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Chapter 1400: Clearly FakeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Yues expression changed slightly as she glanced at Situ Songhui.

They had indeed sold a large number of items overseas, but those items were actually personally made by Situ Songhui.

At most, they were artifacts.

How could they be considered cultural relics smuggling

“Are you mistaken What we sell overseas are all handicrafts.

Although they have a high collection value, theyre not considered cultural relics,” Tang Yue explained.

The officer shook the paperwork.

“Did you sell this”

Tang Yue took a closer look.

Most of the things on it were made by Situ Songhui, but there were also a few things that he had taken from Tang Xinrus production team.

Previously, when Tang Xinrus production team was filming, Feng Cheng had sent over many handicrafts.

After filming, Tang Yue and Situ Songhui went to bring over those imitation handicrafts.

In any case, they were not being used by the production team anymore.

When the time came, they would most likely smash them or throw them away.

Of course, they would not waste them.

They would sell them.

However, the document actually said that some of the items were really rare cultural relics.

When they passed through customs, they were detained and then tracked down to Tang Yues company

Smuggling cultural relics… No one could bear such a crime.

Tang Yues mouth opened, and her eyes were filled with panic.

“These… are definitely not cultural relics.

Theyre really all artifacts.

Theyre modern replicas.

They just look very similar.”

“Ive heard that this batch of goods sold abroad is from the same batch as the items youre auctioning now.

Are you sure that all of them are handicrafts” The police officers face was very serious.

“Its a very bad crime to smuggle cultural relics that are treasures of S Countrys civilization overseas.

Its also an act that severely damages the feelings of the people of S Country.

Are you sure that the same batch of goods currently being auctioned is handicrafts made by yourselves”

Tang Yues expression was extremely ugly.

The audience roared and stood up in twos and threes.

“Miss Tang, didnt you collect the items at a high price from all over the country Why are they suddenly your own replicas now”

“Miss Tang, please explain to us whats going on.”

“Are the items youre displaying here cultural relics or handicrafts”

At this moment, Tang Yue was filled with regret and embarrassment.

Those that had been sold were indeed high-priced handicrafts.

However, if she admitted that those were handicrafts, she had to admit that the items here were too.

If she wanted to maintain that the items here were all precious antiques, how could she explain to the foreigners who had bought her goods

Faced with the eyes of the police and the audience, she forced herself to calm down and said, “I have the right to remain silent now.

If you have anything to say, talk to my lawyer.”

“Then please come back with us to be investigated, Miss Tang!”

Someone below the stage couldnt take it anymore.

“Miss Tang, please wait a moment.

I just bought an ancient jade piece that cost millions.

But now, I think what Su Bei said might make sense.

I also want to crack it open and see if its true or not! If its fake, I dont want this item anymore!”

Someone said, “Thats right.

If theyre really using replicas to fool us, I wont let it slide either!”

Seeing that everyone was in chaos, Tang Yue said anxiously, “Everyone, Ill definitely give you an explanation.

Please calm down.”

Normally, her words would definitely appease everyone.

But Su Bei had already smashed the vase, and the police had come to investigate.

No one could tolerate it anymore.

Each item was worth millions of yuan.

They bought it either because they really liked it or they would sell it in the future.

But if all these things were fake, who wouldnt be disgusted

Just as Tang Yue was busy convincing everyone, there was a sudden smashing sound beside her.

Everyone looked for the source of the sound.

It turned out that an impulsive businessman had already imitated Su Beis earlier action and smashed the item he bought.

“He smashed it! He smashed it!”

“Stop him now!” Tang Yue snapped.

The security guards were a little slow.

In this situation, they were a little unsure of what to do.

They watched as that person imitated Su Bei and searched through the pile of fragments.

Unexpectedly, he really found one that was abnormal.

He raised it high and said, “Theres a Doraemon on it! What Su Bei said is true! What kind of family heirloom is this Its clearly fake!”

Tang Yues and Situ Songhuis faces were extremely pale.

The security guards pulled the businessman down, but at this point, no one trusted Tang Yue anymore.

Her credibility had completely collapsed.

“Tang Yue, arent you going overboard Why are you doing this”

“You actually used these things to fool us”

The experts stood up indignantly and said, “Weve checked the appearance of these things and there was nothing wrong with them.

However, we didnt expect the interior to be completely fake! We were too gullible! Weve let everyone down and are willing to leave this industry in the future.


The experts fingers were pointed at Situ Songhui.

“You brought over all these things, and you know the test criteria best! Situ Songhui, is this how you use our trust in you and the expertise we taught you You deliberately deceived us and used us to make money for you!”

Situ Songhui looked at Tang Yue, and his nostrils flared.

He had clearly not expected to be exposed on such an occasion.

His forehead was covered in sweat, and his face was ashen.

He suddenly stood up and said, “Alright, everyone.

Stop! Ill smash these things myself!”

He picked up the auction mallet and smashed an item.

There was a crisp sound.

Soon, everyone was looking at fragments.

Everyone felt elated.

At least they wouldnt continue to be fooled.

Su Beis gaze was a little lazy.

The scene in front of her seemed to be completely within her expectations.

She just looked at the bunch of people calmly.

Tang Yue looked over and recalled what Su Bei had said just now.

“Im going to step down.

But Tang Yue, let me make this clear.

In a while, youll get someone to personally smash all the collections.

I hope that at that time, you can still smile like you are now.”

Previously, Tang Yue did not take these words seriously at all.

However, when she thought about it now, she could not help but shudder.

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