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Chapter 1390: Let You Know Whats GoodTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

After Old Madam Lin acknowledged Su Bei as a member of the Lin family, she decided to adopt Lu Hetings suggestion.

Before the real reason why Su Bei was taken away was investigated, she would not announce Su Beis identity to the public for the time being.

“If Lin Shulian really did it, we dont want to alert her.” She already had an opinion of Lin Shulian, and she was unhappy at the mention of this mistress daughter.

Because of that, she had also decided to keep the legal team from distributing Old Master Lins inheritance for now.

When Tang Yue heard that the inheritance could not be split for the time being, she was furious.

She had been counting on this inheritance to turn the tables.

However, she also knew in her heart that she was the one who exposed the fact that Su Bei was not of the Tang familys bloodline, causing Old Madam Lin to be suspicious.

Old Madam Lin would definitely have to confirm the background of the others before she could allow the legal team to divide the inheritance.

Lin Shulians birthday was coming up.

Tang Yue decided that it was better to prepare for her birthday first.

Now that Tang Yue was in a financial crisis, she could only rely on Situ Songhui to sell the various jade jewelry left behind from the previous antique fair.

With Situ Songhuis help, Tang Yue gained a firm foothold in this industry.

For a long time, she had relied on Situ Songhui to support her finances and barely managed to stand tall.

“President Tang, soon, well be able to do a big business.

Its really easy to earn money from those foreigners.

As long as the antiques are well packaged and tell a historical story, therell be many people buying our things.” Situ Songhuis tone was filled with confidence.

“Okay, you may proceed on your end.

Get me two better-quality jade pieces.

Ill keep them to give away.”

Su Bei also received a call from Lin Shulian.

“Su Bei, can you come over for my birthday” Lin Shulian asked over the phone.

Su Bei had no evidence to prove that Lin Shulian had done anything to her when she was just born, but her relationship with Lin Shulian was indeed not deep.

Moreover, she had already acknowledged Lin Xiruo as her mother, so she really had no intention of continuing to interact with Lin Shulian.

“Aunt, Im going to be very busy for a while.

I might not be able to join.”

Lin Shulian sounded disappointed.

“I was going to suggest having dinner together.”

“Maybe next time.”


Then Ill call you next time.”

Su Bei put down the phone and thought about it for a while.

In the end, she called Old Master Tang and asked him to help her buy some things for Lin Shulians birthday.

However, she wouldnt go over personally.

She did not want to see Tang Yue either.

Old Master Tang agreed and sighed softly.

“Sigh, Tang Yue is really a little too much.

Its fine.

Ill meet you alone next time.”

“Mhm.” Su Bei gently nodded.

On Lin Shulians birthday, Su Bei did not appear.

Lin Shulian was obviously a little disappointed, but with Tang Yue by her side asking about her well-being and arranging the entire birthday party, she finally regained some energy.

That day, Du Jinghao also came over.

His leg had not recovered, so he was sitting in a wheelchair.

Tang Yue went forward and grabbed his wheelchair to push him in.

Ou Huanwei was extremely satisfied with Tang Yue.

During this period of time, Tang Yue had been taking care of Du Jinghao in the hospital.

Furthermore, she had always said that even if there was something wrong with Du Jinghaos leg, she wouldnt mind.

She had her eyes on Du Jinghao and no one else.

Du Jinghaos leg was injured, and Tang Yue was taking care of him.

He was indeed a little touched, and he could not persuade his mother either, so he could only come to attend the birthday party.

After the meal, Ou Huanwei and Lin Shulian sat together and discussed their childrens marriage.

“Mom!” Although Du Jinghao was very touched by Tang Yues care and dedication, it was never his intention to continue with the marriage.

He had never made the decision.

Ou Huanwei glared at her son and gave her husband a look, asking him to take Du Jinghao out for a walk.

Du Jinghao sat in the wheelchair, unable to resist.

His handsome face turned red, but he had no choice but to be pushed out by his father.

Ou Huanwei immediately mentioned the marriage.

Lin Shulian said, “As for our family, its mainly up to Tang Yue.

Since she has no problem with it, we dont mind.”

“Tang Yue, tell me the truth.

Are you willing to marry Jinghao I know youre a good child.

Ive seen everything youve done to take care of Jinghao in the hospital recently.

Ive really never met a better woman than you.

Ive long treated you as my daughter.

As long as you marry into our family, whatever Jinghao gets, youll get too,” Ou Huanwei said sincerely.

“Aunt, although Jinghao hesitated before, I can guarantee that no matter what happens, Ill always be loyal.”

Overjoyed, Ou Huanwei patted her hand and said, “Then lets settle this matter.”

As for her son, she believed that in time, he would understand her painstaking efforts.

In this world, only Tang Yue was worthy of him.

Tang Yue took out the jade stones she had prepared earlier and gave one to Lin Shulian and one to Ou Huanwei.

The two women received a lot of praise for their gifts, which made Ou Huanwei even happier.

At night, when Lin Shulian was sorting out her birthday gifts, she saw the boxes of supplements that Su Bei had bought.

She smiled and said, “This child is really considerate.”

Old Master Tang said nothing.

Tang Yue felt a flash of displeasure.

She had done so much for her mother, while Su Bei had not even come.

Why should Su Bei be praised by her mother

“I think these supplements are good for your body.

Ill get the nanny to prepare them for you every night to strengthen your immune system and improve your physique,” Tang Yue said.


My daughter is still the best.” Lin Shulian smiled.

Tang Yue pinched her palms together slightly.

‘Good Theres only one way to find out.

When Su Bei received Tang Xinrus call, she rushed to the set of Sheng Tangs drama.

When she arrived, Feng Cheng was sitting at the side dejectedly.

The others were pointing at something.

Tang Xinru was dressed in a light gray lady suit and high heels.

Her hair was combed back, and she looked very capable.

She was coordinating something.

“Sister, what happened” Su Bei asked.

She wasnt from the Tang family, but her way of addressing Tang Xinru hadnt changed.

When Feng Cheng saw Su Bei, he immediately stood up and ran to her side.

“Hey, we cant let him get away!” Someone immediately came forward to pull Feng Cheng.

Su Bei reached out to stop them.

“Why must you resort to force when we can just talk about it”

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