At this moment, Su Bei spoke again, “Dont you think its too unfair to Mrs.

Tang if things pass like this From what I know, Tang Yue herself has a good chance of getting her hands on those antibiotics.”

“Su Bei, youre slandering me!” Tang Yue immediately retorted.

“How could I harm my mother Everyone knows that my relationship with my mother is very good.

How could I do such a thing Besides, you can check my health insurance records and the purchase records of various drugs.

If you find out that I bought such drugs, Im willing to be punished!”

Lin Shulian also defended her.

“Su Bei, if you can prove your innocence, Ill believe you.

But you cant possibly say that Tang Yue did such a thing.”

Naturally, the others did not believe her either.

“Its true that I cant produce a record of you buying drugs.

But Tang Yue, youve bought simple pharmaceutical equipment before, and you also studied chemistry when you were in university.

You didnt buy the antibiotics, but you bought many other drugs to treat diabetes.

No one in the Tang family has diabetes, but this drug to treat diabetes can be refined into antibiotics through some methods.

Tang Yue, am I wrong”

She enunciated every word.

Tang Yue looked obviously flustered.

She gritted her teeth.

“I didnt do it.

Youre lying!”

“The record of the purchase of pharmaceutical equipment is here.” Su Bei held up the information in her hand.

“This pharmaceutical equipment is rarely sold to individuals or used by anyone.

Do I need to remind you of that”

Tang Yue was about to explain when Old Master Tang roared, “Tang Yue, is what Su Bei said the truth”

“Grandpa, I really didnt…” Tang Yue shook her head, but her expression had long lost its composure.

Even her words of defense were pale.

Tang Jianming grabbed the information from Su Beis hand and looked at it.

He saw that the buyers name on the document was Tang Yue and the address of the delivery was the small apartment where Tang Yue lived.

Now, it was clear whether or not she made antibiotics with the equipment!

Su Bei did not fake it!

His expression changed drastically.

“Tang Yue, how else are you going to explain this!”

Lin Shulians expression also turned extremely ugly, and her eyes were red.

“Tang Yue, tell me what happened.”

“I really didnt do it, Mom.

Su Bei is setting me up.

Shes doing it on purpose…”

“Miss Tang, Ive already helped you to call the police.

The police have already gone to your apartment to investigate.

I believe the police can naturally judge if Im setting you up or not.

Whether its a death or an injury in your own family, it never had anything to do with me.

You didnt want to call the police, and no one forced you to either.

But since you got me involved, I naturally dont dare to suffer such infamy and stigma.”

“Su Bei, you!” Tang Jianming felt guilty at this moment.

He knew that this matter was most likely related to Tang Yue.

She was his only daughter, so he was still hesitant.

“Im just doing what I have to do.

What I have to be publicly slandered and cant even ask the police for help”

Ou Huanwei was also very disappointed in Tang Yue.

She really did not expect her filial piety to be just an illusion.

However, the Tang family hadnt really done anything inexcusable to Su Bei, yet the woman brought up an injury or death in the family.

She really couldnt stand it.

It was just inconvenient for her to say more.

Lin Shulians face was filled with distress.

She was originally from the Lin family, so her bearing and temperament were not bad.

It was just that this leg injury incident had made her more distressed and less radiant than usual.

Now that she heard these pieces of information, her eyes were even more dull and lifeless.

Her tone was thick with confusion and disappointment.

“Youre my own daughter, Tang Yue.

Why did you do this”

“Why Tell me why!” Tang Jianming also hated her to the core and reached out to slap her.

Tang Yue held her flushed cheek.

Her expression was no longer as understanding and gentle as usual.

It had become vicious and resentful.

“Why You tell me why.

I might as well tell you that Ive wanted to do this since I was very, very young! Ive always wanted to break your and Dads legs so that you wouldnt be able to go out of the house.

That way, you cant dote on other children, and you can only dote on me.

Ill be filial to you and take care of you!”

“Tang Yue, you…” When Lin Shulian heard this, she was furious and clutched her chest uncomfortably.

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