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Chapter 1395: Character And TenacityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Miss Tang, Ive heard a lot about you.” A middle-aged man came forward with a female companion to greet her.


Gao, Ive heard a lot about you too.

Please forgive me for my lack of hospitality today.”

“What are you talking about Its really enviable that you have such ability when youre still so young.” Mr.

Gao smiled and flattered her.

Tang Yues face was full of humility.

“You flatter me.


Gao, please sit inside.”

After Tang Yue finished greeting the guests, she looked up and saw Su Bei walking over from afar.

She was alone tonight and wasnt wearing an evening gown.

Instead, she was wearing a white silk shirt and a pair of wide-legged pants.

She looked neat and generous as she walked over from afar.

Every step she took was light and fluttery, making people unable to help but take a second look.


“Su Bei, you really came” Tang Yue asked with a smile.

“Why Am I not welcome”

“Of course, youre welcome.

However, Im not welcoming you as an elder sister now.

Instead, Im welcoming you as the daughter of the Tang family.

Therefore, its not convenient for me to greet you warmly, nor is it convenient for me to bring you to meet all kinds of distinguished guests.” Tang Yues tone was filled with arrogance.

It was as if her status as the eldest daughter of the Tang family allowed her to proudly show her talent and status in front of Su Bei.

Su Bei smiled at her, but her tone was cold.

“Thats not necessary.

I can go in myself.”

“By the way, the auction items tonight are all very valuable.

If you want to bid, please register and pay a sufficient deposit.

Otherwise, you wont be able to raise your placard.

Now that youre not my sister, I cant give you any leeway,” Tang Yue reminded.

It was as if Su Bei had benefited from her in the Tang family in the past.

Now that she was no longer in the Tang family, Tang Yue made it sound like Su Bei was completely at a loss.

Su Bei waved the auction placard in her hand.

“Dont worry about it.”

“Have fun, then.”

She walked slowly into the venue and heard people discussing.

“Tang Yue is really impressive.

Its said that she brought her people to various places to select these items.

Theyve all been tested and are very valuable.”

“Its not the first time Tang Yue has done this kind of business.

Didnt we buy many good things at the antique jade exhibition the last time”

“This daughter of the Tang family is really impressive.

To be honest, I rarely admire people, but Tang Yue is one of them.

Not only is she capable in her career, but she also has a business-geared mind, good character, and strong tenacity.”

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh when she heard their descriptions of Tang Yues character.

Did Tang Yue really have those things

As expected, someone asked curiously, “Can you elaborate on Tang Yues character and tenacity”

The person who spoke just now said with a clear understanding, “You might not know this, but Tang Yues fiancé broke his leg in an accident previously.

However, not only did Tang Yue not leave him, but she also confirmed her wedding date with him.

Shes been taking care of him diligently.”

“I see.

Shes a good woman, then.

That kind of conduct is really rare in todays society.”

“Also, I heard that Mrs.

Tangs leg joints are problematic.

Tang Yue is also devoted to taking care of her mother and serving her at the hospital bed.

What else is there to say about such a filial woman with a good character and strong tenacity Its a pity that Im already married.

Otherwise, I would choose to woo her.”

“Its really rare.

I didnt know before.

Looking at Tang Yue now, I feel like she has a halo around her.”

“Theres still a lot you dont know.

I heard that Mrs.

Tangs health problem is related to Su Bei.

Su Bei was exposed to not being a member of the Tang family.

She holds a grudge against the Tang family, so she drugged Mrs.

Tangs body.

However, the Tang family didnt call the police because of Old Master Tang.”

“Huh, Su Bei is really… What a long story this is.

Shes not from the Tang family, and its a little disgusting of her to do such things.

She even harmed the madam of the family.

She sure is an actress.

Does she rely on her acting skills in her real life too”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Shes really full of cunning schemes.

It hasnt been easy for Tang Yue…”

Those people were chatting happily when they suddenly felt a chill on their backs.

They turned around and met Su Beis smiling eyes.

Although these people were not afraid of Su Bei, they knew that Su Bei was from Lu Group and was personally taken care of by Mr.


If it were any other time, it would have been fine.

Now that they were caught red-handed, they were all embarrassed.

The men lifted their glasses to cover their faces and said, “It looks pretty good over there.

Lets go over there.”

The few of them slipped away quickly.

Su Bei glanced at them a few times and narrowed her eyes.

These rumors must have been released by Tang Yue herself.

She belittled her and even blamed her for what had happened to Lin Shulian to pave the way for her status.

Tang Yue was really good at playing cards.

However, these rumors would eventually fall back on the instigator.

Lets wait and see.

After this little interlude, the auction officially began.

The auction items had all been publicly displayed at the exhibition in the past few days.

Everyone knew what the items were.

Everyone entered.

Some enthusiasts eyes lit up as they carefully studied the list of items in their hands.

“This is good, and the price is good too.

Ill definitely bid for it and give it to my wife,” Mr.

Gao said enthusiastically.

“It looks like youre determined to win, Mr.



Gao replied, “Then please show mercy later.”

Everyone laughed.

The others also became interested in the items they saw.

Everyone was very interested in this auction.

It had been more than a year since Tang Yues last auction.

Many people had prepared sufficient funds just to bid for their favorite items.

The auctioneer was the first to introduce the first item on the stage.

It was said that this item was a thousand years old.

Tang Yue had bought it from an old man.

This old mans collection had been passed down for more than ten generations.

Because of the items long history, the people below the stage quickly started bidding.

“A million!”

“One and a half million!”



“Five million!”

In the end, this auction item was sold for five million.

The items that were taken out one after another were not cheap.

Most of them were auctioned for more than ten million yuan.

Tang Yue sat in the first row and looked at Situ Songhui with deep satisfaction.

The proceeds from this auction were much higher than they had expected.

People in the market were scrambling for their items.

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