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Chapter 1394: Its All Lu Hetings FaultTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Its bad enough that youre slandering me, but youre also slandering my friends and colleagues.

Su Bei, dont you think youre going too far”

Su Bei smiled lazily.

Her tone was confident and casual.

“Think whatever you want.

But Tang Yue, remember that from the very beginning, you were the one who provoked me.

You brought this upon yourself! See you at your antique auction after this!”

With that, Su Bei turned around and left to greet the other guests at the event.

Tang Yue felt uneasy, but she quickly calmed herself down.

She had not made a big deal out of her mothers and Du Jinghaos matters, nor did she attract much attention to herself.

She only hoped that the Tang family would lose their love for Su Bei.

Not many people knew about it, so there would not be many flaws to pick out.

She looked at Su Bei.

Without the Tang familys protection, Su Bei was just an artist in the entertainment industry.

She was still far from being comparable to her!


After Su Bei finished her work, she would occasionally go to the Lin family to visit Lin Xiruo.

Perhaps because she had found her daughter, Lin Xiruos mental state was recovering day by day.

Her illness no longer acted up.

She appeared gentle and upright, completely like a young lady from a wealthy family.

“Um, does Lu Heting treat you well” Lin Xiruo held Su Beis hand.

“After all, hes a child from the Lu family.

I heard that hes usually very arrogant.”

“Havent you met him before” asked Su Bei while beaming.

She believed that her mother could tell how their relationship was.

“Before this I was too busy looking at you to take a closer look at him.”

Su Bei couldnt help but laugh.

“Its true.

I asked your father and brother later.

They also said that they were busy acknowledging their daughter and sister.

How could they care about others” Lin Xiruo smiled gently.

Alright, Su Bei thought.

‘That does seem to be the case.

“Shall I come over with him as a guest another time, then”

Lin Xiruo rebuked, “Guest Youre just coming home, okay”

Su Bei stuck out her tongue.

She was just used to saying that.

Speaking of which, she was really very comfortable by Lin Xiruos side and was willing to come often.

Perhaps he should bring Da Bao and Gun Gun over next time.

When she left, Lin Xiruo was reluctant, but she had no choice but to watch her leave.

Sigh, at her daughters age, she really should be spending more time with her parents.

He Jiang said, “Dont be sad.

Didnt our daughter say that shell come back in two days”

“Have you calculated how long two days are Its very difficult to tolerate even a minute and a second.” Lin Xiruos face was filled with dissatisfaction.

“Think about it.

The longest time my daughter stayed with me was when she was in my stomach.

In the blink of an eye, she can only visit me once every two days.”

“Speaking of which, its all Lu Hetings fault…” He Jiang frowned in disgust.

He thought that the mans face was disgusting.

Lu Hetings ears heated up slightly.

He subconsciously raised his head and touched them.

Thinking that Su Bei might be thinking about him, a trace of warmth appeared on his cold and distant expression.

Lu Hang came forward and said, “Weve already confirmed it again.

Young Madams DNA matches He Xuyans, Lin Xiruos, and He Jiangs DNA.

We can confirm that theres no problem this time.”

Lu Heting reached out and took a look.

After confirming that there was no mistake, he put it away.

The last time Su Bei was recognized by the Tang family, he did not doubt the authenticity of her bloodline.

The Tang family had also neglected this point, which led to the situation later.

This time, he verified everything one by one.

It was necessary that everything was 100% accurate.

Lu Hang was speechless and secretly envied Su Beis identity.

As it was revealed that she was not a member of the Tang family, there were already many mocking voices outside.

Those people were secretly mocking her, and Lu Hang was really angry.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, Su Bei had become a member of the Lin and He families.

The Lin and He families were people who could compete with the Lu family on certain levels.

If Su Beis real identity was announced, a large number of people would probably die of jealousy.

Lu Hang was already imagining the scene of those people being slapped in the face.

When Lu Heting returned home, he handed his coat to the butler and reached out to pull off his tie.

He walked straight to the two little kids study.

The sound of laughter came from afar, mixing with the comfortable light at night.

It felt like home.

The door was ajar.

Lu Heting walked closer and saw the two little guys leaning against Su Bei and talking.

“Daddy!” Gun Guns eyes were sharp.

He saw his father immediately and ran toward him on his short legs.

Lu Heting hugged the little munchkin and patted his head.

Da Bao stood up and greeted him politely before sitting down next to Su Bei.

It could be seen that his cold eyes were starting to warm up.

Seeing that Gun Gun was only focused on Lu Heting, a faint smile appeared on his lips.

“When I was in painting class today, I met a kind aunt.

She taught me how to draw,” Gun Gun reported to Lu Heting.

“Look, Bei Bei also said that my drawing is especially good.”

“Yes, its especially good.”

“That aunt also said shed teach me next time.

Shes gentle and pretty.”

Su Bei smiled from the side.

“Ive heard you praise her for a long time just now.

What do you think of that aunt compared to me”

“Shes not as cute as Bei Bei, and not as gentle and pretty as Bei Bei too.”

Gun Guns baby voice was full of pride.

“Thats better.” In a handsome gesture, Su Bei propped her chin on her hand.

“Come on, lets go have dinner.”

“Okay.” Gun Gun went forward and held Da Baos hand.

Then, he ran quickly to the dining room.

Da Bao ran after him.

After the meal, the two little fellows went aside to play.

Lu Heting handed a document to Su Bei.

“Ive found out about Feng Cheng.

How are you going to deal with it”

“Make the bad guys get what they deserve, of course.” Her eyes narrowed.

“Do you need my help”

“Youve already helped.” She held up the file.

“Its long overdue.”

Tang Yues antique auction was held as scheduled.

The event tonight attracted countless people who were interested in antiques and jade.

Among them, there was no lack of celebrities from all walks of life.

Everyone who came was someone with very high status.

The scene was bustling with people, and the atmosphere was warm and cheerful.

Tang Yue looked at the scene in front of her and felt a flash of pleasure and pride.

She welcomed everyone with a smile.

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