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Chapter 1389: Someone Will Snatch You AwayTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Xiao Bei Xiao Bei, are you still listening”

“Im listening.”


Xiao Bei, what can I do for you”

“Id like to meet… Mrs.

He.” Su Bei felt a little overwhelmed by the enthusiasm on the other end of the line.

Even through the phone, she could feel how deeply urgent the other party was.

He Xuyan stood at the side and was speechless.

He had only seen his father treat his mother like this and thought that he would never treat anyone else like this again.

Now that his sister was back, it proved the fact that his status in the family was really at the bottom.

“Sure, sure.

Then Ill arrange for a car to pick you up.” He Jiangs voice was slightly hoarse on the other end of the line, but his volume was raised and he was obviously excited.

Su Bei could only agree.

She put down her phone and looked at Lu Heting helplessly.

Lu Heting had also heard the overly loud voices on the phone.

He rubbed his eyebrows and said, “As far as I know, the head of He Consortium has always been clean and strict.

Did we get the wrong person”

Su Bei laughed.


“Why do I feel like Im in a very dangerous situation”

“Hmm Why”

“I feel like someone will snatch you away at any time.” Lu Heting looked serious and sighed softly.

Su Bei reached out and hugged his strong waist.

“That depends on whether I agree or not.

Im not a baby anymore.

If someone wants to snatch me away, Ill hug you and not let go.”

Pleased, Lu Hetings eyes lit up.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

He kissed her deeply, making her breathless.

Although He Jiang said that he had arranged for a car to pick Su Bei up, he actually personally came with the driver.

It was rare for Su Bei to take the initiative to see Lin Xiruo.

As her father, he was also happy.

He adjusted his clothes.

His mood was probably similar to when he first went on a date with Lin Xiruo.

Although his expression was calm, his heart was already surging.

His usual coldness and seriousness were probably established after his daughterdied young.

“Dont go overboard when you see your daughter.

Dont scare her,” Lin Xiruo reminded him over the phone.

“Of course.

When I saw her last night, I was quite natural and normal.”

Lin Xiruo smiled.

“I dont know what she likes to eat.

I didnt prepare anything at all.”

“Ill send her preferences to you immediately.”

“How would you know all that”

“I searched online, and her fans all know her preferences,” He Jiang said confidently.

Lin Xiruo was in a particularly good state of mind.

It was just that when she found out about this that night, she cried too much and her body was a little weak.

That was why He Jiang did not allow her to come out.

She had to stay at home to rest.

He did not want his wife to fall ill again after they had just acknowledged their daughter.

Lin Xiruo smiled and said, “Ill get Xuyan to buy the groceries now.

Also, our daughter might still feel awkward.

Dont ask too many questions and interfere in her personal matters…”

“I understand,” He Jiang replied calmly.

“I can sense that she and I will become close very quickly.”

“Where did you get the confidence”

“I was with her for the 10 months she was in your womb, talking to her every night.

This kind of bond wont be buried with time.” He Jiangs voice was filled with emotion but not without strength.

Lin Xiruo was stunned, and her tears almost came out again.

At this moment, He Jiangs confidence collapsed when he saw Su Bei and Lu Heting snuggling up together while waiting for his car.

Su Bei was wearing a mask and stood beside Lu Heting.

He put his hand on her waist and hugged her protectively.

The car stopped beside them.

The driver got out and opened the door.

Lu Heting and Su Bei got in together.

When they got into the car, they realized that He Jiang had also come over.


He,” Lu Heting greeted him first.


He.” Su Bei didnt know how to address him, so she could only use the same form of address as Lu Heting.

Disappointment flashed across He Jiangs cold eyes, but he didnt say anything.

He sized up Lu Hetings face and couldnt help but frown.

Im not too happy with this son-in-law.

If Su Bei had grown up in the He family all along, He Jiang would not have been willing to marry his daughter so early and insist on her staying in their family for a few more years.

Moreover, a big family like the Lu family was full of trouble.

He Jiang could not bear to see his daughter marry into the Lu family and suffer.

His serious face was very similar to his usual appearance.

It was as if the person who answered Su Beis call earlier was a fake He Jiang.

Seeing that he didnt say anything, Su Bei found herself having an easier time.

She didnt quite know what to do around warm people, but she was experienced in dealing with serious and cold people.

There was no need to start a conversation.

They could just maintain a tacit silence.

Everyone would be comfortable.

Lu Heting stroked the back of Su Beis hand gently to calm her down.

They arrived at the Lin familys courtyard in silence.

Compared to He Jiangs previous enthusiasm, Lin Xiruo was much calmer.

She did not personally welcome them.

When Su Bei and Lu Heting arrived, she was brewing tea.

Today, Lin Xiruo, who had changed into a dark cheongsam and was wearing a tasseled shawl, was in a very good mental state.

There was a look of faint joy on her face.

Her appearance was classic and dignified.

Unlike Su Bei had expected, she didnt come straight over and hug her.

Instead, she got up and politely ushered them in to sit down at the table under the trellis.

He Jiang and Lin Xiruo sat together.

When their gazes landed on Su Bei, they became gentle and doting.

He Xuyan leaned under the trellis, holding a teacup and sipping occasionally.

No one said anything, but the atmosphere was not awkward.

It was as if the silence was comfortable and normal.

Lin Xiruo looked at Su Bei gently, and Su Bei looked back into her eyes.

Su Bei felt that it was really different facing Lin Xiruo than when she faced Lin Shulian.

In the Tang family, other than Old Master Tang, Su Bei always felt that she was just a passerby and did not blend in.

Here, she felt different as if shed been born to belong.

She didnt feel repelled.

On the contrary, she felt that her presence here was normal.

Lin Xiruo continued to stare at Su Bei just like this.

As she looked, her eyes turned red, then tears kept falling.

Su Bei stood up, walked in her direction, and gently hugged her.

A look of pleasant surprise flashed across Lin Xiruos face.

After lunch at Lin Xiruos place, Su Bei went to see Old Madam Lin, Lin Hancheng, and the others.

Compared to when she was Lin Shulians daughter, their treatment of her was completely different.

Even Lu Heting was interrogated for a long time.

No one in the family could bear to see Su Bei get married just like that.

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