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Chapter 1405: Treated You WellTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Isnt that what I should do” Ou Huanwei said with a smile.

“This is also what Jinghao should do as your son-in-law.”

Lin Shulian smiled happily.

Tang Yue packed her things and came forward.

“Mom, lets go.”

“Wait.” Tang Jianming stopped her.

“Dad, whats—”


“Su Bei has made such a huge mistake.

How can we just ignore it and let it go Ive already called her.

Today, Im going to ask her clearly in front of everyone! If she really did it, the law wont forgive her!” Tang Jianmings tone was very serious, and he looked abnormally angry.

He didnt have much feelings for Su Bei to begin with.

Besides, Su Bei was no longer a member of the Tang family.

Why should he give her face

When Ou Huanwei heard this, she agreed and said, “Thats right.

Shulians leg injury is inseparable from Su Bei.

How can we give up the matter so easily Also, our Jinghao was also made like this by a fan of Su Beis! But the police said that this matter had nothing to do with Su Bei, so they only punished that fan and didnt find trouble with Su Bei at all! I think the people outside are really blinded!”

Tang Jianming said, “That makes sense.

Su Bei has to bear the responsibility! Otherwise, how can she be an idol and a role model for teenagers”

“Yes, we have to pursue it!” Ou Huanwei felt even more strongly about Su Bei because of her son.

When she heard that Su Bei was coming, she was eager to fight.

She reached out and pulled Tang Yue back.

“To be honest, Tang Yue is different.

Those wild children outside are always unpresentable, unlike Tang Yue.

Shes filial to her mother, gentle to outsiders, and deeply affectionate to Jinghao.

Its really our Du familys blessing to have her join our family.”

Tang Yue was overjoyed, but she maintained a humble expression.

“Aunt, you flatter me.”

“Miss, Su Bei is here with Old Master,” Tang Yues assistant walked over and told her.

Tang Yues expression darkened slightly.

Then, she smiled and said, “Grandpa still likes Su Bei so much.

I wonder how disappointed hell be when he confirms Su Beis actions.”

“A woman like Su Bei whos from the entertainment industry only knows how to please others and seek benefits.

I despise such a woman the most!” Ou Huanwei snorted in disdain.

Then, the door creaked open and Su Bei and Old Master Tang walked in.

Du Jinghao subconsciously glanced at Su Bei.

Then, he remembered the agreement and stood farther away from Su Bei.

He glanced at Su Bei.

Originally, he thought that his feelings for Su Bei had faded, but when he saw her in person, he couldnt help but feel his emotions surge a little.

“Grandpa!” Tang Yue stood up and went forward to support Old Master Tang.

“Why are you here with Su Bei”

“Your father has something to ask Su Bei, so I came to listen.” Old Master Tang sat down and said, “Jianming, ask away!”

Tang Jianming was usually quiet, but this time, he was indeed furious.

His tone also became sharp.

“Su Bei, wont you admit that the supplement you gave to Shulian, which she has been taking during this period, was laced with antibiotics, causing her joints to have issues Now, its just her knee joint.

After this, the other joints in her body will also have problems.

Itll cause unbearable pain and even lesions! To think that our Tang family treated you well before this.

I didnt expect you to be such a person! If you dont make things clear today, the police and prison will be waiting for you!”

His voice was stern.

In an instant, the entire ward fell silent.

Tang Yues gaze landed on Su Beis face.

Su Bei was not affected by his attitude.

There was no fear on her face.

Instead, she was calm as she asked, “So you mean to say that it was the supplement I sent over that caused your wifes health problems”

“The doctor has tested it.

Are you still going to deny it”

Su Bei looked up and said coldly, “Is there no other reason”

“Its just that supplement! What else have you got to say”

At the side, Old Master Tang slowly said, “I bought that supplement.”

“What…” Tang Jianming was stunned.

Tang Yue was obviously unhappy, but she still said in an understanding tone, “Grandpa, I know you love Su Bei very much, but you cant take the blame for her.

This isnt a small matter, Grandpa.

Su Bei, you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

Dont let Grandpa take the blame for you.”

Old Master Tang said solemnly, “Although I didnt do it personally, my assistant went to buy it.

Ive even found the video of him buying the supplement.

He bought it at a big mall, so therell be surveillance footage.”

The assistant took a few steps forward and clicked on the video in his hand.

It was the surveillance footage of him buying the supplement that day.

The supplements shown were undoubtedly the ones Lin Shulian had been taking.

Tang Yues expression changed rapidly.

Lin Shulian didnt know what to say either.

She looked at Su Bei.


Tang, Im deeply sorry about your condition.

Im also sorry that I didnt come to see you on your birthday.

I was too busy, so I asked Grandpa to help buy a birthday gift for you.

Ive never touched the supplement from the very beginning.

In fact, I didnt even know what the gift was until I saw the video.”

Seeing that it was not convenient for Tang Yue to say anything, Ou Huanwei said on her behalf, “Theres nothing wrong with the process of the assistant buying it, but who knows what happened in between We dont know your relationship with the assistant!”

These words were so convincing that Tang Jianming, who had already calmed down, became suspicious again.

He said, “Su Bei, how do you explain this”

“Are you trying to make it seem as though theres something going on between me and the assistant Arent you thinking too much So you think that I bribed the assistant and tampered with the supplement Whats the benefit of me doing this Just because Im not a member of the Tang family or Lin Shulians daughter, you want to frame me What can I get out of doing such a harmful thing anyway” Su Bei asked.

Her words were loud and clear, sounding in everyones ears one by one.

Tang Yue said faintly, “You need to prove that you didnt tamper with the supplement.

Whats the use of saying anything else You cant judge a book by its cover.

A person cant completely understand another person, so theres naturally no way to guess what youre thinking.

Therefore, lets not talk about these illusory things and just talk about evidence.”

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