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Chapter 1391: I Can Definitely Do ItTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Those people were blocked by Su Bei and said anxiously, “Feng Cheng took an item from the set.

Its very valuable.

If he leaves, who should we look for”

“Thats right.

Who can afford to pay for the losses We cant afford to be responsible either.”

“Alright!” Tang Xinru said loudly, “Ive said it before.

Ill take responsibility.

Stop arguing.”

“Thats what you said, President Tang.

Youll bear all the responsibility, and if anything happens, well come to you.”

“If theres anything, look for me.

Theres no need to call the police.

Ill handle it,” Tang Xinru said.

Those people seemed to be giving Tang Xinru face.

When they heard her words, they hesitated for a moment before scattering.

Su Bei patted Feng Chengs shoulder to comfort him, then asked Tang Xinru, “Sister, whats wrong”

“The director has very strict requirements for the period drama filmed here.

All the props have to be produced exactly the same as in history.

Didnt I ask you to get Feng Cheng to produce them”

“Thats right.

And Feng Cheng agreed to help out.” Su Bei nodded.

“In order to make the props more authentic, we went to look for a private collector to borrow his family heirloom for a sample.

Its a very expensive cultural relic and antique.

Its priceless.

The producer used his life as a guarantee when borrowing it.

However, after Feng Cheng appeared around the item, the item disappeared.

Now that the producer is still overseas on a business trip, his subordinates demanded an explanation.

That collector is still overseas and doesnt know about this for the time being.

Because it concerns Feng Cheng, I suppressed it and didnt let them call the police,” Tang Xinru said.

“I, I…” Feng Cheng was about to speak, but his face turned red and he could not defend himself.

Su Bei handed him the phone.

“Dont worry.

Take your time.”

Feng Cheng was obviously much more at ease after getting the phone.

He started typing on the keyboard.

Su Bei told Tang Xinru with her eyes,Its not easy to talk to him when hes anxious.

Tang Xinru expressed her understanding.

[The item did pass through my hands, but then it disappeared.

The surveillance here broke down at the last minute.

Someone must have done it deliberately and stolen it.

Even if they call the police, Im not afraid.

Because I didnt take it at all!]

Feng Cheng showed the phone screen to Su Bei.

Su Bei glanced at it and showed it to Tang Xinru.

Tang Xinru spread her hands and said, “Su Bei, what do you think”

“I trust Feng Cheng.”

Feng Chengs eyes flashed with gratitude and joy.

Tang Xinru said, “But without evidence, how can outsiders believe it Besides, if they cant find it in a short period of time, theyll definitely call the police.

I cant bear such a responsibility.”

“Feng Cheng, did you see anyone suspicious” Su Bei asked.

Feng Cheng shook his head and thought for a while before typing again.

[I saw Situ Songhui.]

“Situ Songhui” Tang Xinru thought for a moment.

“Its that appraisal expert beside Tang Yue.

Hes been working with Tang Yue for a long time on various appraisals and antiques.

Its not strange for him to come to the production team.

After all, hes Tang Yues subordinate.”

Su Bei remembered that Feng Cheng had once said that Situ Songhui liked to sell imitation antiques and the like.

It went against the principles of this industry.

Perhaps that man really did something.

She said to Tang Xinru, “Sister, can I trouble you to suppress this matter first Ill go look for evidence as soon as possible.”

“I can help you suppress it, but not for too long.

Besides, you have to be confident that you can get it back.

Otherwise, money cant compensate for something like that.”

“Dont worry, Ill get you results as soon as possible.”

Tang Xinru nodded in agreement.

Su Bei knew how much pressure Tang Yue was facing too.

Su Bei and Feng Cheng walked out.

Without outsiders, he spoke more naturally.

“Im sorry for causing you trouble.”

“I was the one who asked you to help.

Even if its trouble, Im the one who got you involved.

Do you suspect Situ Songhui”

“Im not sure.

But he came to me before and asked me to partner with him in business.

He said that with my skills, I could fool a lot of foreigners with the things I made.

Also, not only the real antique was lost this time but also a lot of the replicas I made.”

Su Bei frowned slightly.

“If he really sells the antique, therell be trouble.”

“Then lets hurry up and find him! We cant let him sell it!”

“Hes the one in trouble, not us.” She already had a plan.

“Dont worry.

This will be resolved quickly.”

Feng Cheng was skeptical, but he trusted Su Bei.

As long as she said it, she would definitely do it.

At this moment, Tang Yues antique jade exhibition was successfully held.

The countless collections inside attracted countless enthusiasts.

Her character had been questioned many times before because of the kidney donation incident.

However, after news of her not abandoning Du Jinghao spread, many people could not help but feel that she still had a kind side to her.

Especially Ou Huanwei, who spared no effort in promoting all of this.

She praised Tang Yue so much that everyone gradually forgot what she had done previously.

“After all, Su Bei isnt Tang Yues biological sister.

I think Tang Yue wanted to use this matter to explain herself.”

“Besides, Su Bei isnt injured, so I dont think we should continue harping on Tang Yues matter.”


Its better to move on.”

Tang Yue brought a few noblewomen to admire the treasures in the bulletproof glass cabinets.

“Tang Yue, these are all quite old, right”

“I think these antiques have fine patterns and complicated patterns.

Its really an aesthetic that only that particular dynasty can have.

Its rare that you have such a collection, Miss Tang.”

“I really envy Miss Tang.

She has such cultural relic treasures in her hands.”

Tang Yue had a reserved smile on her face, but she was quite pleased with herself.

She and Situ Songhui looked at each other and secretly felt that victory was in their hands.

The more capital one had in this line of work, the better they could pass off fakes as real goods.

It truly tested ones eyesight and luck.

“Will all these items be auctioned after this” someone asked.

Tang Yue smiled and said, “Of course, theyre going to be auctioned.

There are also some treasures placed in another room.

If youre interested, you can apply to go in and take a look.”

“They must all be excellent treasures.

We must really apply to go in, then,” someone said with a laugh.

“Youre welcome to!” Tang Yue said with a smile.

When she turned around, she saw that Su Bei was among the crowd.

It seemed that she was also very interested in all this.

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