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Chapter 1387: Who Dares To Reason With Lu HetingTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

They werent laughing at Su Bei, but it was indeed because of her.

It would be a little overboard to say that they were laughing at Su Bei.

However, if Lu Heting chose to strictly pursue this case, there was no escaping for anyone.

“Afraid to speak up Is no one going to say anything

Facing Lu Hetings aura, no one dared to take the initiative to speak.

If they didnt stand out, they wouldnt be shot.

The law did not apply to everyone.

Perhaps if no one admitted it, the matter would be over.

“Then Ill take it as though everyone who laughed earlier has made a mistake.

Everyone, apologize.” Lu Heting pointed the spear at everyone and made the concluding remark in a very domineering and unreasonable way.

Everyones faces stiffened.

It was really not a big deal to apologize to He Jiang and He Xuyan, but to apologize to Su Bei

Many of them looked reluctant.

However, Lu Heting was standing right in front of them.

They didnt dare to deny that they had laughed just now, let alone leave casually.

Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang were even stiffer.

Did they have to apologize to Su Bei just because they casually echoed everyones laughter

How could anyone be so unreasonable

However, no one dared to reason with Lu Heting.

He Xuyan stood up and said calmly, “Its okay.

If you dont apologize, you dont have to leave.”

He said something in a very light tone that made them shiver.

Someone suddenly stood up and walked over to Su Bei.

He bowed and said, “Im sorry, Miss Su.”

Once someone started, the others followed suit and apologized to Su Bei.

In a moment, many people had already apologized.

Although they felt a little embarrassed, they did not feel any pressure when they thought that they were not the only ones.

Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang really couldnt get over this hurdle, but how could they dare to go against Lu Heting

Dissatisfied, the two of them walked up to Su Bei and said perfunctorily, “Im sorry.”

Su Bei was already used to the two of their attitudes, and Lu Tianqings disdainful snort earlier had not escaped Su Beis ears.

She said calmly, “Who are you talking to”

“Miss Su, Im sorry.” The two of them had to raise their voices to suppress the discomfort in their hearts.

“Im sorry, the wind is a little too strong, so I cant hear.”

“Im sorry, Miss Su!” The two of them had to repeat themselves.

It was also because they had stood in front of Su Bei for too long that everyones gaze stopped on them.

They were clearly wearing more beautiful clothes and makeup than Su Bei, but everyone thought the two women were completely inferior to Su Bei.

Lu Tianqing could not hide the depression in her heart, and a vicious glint flashed across her eyes.

Su Bei finally heard their apology clearly.

She waved her hand lazily, indicating that they could leave.

She treated them as if they were just servants.

Lu Tianqing held back her anger and walked away with Sheng Xiaotang.

When the matter came to an end, Qiao Mei left with Su Bei.

She couldnt help but smile.

“Everyone finally knows that its not true that Mr.

Lu doesnt care about Di Xing Medias business.

In the future, the artists of Di Xing Media will no longer be bullied by these investors… Mr.


Before Qiao Mei could finish, she was enveloped by the figure of the man in front of her.


Lu, thank you for helping Su Bei out.

Ill accompany Su Bei back now,” she said dutifully, completely unaware that Lu Heting was here for Su Bei.

“Ill accompany Su Bei home.” Lu Heting naturally reached out and held her hand.

Qiao Mei: “”

She complained in her heart,Whats going on When did this happen Why am I completely in the dark as a manager Also, whats going on with Lu Bei Why dont I know anything

Then, she realized something.

Could it be that Mr.

Lu was not standing up for his subordinates just now but his woman

“Sister Qiao Mei, you should go home first.” Su Bei waved at her.

“Alright, Im gonna leave, then.” What else was there to do Stay here and watch their PDA

Su Bei held Lu Hetings arm and said with a smile, “In the future, no one will dare to bully me in public anymore.

Theyll all say that Mr.

Lu is too scary!”

“No one was allowed to bully you from the very beginning.” Lu Heting was originally worried about He Jiang and his son, but now, his worries had dissipated.

“By the way, you said you had something to tell me.

What is it” she asked curiously.

Lu Heting glanced at He Jiang and He Xuyan, who were walking toward him.

He said, “Maybe we should sit down and chat with them.”

“With them” Su Bei really didnt know what they had to talk about with them.

However, although she was suspicious, she still followed Lu Heting and chose to walk toward them.

Inside an upscale private clubhouse.

In the brightly lit room with floor-to-ceiling windows, the waiter walked in on the thick carpet and placed the coffee in front of everyone.

Su Beis hand was a little cold.

She held the cup as a trace of confusion flashed across her eyes.

Then, she said lightly, “So… Im Lin Xiruos daughter and a member of the He family”

He Jiangs cold expression was as enthusiastic as when he had just arrived.

In fact, he was even more enthusiastic than before.

His voice was different from usual.

“Yes, youre our daughter, so come home with me.”

He had always been a strict father, but he could not hide the love he had for his daughter.

However, he probably rarely showed such an expression.

At this moment, he looked a little unnatural.

Even He Xuyan couldnt stand it anymore.

Su Bei was his biological daughter, but what was he

Su Bei was indeed not ready for this.

She had gone from one family to another, and the unusual circumstances had scared her, especially when every family dragged her into plenty of trouble.

Besides, she had already mentally prepared herself.

Actually, it didnt matter if she didnt have any parents or family.

Facing He Jiang, she subconsciously shrank back.

Then, the back of her slightly cold hand was covered by a warm and dry palm.

She knew where the familiar feeling came from.

When she looked at Lu Heting, there was warmth in her eyes.

Lu Heting looked down at Su Bei and said slowly, “Su Bei has her own family now, so she wont go back with you.

I hope you can give her more space.”

He Jiang frowned deeply.

He had a lot to say, but when he saw Su Beis obviously distant and unapproachable gaze, he held back.

After all, this matter could not happen overnight.

He Jiang and He Xuyan left.

“Lets go home first.” Lu Heting took her hand, and they got into the car.

Su Beis clear eyes flickered a few times.

For a moment, she found it difficult to accept this reality.

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