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Chapter 1393: Is This How You Treat Your SisterTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Jianming pounded his chest and stomped his feet.

“We really invited a wolf into the house! How ambitious of her!”

Tang Yue advised, “Grandpa, Dad, it might not have been Su Bei.

Lets investigate the truth first.”

Old Master Tang closed his eyes heavily.

“I really hope that it wasnt done by our family.

Lets investigate it again first.

If we really call the police, the young childs future will be destroyed.”

When the news reached Su Beis ears, she was extremely shocked.

“Lin Shulians leg is having issues” Su Bei was very surprised.

“And its because she took a lot of antibiotics Its related to me”


“I just heard the news, so thats why Im telling you,” Tang Xinru said.

“Be prepared.”

Su Bei laughed angrily.

“I havent been back in a long time.

Besides, I have no grudge against Lin Shulian.

Why would I make a move against her”

“But theyre insisting on this fact now.

Tang Yue and Tang Jianming are very angry.”

“Is Grandpa all right”

“Grandpa is fine, but I can tell that hes not in a good mood.

Perhaps hes worried and anxious,” Tang Xinru said.

After hanging up, Su Bei asked around.

She really couldnt think why this had happened.

In her impression, Lin Shulian and Tang Jianming were not very prominent figures.

In the entire Tang family, the only ones who had the right to speak were Old Master Tang and Tang Yue.

Whether it was Su Bei returning home or the fact that she was not a member of the Tang family, that couple had indeed not done anything or said much.

Therefore, even though Su Bei had no feelings for them, she felt that they were not bad people.

She definitely did not have any grudges against them.

Su Bei couldnt relax at all.

There were too many things going on in the Tang family.

How could they involve her in everything

She rubbed her brows.

The Lin family.

After hearing about what happened to the Tang family, Lin Hancheng slammed his hand on the table.

“Su Bei How could Su Bei do such a thing Besides, Su Bei is already Xiruos daughter.

The Tang family isnt even worthy of carrying the Lin and He families shoes! How could Su Bei have drugged Lin Shulian out of jealousy”

He Jiang and He Xuyan sat at the side.

They were not as angry as Lin Hancheng.

He Xuyan rolled his eyes and said, “Its just a small matter.

I think Su Bei and Lu Heting will be able to resolve it.

Lets just keep an eye out.”

He Jiang tilted his head and rolled his eyes at him.

“Is this how you treat your sister”

He Xuyan: “…”

Didnt you say the same thing in the beginning

He spoke again, “Ill get someone to help investigate and help clear Su Beis name.”

He Jiang gave an expression that seemed to say,Thats better.

Tang Yue took care of Lin Shulian day and night.

She was very considerate.

Old Master Tang was originally suspicious of her, but seeing how dedicated she was, he couldnt bring himself to say something.

“Grandpa, go back and rest early.

Ill be fine here.” Tang Yue had dark circles under her eyes, but she still worked hard.

“Get someone to investigate the servants at home.” In the end, Old Master Tang gave up on suspecting Tang Yue.

It was not uncommon for servants to harm their masters.

Besides, Lin Shulian spent the most time at home and with the nanny.

There were more opportunities to cause conflict.

It was best not to suspect his own family.

Tang Yue nodded.

“I dont think its Su Bei either.

Dad only said that in a fit of anger.”

“Whether it is or not, everything will be investigated.”

Su Bei called Old Master Tang.

“I wont go over to visit Aunt specifically.

Grandpa, its been hard on you.”

“Dont say that.

And dont take this matter personally.

I know you didnt do this.

You have no reason to, let alone a chance.”

Warmth filled Su Beis heart.

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Im just telling the truth.”

Su Bei hung up and stood on the balcony.

She pulled her shawl tighter around her and stared up at the sky.

Behind her, Lu Heting reached out his long arms and hugged her.

She turned around and saw his handsome features filled with love and trust.

A small smile curved her lips.

It didnt matter how many suspicions she had over her head.

As long as the people she cared about believed her, she didnt have to fear any rumors.

Tang Yue and Su Bei met at a public event.

Su Bei was wearing a champagne-colored gown that accentuated her bright smile.

She watched as Tang Yue walked toward her.

“Su Bei, my mother damaged her knee joint because she was drugged.

Have you heard about the surgery” Tang Yues attitude was a little unfriendly.

“I have.

What happened to Aunt is indeed very distressing.”

Tang Yues tone became a little harsh.

“Dont be hypocritical.

Among everything in our house, only the supplement you sent contained a lot of antibiotics.

Let me tell you, Su Bei, if anything happens to my mother, your reputation will be ruined!”

“Tang Yue, are you so sure that the supplement contains antibiotics and not other items” Su Beis lips curled into a mocking smile.

“Have you really figured out how the drugs point to me that youre confident in testifying against me”

Tang Yue felt a flash of suspicion in the face of Su Beis confidence, but she was sure she couldnt be wrong.

Everything was under her control.

She said, “You know perfectly well whats going on!”

“Im afraid no one knows everything better than you! Tang Yue, Ill wait for the day you show your true colors!” Su Bei straightened her slender and straight shoulders.

She was already taller than Tang Yue, so she looked even more slender.

“Tang Yue, Im really impressed by you.

Its fine if you target me, but I didnt expect you to even target your own mother.

I really want to see how evil you can be!”

Tang Yue clenched her fists, and her face flushed at Su Beis words.

However, she firmly believed that Su Bei would not be able to find evidence for all this.

After Su Bei finished speaking, she changed her tone to a relaxed one and asked with a smile, “By the way, Tang Yue, Im wondering if Situ Songhui has done anything illegal while working beside you I dont want to implicate you, after all.”

“Su Bei, thats enough! Isnt slandering me enough You even want to slander the people around me now Let me tell you, youre dreaming!” Tang Yue smiled disdainfully, hiding the panic in her heart.

“I know that youre very indignant over being chased out of the Tang family.

You cant continue to be a member of the Tang family and get the Tang familys resources to become the respected daughter of the Tang family.

Its normal for you to find it unfair.

After all, you cant even get a share of Grandpas inheritance.”

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