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Chapter 1401: DeceptionTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Situ Songhui finished smashing things and walked to the police.

“I did everything alone.

It has nothing to do with Tang Yue.

She was deceived by me and agreed to invest in my business.

Therefore, shes innocent of everything here.

Ill go back with you to cooperate with the investigation.”

Tang Yues tense nerves relaxed slightly.

The auctioneers mocked and scolded Situ Songhui.

After Situ Songhui was taken away, everyone started to leave.

However, those who had bought something at the previous auction also rushed toward Tang Yue, intending to ask her for an explanation.

Tang Yue looked at the mess in front of her and shot Su Bei a vicious look.

Then, under the protection of her bodyguards, she hurriedly fled the scene.

Su Bei smiled and looked in the direction Tang Yue had fled.

She could escape this scene, but could she escape everything

The entire auction venue was now filled with fragments and debris.

Compared to the previous exquisite scene, it was like a completely different world.

The reporters could not be bothered to stay in such a place.

They took photos and left.

Only then did Su Bei walk out slowly.

Occasionally, she would encounter a few auctioneers who looked at her gratefully and kindly.

However, these people had mocked Su Bei for what she did just now.

They even hated Su Bei for stealing their chance to earn money.

Su Bei got in her car and drove to Feng Chengs neighborhood.

When she knocked on the door and entered, Tang Xinru was seen drinking coffee.

“Thank you, Su Bei.” Tang Xinru welcomed her in and poured her a cup of coffee.

“I heard that Situ Songhui was taken away by the police”

“He might not be able to escape this time,” Su Bei said with a sigh.

“Previously, he used the skills that his master taught him and the various imitation artifacts that his master left behind to make money.

But later, he became even worse.

He packaged these things as antiques and tried to earn even higher prices.”

Tang Xinru continued, “Whats even more detestable is that he didnt even let go of the various imitation antiques that Feng Cheng made for our production team for filming purposes.

As soon as the filming ended, he sold them all to foreigners to earn a high price.

He deserves to be punished for his evil deeds.

He didnt expect that there would be borrowed authentic antiques mixed in with the imitation antiques we used on our film set.

That authentic antique was recognized by a foreigner who bought it and planned to secretly bring it overseas.

In the end, it was investigated at customs.”

Su Bei nodded.

“Because of this, they were targeted by the police.

Even the imitations in their hands were suspected.

In order to prove his innocence, Situ Songhui smashed his own imitations.

But he definitely didnt expect that the batch of imitations he sold from the production team was mixed with real ones.”

Su Beis and Tang Xinrus phones rang at the same time.

It was a message from Feng Cheng.

He was standing at the side and typing on the keyboard.

[Master said back then that he taught us these techniques so that we could repair ancient artifacts and treat the treasures of human civilization well, not use them to make money.]

Su Bei smiled and looked up at him.

“Do you like Doraemon”

Feng Cheng replied: [I quite like Doraemon.]

Tang Xinru said, “Huh Why was the topic suddenly changed”

“Situ Songhui didnt make most of the imitations himself.

He doesnt have the skill to make them so realistic.

He took them from Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng likes Doraemon, so the things he replicates are imprinted with the image of Doraemon inside.

Outsiders cant tell the authenticity of these things, but Feng Cheng probably even knows where every Doraemon is carved,” Su Bei explained simply to Tang Xinru.

Tang Xinru raised her thumb and waved it at Feng Cheng.

Feng Cheng lowered his head shyly, a suspicious red color appearing on his face.

The items that appeared at Tang Yues auction were all modern hand-made imitations.

The news quickly trended.

The news of Su Bei smashing the vase on the spot also appeared on the trending searches.

A moment later, there was a violent reaction.

[Heavens, I didnt expect all the things Tang Yue sold to be fake.

Didnt they publicize that they went to various parts of the country to look for antiques]

[What a fraud.

The publicity was spectacular, but the results were that everything was fake]

[When Su Bei went on stage and smashed the vase, she was so cool! It seems that Su Bei already knew that they were fake.

She even knew where Doraemon was.]

[Its obvious that these things were probably mass-produced.

Su Bei reminded them that they were unrepentant as they actually intended to continue auctioning.

If the police hadnt come, I wonder how much more money Tang Yue would have earned!]

[But why didnt Su Bei remind Tang Yue in private]

[Is there any use in reminding her Didnt you see that Tang Yue was still denying it at the scene If it werent for the fact that they were suspected of smuggling cultural relics, Tang Yue and Situ Songhui probably wouldnt have admitted to selling the handicrafts even now.]

[In that case, the smuggling of cultural relics isnt real, right After all, theyre replicas made by themselves.

Theres nothing wrong with selling them overseas to foreigners, is there]

Just as everyone was discussing, someone exposed: [Situ Songhui did sell a real cultural relic to a foreigner! Its a thousand-year-old artifact! After that foreigner bought it, he wanted to smuggle it out, so he was arrested!]

[Damn, Situ Songhui is too much of a scammer.

He sold the imitations he made to his countrymen and the good stuff to foreigners.

Such a person is better off dead.]

[A precious cultural relic was ruined by this kind of person for money.

My heart simply aches for those treasures that have gone through a thousand years of hardships.]

[Did you see the news The batch that was sold off was originally a set of cultural relics that Tang Xinru commissioned for filming purposes.

She borrowed real artifacts and asked a famous appraiser and jewelry restorer, Feng Cheng, to replicate them for filming.

She didnt expect Situ Songhui to steal them all and sell them, causing this accident.]

[Oh my god, stealing goods to sell them and make a profit.

Is Situ Songhui even human Tang Yue must have a problem with her judgment to work with such a person, right]

[The props forThe Secret History of the Great Depression are really too exquisite.

Everything really looks like it was from that era.

Ill give in to this publicity and wait for the TV show to start broadcasting.]

[Waiting for the broadcast.]

[Ill buy some popcorn and Coke to wait for the broadcast!]

For a moment, things were buzzing.

At this moment, the few real artifacts had been recovered and sent back to their true owners.

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