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Chapter 1392: I Couldnt Think Of It EitherTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Tang Yue couldnt help but sneer and say, “Su Bei, welcome.

What can I do for you”

“Im just here to look around.

I hope Im not unwelcome”

“Of course, youre welcome.

Therell be an auction after the exhibition in a few days.

Youre also welcome to come early to the event.” Tang Yue showed her magnanimity.

“Of course, Ill come,” Su Bei replied with a smile.

If she didnt come, how would she deal with Feng Chengs matter


The outside world had a very high opinion of Tang Yue now.

It was as if they had long forgotten what had happened back then.

It was as if she was a capable heiress now.

However, at this moment, Lin Shulian was sent to the hospital because of a sudden illness.

Tang Yue rushed to the hospital.

The doctor was examining Lin Shulians body when the nanny hurriedly said, “When Madam was at home, her leg suddenly hurt so much that she couldnt stand up and fell down.

I dont know what the reason is.

Although Madams constitution was weak previously, she didnt have such a serious illness.”

“What did the doctor say” Tang Yue asked anxiously.

“The doctor hasnt said what the problem is.

The madam is undergoing an examination.”

Tang Yue crossed her arms and paced anxiously outside the examination room.

Soon, Old Master Tang and Tang Jianming arrived.

They looked anxious and hurried.

“Grandpa, Dad, dont worry.

Mom is undergoing an examination now.

She should be fine,” Tang Yue said.

“How did this happen” Tang Jianming looked even more anxious.

“How long has she been in there”

“Dad, sit down first.

Mom will definitely be fine,” Tang Yue persuaded.

They had no choice but to sit down and wait, but they were too anxious to sit still.

After a long wait, the doctor came out.

Tang Yue was the first to step forward and ask, “Doctor, what happened to my mother”

“Theres serious damage to her knee joint.

It needs to be replaced with surgery.

After that, she wont be able to exercise vigorously or walk much in the future.

She has to take good care of her knees,” the doctor said.

“How did this happen” Tang Yues heart ached when she heard this.

“Does that mean that theres a huge problem with her legs”


Thats why she might need to use a wheelchair if necessary.

Theres also a lot of damage to the patients other joints.

I need to look at her old medical records.

Was she ever sick with anything Why was she found to have a lot of antibiotics in her system”

Tang Yue thought for a moment, then asked, “What do you mean, Doctor”

“Theres a lot of antibiotic drug residue in the patients system.

A large dose of antibiotics can cause problems in joints, and bones can become very fragile too.

Hence, doctors dont give such a large amount of antibiotics unless its a last resort.

Thats why I want to know about the patients previous medical records and physical condition.”

“Ill get someone to send the medical records over,” Tang Yue said.

However, Tang Jianming was very certain.

“My wife has never suffered from any other illness, nor has she taken a large number of antibiotics.”

“This was discovered when we examined the patients body.

We dont dare to talk nonsense either.

At the moment, we can confirm that the necrosis of her bones and joints is related to these antibiotics.” The doctor took out the examination document and told Tang Jianming.

Tang Jianming took it in disbelief.

Lin Shulian woke up, and Tang Yue hurried over.

At the mention of her condition, Lin Shulian was surprised and found it difficult to accept.

“I havent been taking any antibiotics.

How did this happen If theres something wrong with my legs, I wont be able to walk normally in the future”

“Mom, dont worry.

Its going to be okay.

Medicine is so advanced now.

Its going to be okay.”

Lin Shulian couldnt accept it and cried.

Life in her 50s was still supposed to be a good time, but if she had to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, she really couldnt accept it.

Tang Yue said, “Are you sure you havent been taking any antibiotics”

“Im not sick or in pain.

Why should I take that” Lin Shulian said.

“By the way, ask the nanny and maids at home if theyve made a mistake.

Does someone want to harm me!”

Tang Jianming could not tolerate this matter either.

He went back immediately and asked the butler to ask the nanny at home to check all the food and health supplements.

If someone wanted to kill Lin Shulian, wouldnt he be in danger too

It would be terrible if there were evil people in the family!

The entire Tang family was in a state of nervousness.

Everyone was worried that the matter would fall on their heads.

Everyone in the house was interrogated, and everything was taken away for professional examination and testing.

Tang Jianming was still shouting that he wanted to call the police.

In the end, Tang Yue said, “Lets not call the police first.

We can find out the reason ourselves.”

Tang Jianming was convinced.

Once he thought of this, he broke out in cold sweat.

He immediately brought Old Master Tang and himself for a check-up.

After checking, they found that both of them were fine.

“Tang Yue, go and get yourself checked immediately!”

Tang Yue naturally went for a check-up.

There was nothing wrong with the results.

Although Tang Jianming was not very capable, he was not stupid.

He said, “Then there must be something wrong with the things that only your mother eats.

Focus on the health supplements, tonics, and ginseng birds nest that she takes!”

Tang Yue immediately went to investigate.

Soon, a large amount of antibiotics was found in the supplement Lin Shulian had been taking.

Tang Jianming pointed at the box and said, “Its the supplement sent by Su Bei!”

“Its really from Su Bei.

Dad, is there a misunderstanding” Tang Yue asked.

“What misunderstanding could there be! Ive never done anything to let her down.

When she was in the Tang family, I always treated her well.

Shes not a member of the Tang family now, but after she left, I never said anything bad.

I didnt expect her to be so vicious.

Just because shes not a member of the Tang family, she became jealous and wanted to kill your mother! How detestable!”

Tang Jianming was furious.

He was usually not very talented, but he had no desires.

His father and daughter were in charge of the family matters, and he did not care much about them.

Now that he learned Su Bei had done such a thing, he was really angry.

“Ill go find her now!” Tang Jianming was furious.

“Tang Jianming!” Old Master Tang stopped him.

“This supplement was given by Su Bei, but countless people have handled it.

Are you really going to blame it on Su Bei”

Old Master Tang looked at Tang Yue sadly, his tone filled with grief and indignation.

Tang Jianming calmed down a little.

“Other than her, who else would hate our family Shes not from the Tang family, but she has the intention of being a daughter of a wealthy family.

I cant think of anyone else who would do such a thing!”

“I didnt expect it either.” Old Master Tang looked at Tang Yue and said sadly.

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