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Chapter 1388: From The HeartTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Perhaps she did not have any hopes, so she did not have many expectations.

Suddenly knowing that she had parents and family, she felt distant.

She thought of everything shed been through since she was a child.

The good and the bad had gradually dissipated with the wind.

And now that she had a nice little family of her own, she was suddenly sent another family…

In her memory, Chen Xiuzhu, who had been good to her, had already left long ago.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Lin Shulian seemed too ordinary.

She had never thought of treating Lin Shulian as her mother.

On the other hand, when she was with Lin Xiruo that day and was suddenly hugged by Lin Xiruo, she couldnt refuse for a moment.

She vaguely didnt hold any resistance toward Lin Xiruo.

That very subtle feeling at that time made her almost addicted.

Lin Xiruos appearance appeared in her mind, and Su Bei really couldnt just ignore her.

It was a strong feeling, a very different feeling from her past experiences… She was a little shaken.

“Su Bei”

Lu Hetings voice rang in Su Beis ears.

She blinked.

The mans face was already in front of her.

Then, her body was lifted into the air.

“You didnt hear me calling you several times, but I dont mind carrying you upstairs.” Lu Heting picked her up and strode toward the elevator.

Su Bei blushed and felt warm in her heart.

She put her arms around his slender and sexy neck, burying her head in his chest.

He Jiang did not manage to acknowledge his daughter tonight and was obviously disappointed.

After getting into the car, he did not say a word.

He Xuyan followed him into the car and remained silent as well.

His father had been very strict with him since he was young.

Usually, when his mother was not around, they spoke very little to each other.

After a long time, He Jiang said, “Do you know whats going on between Su Bei and Lu Heting”

“Theyre married,” he said honestly.

“…” He Jiang clenched his fists slightly.

The anger in his heart rose, feeling as though his treasure had been snatched away by another.

He felt extremely stifled.

“Who allowed them to get married” He Jiangs tone was unfriendly.

His thick eyebrows were almost knotted together.

It was impossible to smoothen them out.

He Xuyan asked calmly, “Did they need anyones permission”

“…” He Jiang felt stifled again.

His daughter had been living outside for more than 20 years.

He had already carefully read through Su Beis experiences over the years.

Every time he read the report, he couldnt help but feel a sharp pain in his heart.

The word that appeared the most was actuallyorphanage.

She had no family before this, so she naturally didnt need anyones permission to get married.

His daughter, the daughter who made his wifes heart ache for more than 20 years, had actually been left in an orphanage since childhood!

He hated the Su family to the core and immediately sent people to cause trouble for them.

Unexpectedly, the Su family had already gone bankrupt.

Now, the three of them were even worse off than ordinary people.

He really had nowhere to vent his anger.

The only thing he was looking for now was the identity of the person who carried Su Bei away back then!

Su Bei thought about many things that night and fell asleep in a daze.

When morning came, the sun shone through the windows and filled the room with warmth and brilliance.

Gun Gun started running around the room early in the morning.

Da Bao was beside him, occasionally helping him clean up the mess.

Lu Heting was wearing beige casual home clothes and watching the financial news.

Su Beis mood improved instantly, and the depression she felt from last night completely disappeared.

The bright light in her eyes returned.

After breakfast and sending the two little kids to the class, Lu Heting didnt go to the company.

Instead, he accompanied Su Bei at home.

Su Bei frowned slightly and said, “According to Director He last night, I was taken away after I was born.

Then why wasnt I the one who died but another child They also ruled out the possibility that Lin Xiruo had twins.

Who took me away back then”

This was also a question that Lu Heting was thinking about.

He said, “Do you have any other photos in the Su familys house”


My adoptive mother passed away early, and I was often sent back to the orphanage.

I cant find any other photos.

You mean, if we can still find those photos and prove that I had really lived with Lin Shulian… Then its possible that Lin Shulian was the one who carried me away”

“Thats very likely.

Didnt you say before that Lin Shulian and Lin Xiruo were pregnant at the same time If there was something wrong with Lin Shulians child, it was possible she exchanged her child with you to get a healthy child.

After all, one more child means one more inheritance.”

Su Bei thought of Lin Shulian and her interactions with her.

She said in a low voice, “I really cant remember any details about my interactions with her.

It seems that she really doesnt have any feelings for me.

When Tang Yue needed to donate her kidney, she was the one who objected and stopped her the most…”

“In other words, she should have known long ago that you dont share her blood.

She was afraid that if you were to donate Tang Yue a kidney, your blood would be checked for problems, so she tried her best to dissuade you.

Therefore, you were indeed the lost child living in the Tang family back then.

Its just that Lin Shulian took you away from Lin Xiruos side.” Lu Heting put everything together and analyzed the pieces of information one by one before summarizing these words.

What he said made sense and touched on the truth of the matter.

Su Bei approved of his analysis.

However, it had been so long since the incident, and they still lacked strong evidence.

If Lin Shulian was really that vicious and would do anything to gain benefits, then it was no wonder that the Lin family had always had a grudge against her and were unwilling to truly accept her.

Lu Heting took out his phone and called Lu Hang, asking him to go to the hospital where Su Bei was born to look for information.

As more than 20 years had passed, it was a little difficult to find out many things.

However, since there were already clues, it was impossible to hide anything anymore.

“I want to see Lin Xiruo,” Su Bei said after he finished instructing Lu Hang.

“Ill go with you.” Lu Heting didnt object.

He could feel that the family of threes feelings for Su Bei were sincere.

Although he was unwilling to share Su Bei with two more men, if that love was from the bottom of their hearts, he didnt mind Su Bei getting more love.

Su Bei called He Xuyan.

He Xuyan picked up the call the first second it rang.

“Hello, Su Bei.”

“Its me, Director He.

I think—”

The phone on the other end was obviously snatched away, followed by He Jiangs voice.

“Xiao Bei, its me.

Is there something you want to say”

Su Bei couldnt help but put her hand to her forehead.

She had taken a good look at this man last night.

He was elegant and very refined.

He carried a power but also gentleness that came with age.

Young people couldnt be compared to him.

But why was his personality so different from his appearance

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