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Chapter 1403: Saved A GalaxyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei put on her mask and waited outside while making plans with Lu Heting.

Tonight, she planned to bring Da Bao and Gun Gun to see Lin Xiruo.

After spending time with Lin Xiruo, she felt at ease in the depths of her heart.

Compared to before when she could not bear to introduce the two children, she felt that it was fine now.

[Yes, Ill pick you and Gun Gun up from the painting class later.] Lu Heting sent a message.

After confirming the time, Su Bei put down her phone and pulled down the brim of her hat.

She was surrounded by parents.

Although no one was paying attention to her, she didnt want to be recognized and cause trouble for Gun Gun and the academy.

As she was thinking, there was a slight commotion outside.

Su Bei looked in the direction of the sound and saw a gentle-looking woman wearing a decent dark blue dress and a matching tassel shawl.

She was surrounded by several staff members as she walked in.

It was Lin Xiruo.

When Su Bei saw her, she stood up.

Lin Xiruos gaze immediately shifted to Su Bei.

Others might not be able to recognize Su Beis disguise, but when a mother looked at her daughter, she could tell at a glance.

She walked quickly toward Su Bei, her expression turning into a doting smile.

After taking a few steps, she turned back to gesture to the staff members, clearly asking them to give her a few minutes first.

The staff members stopped in their tracks.

Lin Xiruo walked up to Su Bei.

“Mom, why are you here” Su Bei asked softly as she sat down with her.

“Theres a competition at the academy here today.

I was invited.

I didnt want to come at first.

Its just a childrens competition, but theres a child I especially like.

The last time we met, I promised him I would come.

Even if hes a child, I cant break my promise, right”

When Su Bei heard her words, she thought for a moment and understood.

“Is the little kid youre talking about called Lu Gecheng”

“Yes.” Lin Xiruo looked at her strangely.

“How did you know”

“Because hes Lu Hetings son,” Su Bei said mischievously.

“Hes the son Lu Heting brought home previously but doesnt know who gave birth to him” Lin Xiruos expression turned solemn.

“Your father had wanted to ask you about it a few times, but he was afraid that you would be unhappy, so he didnt ask… How do you treat that child Can you accept it”

Lin Xiruo actually had many things to ask Su Bei and talk to her about.

Perhaps if she really opened her heart, she would not be able to finish chatting even after 10 days and 10 nights.

She wanted to know everything about her daughters upbringing.

However, she also knew that her daughter had grown up and she had not done her duty as a mother.

There were some things that she could not say casually.

At this point, though, she really could not feel at ease if she did not ask.

Pursing her lips, she whispered, “Mom, I gave birth to that child.”

“Ah!” Lin Xiruo sighed when she heard Su Beis words.

Immediately, she understood many things.

The huge rock that had been lying on her heart was immediately lifted when she heard that.

She immediately felt much more relaxed.

Although she did not understand the details of their relationship, she only needed to think of Lu Gechengs obedient and cute appearance to know that he was growing up in a loving family.

Her impression of Lu Heting instantly improved.

Seeing that the expression on her face went from one of complete worry to relaxed because of her, Su Bei felt warm and touched.

She said softly, “Lu Gecheng is actually a twin.

He also has an older brother called Da Bao, and his real name is Su Zhuoqian.”

“Ah!” Lin Xiruo sighed again.

This time, she was even more relaxed and happy.

It turned out that her daughter already had children.

It seemed that her relationship with Lu Heting was indeed very stable.

If she could obtain happiness, Lin Xiruo did not have to worry about anything.

She held Su Beis hand and felt sorry for her.

“As your parents, we didnt do anything for you.

We were too negligent.”

“There was an accident.

Its not your fault.” Su Bei could understand.

She had lost Gun Gun before, and she knew that as a parent, everything did not come easy.

“Teacher Lin, the competition has already begun.

Please…” A staff member came forward and urged softly.

“Ill be back soon.

Wait for me.” Lin Xiruo stood up and followed the staff in.

Su Bei remembered that the teacher had just said that the person who was coming today was a famous painter from abroad.

It was Lin Xiruo

No wonder Gun Gun had always been talented in painting.

It turned out that he had inherited it from Lin Xiruo.

Lin Xiruo entered the classroom.

Gun Gun waved his little hands enthusiastically and greeted her with a smile.

Lin Xiruo had always liked him very much.

This time, when she saw him again after learning that he was Su Beis son, the smile on her face became even gentler.

She carefully examined Gun Gun.

He was round and especially cute.

Perhaps Su Bei was also like this when she was young.

She was so obedient that it made one want to dote on her.

Su Bei stood outside and looked at the scene in front of her.

For a moment, she felt like she was in a dream.

The results of the preliminary round were not out yet, but when Gun Gun ran out, he was already very excited.

“Aunt praised me again.

She even said that Im especially good.”

“Because our Gun Gun is really amazing,” Su Bei replied with a smile.

Gun Guns cheeks were red with excitement.

“Then Ill definitely be better in the future!”

“Of course!” Su Bei agreed without hesitation.

Her heart almost melted by his cute little voice.

“Because my Bei Bei and Daddy are great, so am I.”

Lin Xiruo still had something to deal with.

Su Bei took Gun Gun to the parking lot to wait for Lu Heting.

With such a cute baby by her side, she felt as though all her worries had gone away.

After a while, Lu Heting drove over and stopped silently in front of Su Bei.

Da Bao was sitting in the car.

When he saw Su Bei and Gun Gun, his eyes lit up.

He turned sideways and pulled Gun Gun, who was climbing into the car.

Su Bei sat in the front row and looked at her three boys.

She tilted her head and looked at Lu Heting with a sweet smile on her lips.

“What are you so happy about” Lu Hetings expression was gentle.

“Do you think I saved a galaxy in my previous life to have such a good husband and two good sons” Su Bei smiled, her delicate face flushing.

Lu Hetings handsome features were also filled with joy.

His voice was a little charming as he nodded at her.

“Then I might have saved an extragalactic galaxy.”

Su Bei pursed her lips.

The mans handsome features looked even more extraordinary to her.

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