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Chapter 1402: Settling Scores With HerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The suspicions about Feng Cheng were naturally cleared.

The few crew members who had wronged him previously even came to apologize to him after seeing the news.

On Tang Yues side, Situ Songhui took responsibility for everything alone, saving Tang Yue from prosecution and criminal responsibility.

However, her losses this time were too great.

Dozens of items were successfully auctioned off, but the owners changed their minds.

Not only did they not want to directly refund the items, but the owners were also looking for lawyers to fight a lawsuit for the items that they won from Tang Yues auctions in the past two years.

They wanted to refund the items and recover their losses.

Tang Yue was in a terrible fix and faced a huge loss.

The good reputation that she had painstakingly built up was almost gone.


Contrary to her, Su Bei received a lot of good reviews this time.

The TV show that Tang Xinru had invested a lot in was also enjoying a wave of popularity and traffic because of this accidental publicity.

As an appraiser who had always been behind the scenes, Feng Chengs reputation was also highlighted.

He received the attention of the National Appraisal Committee and was invited to participate in various activities and join the expert committee.

His professional abilities were recognized, and his reputation gradually became prominent.

The Tang family naturally did not blame Tang Yue.

After all, it was Situ Songhui who did it.

“You were also deceived by others.

Business is business.

You have to keep your eyes open and not be deceived by bad people,” Lin Shulian said earnestly.

“I will, Mom.

After suffering this loss, Ill learn my lesson.

Its just that I really dont know what Su Bei was thinking.

She could have just told me about this in private, but she just had to make it known in public and embarrass me.

Just because I pointed out that she wasnt a member of the Tang family, she had to push me down”

Lin Shulian was silent for a moment.

After a long while, she said, “Tang Yue, since Su Bei has already left the Tang family, lets forgive her.

Lets forget about the past.”

“Did you forget about what happened to your leg She got you into this mess, but you want to just let it go”

These words made Lin Shulians expression change a few times.

It was unbearable to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life when she was only in her 50s.

Tang Jianming, who was standing at the side, said sternly, “Even if you can just let this matter slide, I cant! Shulian, no matter what, I have to make Su Bei explain it clearly! Such an evil creature shouldnt have been recognized in the first place.

Look, it has caused us such a huge disaster! This matter cant be let go like this!”

Lin Shulian seemed reluctant, but she didnt insist when her husband said so.

Tang Yue secretly felt pleased.

“Mom, rest well.

Ill come over as soon as Im free.”

“Tang Yue, Ill have to rely on you in the future.”

“Mom, Im your daughter.

Its only right that I take care of you.” Tang Yue pushed her wheelchair.

“Lets go out for a walk.

You havent basked in the sun in a long time.

Ill accompany you out.”

She wheeled Lin Shulian out.

Many reporters managed to capture this scene.

As soon as these photos were released, Tang Yues reputation was boosted despite the incident with Situ Songhui.

No matter what, the incident with Situ Songhui had nothing to do with her.

She was filial to her mother and did not leave her fiancés side.

Such a character was extremely rare.

Even if someone wanted to reprimand her, they were really touched by her kindness.

When Su Bei saw these photos, she put down her phone and said, “Tang Yue really refuses to admit defeat no matter what.”

“If she admits defeat, she wont be the unkillable cockroach that she is.” Tang Xinru shook her head.

“In the past, she liked to fight with me.

After you came back, she probably realized that there was no point in fighting with me, so she changed her target.

She really cant stand being wronged at all.”

“She cant stand being wronged, so others have to suffer in her hands” A cold smile appeared on Su Beis lips.

“She still wants to push the blame on me It seems that its time to settle the score with her.”

“Just ask if you need my help.”

Su Bei sent Gun Gun to the painting studio.

Gun Gun was learning from a famous teacher in Jingdu City and had made great progress.

Today, because he was participating in a national painting competition, Su Bei specially made time to accompany him.

The teacher welcomed Gun Gun in and said with a smile, “Little Lu Gecheng is very talented in painting and is very spirited.

We all think very highly of him.


Lu, I hope you can encourage Little Gecheng more at home.”

Su Bei took off the mask she had been wearing and smiled.

“I will.

Thank you, Teacher.”

“Y-Youre… Su Bei” The teacher was shocked.

When she saw the familiar and beautiful face that was revealed after the young woman took off her mask, her eyes lit up.

It was as if there was a ray of light shining on Su Beis face.

It was fair, tender, and beautiful.

“Its me.

Im Lu Gechengs mother.

Sorry to trouble you.” There was no need for Su Bei to pretend in front of the teacher.

Besides, she had already asked around.

This painting class was very famous.

The key was that many children of big shots were being taught here.

The teacher was very good at keeping secrets.

“Its no trouble at all.” The teacher was not a fan of Su Bei, but seeing such a big star, movie queen, and supermodel standing in front of her and speaking to her so gently and politely made her change her opinion of Su Bei.

Gun Gun looked up at Su Bei.

“Bei Bei, theres a very kind aunt whos coming over to watch me draw today.

You have to meet her later.”

The teacher also said, “Thats right, Su Bei.

The teacher who will be coming later is a well-known painter.

She was invited to come here before but she never did.

Its because she likes Lu Gecheng that she made an exception and came today.

When the time comes, I can introduce you to her.”

“Okay, thank you, Teacher.

Im also very interested to meet her.” Su Bei smiled politely.

Su Bei patted Gun Guns head and reminded him to listen to his teacher.

Then, she said to the teacher, “Ill wait for him outside.

Ill leave Lu Gecheng to you.”

The teacher quickly nodded and reached out to hold Gun Guns hand.

Only then did she snap out of her daze.

No wonder Lu Gecheng was the best-looking child in the class.

Every time, she couldnt help but favor him.

It turned out that his mother was so good-looking.

A son took after his mother.

With such a good-looking mother, of course, her children would also be very good-looking.

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