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Chapter 1404: A Fathers Status Depends On His Son, A Husbands Wealth Depends On His WifeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“An extragalactic galaxy is bigger than the Milky Way!” Gun Gun said from the backseat.

“Yeah, but theyre not competing to see which is bigger.” Da Bao seemed to know all about it.

Embarrassed by her two sons, Su Bei reached for the mineral water, opened it, and took a sip to moisten her throat.

Gun Gun didnt know what they were talking about.

He asked, “So are we going to see Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle tonight”

“Theres also Great-grandmother and other relatives,” Su Bei said.

After Old Madam Lin and the others knew about the existence of the two children, how could they resist meeting them Since Lin Xiruo was living in the Lin family now, Su Bei couldnt really refuse.


“Then why havent we met before” Gun Gun asked curiously.

Da Bao explained, “Because youve always lived with Daddy before, and we didnt have such a chance.

At that time, Daddy and Xiao Bei werent together yet.

Do you understand”

“Then why didnt Daddy and Bei Bei get together earlier I was so pitiful before.

I was unhappy without Bei Bei,” Gungun said and made a gesture of wiping his tears.

Su Beis heart was touched.

She said softly, “It was my fault in the past.

Well be together forever in the future.”

“Together forever!” Gun Gun was so happy!

Lu Heting reached out his hand and covered the back of Su Beis hand.

His gaze was gentle and firm.

He had never blamed her for anything in the past.

In the future, he would protect her and the two little guys in the backseat better.

When Da Bao and Gun Gun appeared in the Lin family, Old Madam Lins wrinkled face immediately relaxed.

She stood up and said in a loving tone, “Ah, come to Great-grandma! Sigh…”

For a moment, she was too happy to speak coherently.

Lin Hancheng, who had always been serious, also had a smile on his square face.

Da Bao introduced himself, “My name is Su Zhuoqian.

Xiao Bei and Daddy call me Da Bao.”

“Im Lu Gecheng.

Everyone calls me Gun Gun.

Because Im a little chubby.” Gun Gun smiled.

“Great-grandmother, Granduncle, Grandaunt, Aunt, Uncle.” The two munchkins were good at greeting people.

They remembered everyone after looking around.

One was smart and sensible, while the other was lively and cute.

Everyone smiled, and the entire living room was filled with joy.

Only He Jiang was not too happy.

His heart ached for his daughters suffering.

She had to be a mother at a young age and give birth to Lu Hetings children.

She could not reveal her identity outside and had to appear as Lu Bei every time.

He grunted and sat silent as if the excitement in the living room had nothing to do with him.

“Grandpa!” Gun Gun ran over.

“Im Gun Gun.

Grandpa, arent you happy”

Children were the most simple and direct.

To them, blood ties were even more obvious.

Because he knew that they were his family, he was simply unguarded.

He Jiangs expression could not remain crestfallen anymore.

He reached out and picked him up.

His usually cold face could not help but smile.

The entire family laughed.

He Jiang coughed lightly and glanced at He Xuyan.

“Why are you still laughing Look at Su Bei and then at you.

When can you catch up to Su Bei”

He Xuyan: “…”

His daughter did everything right.

His son was even wrong to smile.

Gun Gun looked up at Lin Xiruo, blinked, and said in confusion, “Aunt”

“Be good.

Im Grandma.

Im your mommys mother.” Lin Xiruo bent down, her gaze gentle and loving.

The love she didnt manage to give Su Bei when she was young seemed to be directed to Da Bao and Gun Gun now.

“But youre so young, Aunt.” Gun Guns big eyes were full of doubt.

He made them all laugh again.

This time, the Lin and He families treated Lu Heting much better than before.

Lu Heting touched the tip of his nose.

As expected, he had to take advantage of his sons.

After dinner.

In the study.

Lin Hancheng, He Jiang, He Xuyan, and Lu Heting sat together and discussed something.

Thanks to Lu Hetings sons, the three of them accepted Lu Hetings participation.

“We cant let Su Bei suffer unjustly for the Tang familys matter.

As for the other matters, the evidence is already conclusive.

We should deal with the matter now!” He Jiangs thick eyebrows were filled with determination as he made the final decision!

By the time Lu Heting and Su Bei got back, both kids were so tired they fell asleep.

Su Bei looked at them, and her heart skipped a beat.

She tilted her head and asked Lu Heting, “What did Dad and the others say”

“Thanks to my sons, I managed to sit with them.

Dad said that since its your matter, you can leave it to us,” Lu Heting said calmly.

The smile on his face widened.

“It seems that Ill have to bask in my sons glory in the future.”

Su Bei smiled brightly.

“A fathers status depends on his son!”

“Yes, and a husbands wealth depends on his wife,” Lu Heting concluded seriously.

That was true.

Without Su Bei, could he have gone to the He and Lin families

Su Beis shoulders trembled with laughter, but the man tilted his head to kiss her.

Lin Shulians matter had indeed intensified.

Although she did not settle the score with Su Bei openly, many rumors had already spread.

There were all kinds of people who said that Su Bei was an ungrateful person.

If this continued, Su Beis reputation would definitely be greatly affected.

Qiao Mei was also a little worried.

“Su Bei, what do you think about this matter”

“Sister Mei, I already have an idea.

Its impossible for the dirty water that was poured on me to drown me.”

“So how do you want to handle it”

Su Bei explained briefly.

Qiao Mei couldnt help but laugh.

“Indeed, Mr.

Lu is truly capable.

It looks like my position isnt stable enough.

I cant even compare to half of Mr.

Lus ability.”

“Sister Qiao Mei, are you still teasing me I need you to help me take care of my work.

You cant push the responsibility to Heting.”

“Alright, alright.

Ill go get the script for you.

Leave the rest to Mr.


Lin Shulian had surgery on her leg and was about to be discharged.

On the day they were discharged from the hospital, Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei naturally couldnt remain idly by.

They came to pick up Lin Shulian with Du Jinghao early in the morning.

Du Jinghao could walk now, but there were still aftereffects.

When he walked, he would limp a little.

Although it was not a big problem, it was still very difficult for young people to accept.

When Ou Huanwei saw Lin Shulian, she hurriedly took a few steps forward and said, “In-law, its good that youre better.

Jinghao and I are also here to pick you up.”

“The ward is still being cleaned up.

Lets wait a little longer.

You guys are so considerate.

Ive been sick for so long, and you guys often come to visit me.

This time, you even came to pick me up from the hospital.”

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