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Chapter 1397: SmashedTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Miss Su, this situation youre talking about is absolutely impossible!” Situ Songhui stood up.

He stood tall, and his expression was a little tense.

He did not smile and looked very professional and trustworthy.

He walked to the stage, took the microphone, and said, “Miss Su, as a qualified appraiser, I feel that your words are really an offense to me and the public.

Antique auction items are a matter of good sight and luck.

Only qualified people with some luck can encounter truly good things.

With your attitude and picky emotions, its impossible for you to have such luck.

But since youre about to spend a big sum of money, its not convenient for us to let you give up on the bid.

However, we still have to advise you to maintain some reverence for industries that you dont understand.”

The people below the stage nodded in agreement.

Su Bei smiled and said neither in a servile nor overbearing manner, “Is that so Actually, Im just too inexperienced, so I dont know much about this industry.

Thats why I asked some questions.

Since youve explained, I have no choice but to accept it.”

Seeing that she was convinced by him, Situ Songhui snorted and did not take her seriously at all.


“But…” Su Bei changed the topic and said, “Mr.

Situ, Ive already successfully bid for this vase.

I want to break it on the spot to see if its real or fake.

Do you have any objections”

“You!” Situ Songhui was very angry.

“This is a precious treasure.

What do you mean by wanting to break it Do you have any basic respect and love for antiques”

“If its real, well, I bought it with my money anyway.

If its broken, then so be it.

Money cant buy my happiness.

But if this is fake, then wont you have to compensate me for my loss You cant accept the 100 million yuan payment from me either.” Su Beis tone was a little aggrieved.

She was really pestering him.

But there seemed to be some truth in what she said.

The people below the stage were watching the commotion.

In any case, whether the vase was real or not would not affect them.

Someone began to respond, “I think Su Beis words make sense.

Why dont we agree with her Anyway, Mr.

Situ has guaranteed that this item is true.

When the time comes, Su Beis money will be lost.”

Situ Songhui said angrily, “This vase is a common treasure of all humans, and its also something everyone cherishes.

Although Su Bei spent her money to buy it, she has no right to smash the treasure of human civilization!”

Someone began to nod.

“Situ Songhui is right.

Even if Su Bei was the one who spent her own money to buy it, she cant just destroy this precious antique.”

“Su Bei is really unreasonable.

How can she want to smash it”

“It seems that Mr.

Situ doesnt dare to agree.

Im starting to have doubts now.

Is everything you have here fake Are they fakes made by you Did you just make up stories to fool people” Su Beis tone was indifferent, but her words had an aura that made it difficult for people to ignore.

Situ Songhui was provoked and said angrily, “Miss Su, are you here to participate in the auction or ruin it I have reason to believe that youre here to cause trouble, so I have the right to chase you out now!”

“Do you think you can hide the matter by chasing me out Im just questioning you reasonably, yet youre going to kick me out.

Who will dare to enter your auction house in the future” Su Bei asked.

Her words did win the support of many people.

“Su Bei is right.

She has to have some say in the matter after spending money, right If it were me, I would also need to verify the authenticity before I can believe it.”

“Su Bei has a point.”

When Tang Yue heard these words, she stood up and said, “Situ, let her smash the vase.

But Su Bei, lets make it clear first.

If its fake, well compensate you.

If its real… youll have to bear the consequences yourself.”

“Of course.” Su Bei smiled.

Victory was in her hands.

Tang Yue gave Situ Songhui a look, and Situ Songhui immediately understood.

The matter of appraising the authenticity of the antiques here was naturally up to him.

The other appraisers present were also his friends, so of course, they were on his side.

Besides, it was difficult for anyone to determine if antiques were real or fake.

Without enough reason, how could Su Bei tell At that time, wouldnt it be up to him to decide if it was real or fake

Tang Yue smiled at everyone and said, “Everyone, Im really sorry for making a fool of myself.

This was originally a family matter, but I didnt expect something like this to happen here in public and cause trouble for everyone.

Its all my fault for not handling the family matters well.

Ill have to ask everyone to take a break later and have some tea and snacks.

Its a small token of my appreciation.”

She treated this matter as her family matter.

Naturally, she wanted everyone to think that Su Bei was being unreasonable here because she had been chased out of the Tang family.

This made everyone have a bad impression of Su Bei.

As she spoke, beautiful waitresses in cheongsams filed in, bringing all kinds of tea and snacks.

They placed them in front of everyone.

Then, the Twin Dragons Playing With Pearls that had only appeared on the screen was pushed out and placed in the locked bulletproof glass cabinet.

Through the glass, one could see its extraordinary aura and unique design.

After a thousand years of weathering, not only did its color not deteriorate, but it also became more mellow.

Sitting in the first row below the stage were the experts.

They looked at the vase with infatuation and envy.

Tang Yue raised her chin, her eyes filled with reluctance.

Her voice was filled with a hidden sigh as she said, “I didnt want anything to go wrong with such a precious antique, nor did I want it to be covered in dust.

However, now that were facing Su Beis doubts, we have no choice but to choose to prove ourselves.

Id rather die than live in dishonor.

I believe that if this vase has a spirit, itll understand my painstaking efforts.”

Everyone could not help but sigh softly.

If it was really smashed, what should they do

However, since Tang Yue and Su Bei had no objections, the others naturally could not say anything.

The auctioneer handed the auction mallet to Su Bei.

The Twin Dragons Playing With Pearls was carefully taken out of the bulletproof glass cabinet and placed in front of Su Bei.

Everyone waited to see what else she would say.

However, she didnt say a word.

She raised her hand and slammed her fair wrist down, shattering the vase in front of her.

There was a sharp rattling sound.

“Huh” Everyone below the stage cried out in sympathy.

Su Beis eyes were filled with a faint smile.

She said calmly, “Mr.

Situ, youre going to check if its real, right”

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