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Chapter 1399: UselessTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Situ Songhuis face was also full of gloom.

“Su Bei, you know that we cant smash everything else to prove ourselves, so you deliberately said such things to mislead everyone with one of my items.

What are your intentions”

He turned to everyone below the stage and said, “Everyone, dont be deceived by Su Bei.

I can guarantee that everything I have has been verified by my conscience.

However, no one is perfect.

Its indeed inevitable for me to make a mistake.

I can guarantee that the things I verified can withstand scrutiny, and Im willing to take responsibility for my occasional mistakes.”

The people below the stage were originally very doubtful after Su Bei smashed the vase.

However, now that Tang Yue and Situ Songhui had said that, they felt that their words made sense too.

Su Beis words were indeed too exaggerated.

This was especially true for those who had already bought a few items in the past.

They were still waiting for their items to appreciate in value before they rushed to sell them.

After that, they would make a huge profit.

If it was proven that the items in their hands were also fake, how could they sell them Moreover, it was impossible to get someone to compensate them for their previous purchase.

They might as well insist that the items in their hands were real.

When the time came, they could still recover their losses.

Apart from a small number of people who actually liked the items they bought, the rest of them were investing in the items.

As long as it didnt depreciate in their hands, it didnt matter if it was real or fake.

Therefore, the people below the stage immediately echoed, “Mr.

Situ is right.

Its indeed inevitable to make mistakes.

You cant say that everything else is fake just because he made a mistake once.

At least, weve never heard of instances where someone went home with a fake.”

“Thats right.

It doesnt make sense for you to say that the rest are fake after you found one fake, right Su Bei, dont be too aggressive.

We know that you were chased out by the Tang family and find it unfair, but thats not a reason for you to cause trouble at the auction, right”

“Su Bei, please come down first.

We still have to continue the auction.

Dont waste everyones time.”

“I hope youll settle your family matters at home without taking up everyones time!”

“Su Bei, this isnt your stage! We still have to continue the auction!”

Su Bei looked coldly at the people who were talking below the stage.

Sure enough, all of them were profiteers who valued profits.

The truth didnt matter to them.

What mattered was whether they could make money.

When these people cried in the future, she hoped they could keep their voices down so that they wouldnt reach her ears and disturb her contentment.

Tang Yue was certain that Su Bei would not ask to destroy all the items to verify their authenticity.

No one would dare to do such a thing!

Therefore, she smiled and said, “Su Bei, I advise you to step down quickly.

Dont waste everyones time.”

“Im going to step down.

But Tang Yue, let me put it this way.

In a while, youll get someone to personally smash all the items.

I hope that when that time comes, youll still be able to smile like you are now.” Su Bei smiled brightly.

Her facial features were beautiful, and the people below the stage felt that their eyes were bright.

If it werent for the fact that they had to prioritize their interests, they would probably stand on Su Beis side.

Of course, Tang Yue thought that Su Bei was exaggerating.

She smiled and said, “Then please dont leave yet.

Otherwise, you wont be able to see a good show.”

“Im not leaving.

I still have to see you break the items.”

Su Bei turned around and strode down the stage.

Her supermodel aura and steps made people involuntarily follow her silhouette.

“Start over,” Tang Yue instructed the auctioneer.

The auctioneer picked up the auction mallet.

According to Tang Yues instructions, they had to continue the auction immediately.

There was still a long night ahead.

Apart from the dozens of antiques that had been auctioned off, there were still many more to be auctioned.

The experts stood on the stage and looked at each other.

“Seniors, I made a mistake with the vase that Su Bei smashed just now because I didnt examine it properly when I bought it back, which led to this problem.

But things wont be so coincidental that all the other items are problematic too,” Situ Songhui said.

“In the future, Ill specially focus on the surface of the antiques and examine each piece properly.

Ill never make such mistakes again.

So lets proceed with the event now.”

The experts looked at each other, exchanging glances.

Tang Yue said in a low voice, “Experts, Su Beis words are just one-sided.

Just because she found a problematic item, it doesnt mean that every item is problematic.

I hope that youll still look at the big picture and not be affected by a small setback.”

The experts were indeed very discouraged just now.

They had watched helplessly as something went wrong with their appraisal.

However, Tang Yues words made sense.

Were they going to give up just because of a setback That was naturally impossible.

They would stand up where they fell.

They chose to believe in Tang Yue and Situ Songhui.

The incident with the vase was a one-time thing.

Several experts resumed their seats in the front row.

The people below the stage also felt relieved.

Even the experts had remained seated, which meant that there was nothing wrong with this auction.

Su Beis matter was just a small interlude.

Most of the people who came were still counting on the auction items on the stage to make money.

It was good for everyone to continue.

“So now, the auction continues.

The next item to be bid…”

Everyones gazes seemed to be sizing up Su Bei, who was sitting at the back.

They seemed to be mocking her for everything that she did just now.

Some of them even had sympathy for her.

Su Bei leaned back in her chair, ignoring these gazes.

She looked indifferently at the stage.

Tang Yue and Situ Songhui looked at each other and smiled disdainfully.

How dare she cause trouble at the scene today

At this moment, a group of people walked in from the entrance of the auction house.

The sound of them striding over attracted everyones attention.

All eyes turned in that direction as several uniformed officers entered the room.

They all wondered what was going on.

Tang Yue stood up and walked forward in confusion.

Her tone was still calm and composed.

“May I ask why youre here today”

“Were investigating a case of cultural relics smuggling involving a series of incidents involving your companys sale of national cultural relics to foreign countries.

Youre now required to cooperate with the investigation.”

The police calmly took out their official documents and unfolded them in front of Tang Yue and Situ Songhui.

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