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Chapter 1398: Occasional MisjudgmentTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The muscles on Situ Songhuis face twitched twice.

It was obvious that his heart ached.

He said, “Miss Su, Ive checked this vase many times and confirmed that its from the Great Xiao Empire.

Theres no mistake at all.

I trust my judgment.”

Several other experts also came on stage, picked up the fragments, and looked at them.

They said, “Weve seen it before as well, and theres no problem with it.

At that time, it was even tested.

This is simply a waste of Gods gift!”

The experts faces were filled with heartache and regret, causing the others to feel even more heartache.

“Su Bei, you heard it.

These experts and Situ said that this vase is definitely authentic.

Now that youve smashed it, youre the one to blame.

Youre also the one to bear the losses.

Even though youre the one to bear it, you cant afford to bear the responsibility of treating the treasure of human civilization so willfully.

I hope you can be more careful in the future.

Dont let down everyone just for the sake of your selfish desires,” Tang Yue said righteously.

However, Su Bei did not feel ashamed at all.

Instead, she stretched out her finger and dug through the fragments.

Then, she raised a small fragment in her hand and said with a smile, “Was there Doraemon in the Great Xiao Empire The civilization back then was really advanced, huh!”


She held up her slender fingers.

Her jade-white wrist was raised high.

On one of the fragments of porcelain was a vivid image of Doraemon.

Its round hand was on its belly.

It was a classic image that this generation was all too familiar with.

“Whats going on”

“How could there be such a thing on that fragment”

“Did Su Bei put it in at the last minute”

“Good heavens, is it really a fake”

Tang Yue and Situ Songhuis expressions changed.

“Su Bei, you!”

“Me You want to say that I put this here, right But just now on the stage, I was under everyones noses.

If I really did something, everyone wouldve been able to see it, right Did anyone see me doing anything”

No one had actually seen her do anything even though everyone had been watching her closely.

Under these circumstances, there was nothing Su Bei could have done.

Su Bei smiled faintly and continued to say to the experts, “The experts are here as well.

You can take a look and see if the texture, color, and patterns of this fragment match the others.

Then youll know if Im telling the truth or not.

Even if I can do magic, its impossible for me to randomly swap a fragment that fits perfectly with the others, right”

The expert immediately stepped forward and took the fragment from her hand.

He pieced it together with the other fragments.

Sure enough, it fit.

Moreover, the pattern on the piece Su Bei took out was indeed identical to the others.

However, there was a Doraemon on that fragment.

It was very telling.

It was impossible for such an image to appear back in that dynasty.

Not only did this mean that this item was not from the Great Xiao Empires dynasty, but it was also not even an ancient item.

It was just a modern imitation.

It wasnt even worth a fraction of a hundred million, let alone a hundred million.

The experts looked unusually serious.

They went forward and picked up the fragment.

They looked at it carefully, pondered, and then said, “Miss Su, were sorry for our arbitrary decision just now.

This vase was indeed made using a modern process.

Its just that the surface was too realistic, and we couldnt take it out to examine it carefully, so we were blinded.

Now, well correct our judgment and apologize to everyone.”

As soon as they said that, Tang Yues heart skipped a beat.

If the experts determined that this was a fake, it meant that she had to bear the loss herself.

Su Bei would be completely uninvolved.

A whole hundred million!

It hurts!

A bad heartache!

These experts were all especially famous people.

Their courage to admit their mistakes on such an occasion changed Su Beis impression of them.

Her tone became more respectful.

“Experts, this is indeed not your fault.

After all, its easy to fool everyone if someone deliberately falsifies an antique piece according to the standards of the test.”

“Miss Su, youre saying that someone deliberately faked it according to the standards…” The experts looked at Situ Songhui.

His expression changed slightly before turning serious.

“Miss Tang and I bought this vase from an elder back then.

It turns out that its actually fake.

The appearance is really too realistic.

All the experts were fooled, and I was wrong.

It was really a miscalculation!”

He was indeed smart enough to shirk responsibility with a few words.

Tang Yues expression relaxed.

She and Situ Songhui were both prepared for this.

They could still win.

Su Bei chuckled and asked calmly, “Then what about the other items Will the same thing happen again”

“Of course not.

Weve tested them all seriously—” Situ Songhui immediately defended himself.

“You guys tested this vase as well.” Su Beis smile was very bright as she pointed out the contradiction in his words.

Tang Yue found her smile exceptionally dazzling.

Tang Yues expression changed, but she was still calm.

“Su Bei, everyone makes mistakes occasionally.

There definitely wont be such mistakes in the other items.

Besides, since you already know that this vase is fake, you should know if the other things are fake too, right”

She was very sure that Su Bei couldnt possibly know the authenticity of all the pieces, and Su Bei couldnt take the risk to destroy everything to verify it either.

Therefore, Su Bei could only come this far with this incident.

However, what Tang Yue did not expect was that Su Bei still maintained a proper smile and said, “Youre right.

I do know the authenticity of the other items.

Tang Yue, the items youre auctioning this time and all the antiques and jade pieces that were auctioned off just now are all fake!

“All of them look extremely real on the surface.

This is because Situ Songhui is the person who knows the expert test standards the best.

He deliberately replicated fakes according to the standards to fool everyone.

“Not only were the experts deceived, but everyone else was also deceived by him!”

“Su Bei, youre slandering me!” Tang Yue scolded sternly.

“You said that we deliberately faked our goods.

Wheres the evidence Are you going to smash everything to prove it I think youre clearly doing it on purpose.

You know that one thing is fake now, so youre deliberately saying that the other items are fake too to confuse others!”

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