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Chapter 1386: What Were You Laughing AtTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He poured three glasses of wine and gulped them down with a shudder.

He was kicked in the ribs earlier, which made him cough wildly as he drank.

He Xuyan glanced at his hypocritical act and said coldly, “Youre lucky my mother isnt here.

If she were here, youd have to slap yourself.”

Hearing He Xuyans reminder, everyone immediately remembered that He Jiang had a reputation for loving his wife.

It was said that everyone in He Consortium knew about it.

Moreover, the husband and wife were deeply in love.

They were a rare couple.

The investor had actually said such words just now.

It was clearly a huge offense.

No wonder He Xuyan was so angry.

Everyone thought about how they were laughing along earlier and could not help but feel a chill down their spines.

They wished they did not have a mouth at all so they wouldnt have been able to laugh.

“Im sorry, Director He.

I misspoke.

I misspoke…” The investor apologized profusely.

Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang subconsciously covered their mouths.

Did they laugh too loudly just now They wondered if the two men had heard it.

He Jiang had always been gentle and elegant.

He didnt smile, but he wasnt too difficult to approach.

However, everyone felt their blood run cold.

He Xuyans dark pupils were too sharp, making people not dare to look at them.

They felt dark, as if they wanted to wrap them up and prevent them from turning around.

After a long time, He Xuyan said, “Even though my mother isnt here, youll still have to slap yourself.”

The investor was stunned for a moment.

The series of actions just now had already humiliated him, but at such a time, what was reputation

Despite his reluctance, he thought for a moment.

Then, without hesitation, he slapped his face again and again as if it were not his own.

In a moment, he had slapped himself a dozen times, and his cheeks were swollen.

No one dared to step in or speak.

There was a very strange silence and stillness around them.

Only the sound of slaps rang out one after another.

When Lu Heting entered, he saw this scene.

He had been waiting outside for Su Bei.

When he saw He Jiangs arrival, he quickly followed him in.

He didnt expect the situation to be like this.






Lu.” When everyone saw him, their expressions subconsciously relaxed.

This was because the investor who was kneeling on the ground and slapping himself had a great relationship with Lu Heting.

He had worked with Lu Group before.

Everyone thought that since Lu Heting was here, he would definitely not let this investor be bullied by He Jiang and his son again.

As the saying went, one had to consider the owner before beating a dog.

He Jiang couldnt beat Lu Hetings dog so casually.


Lu, that investor has worked with Lu Group before.

He made one wrong comment but was asked to slap himself…” Another investor had some ties with the man who was slapping himself, so he wanted to make peace.

Lu Heting glanced at He Jiang and his son, then looked down at the man who was slapping himself.

He asked indifferently, “What did he say”

“He didnt say anything.

He just asked Su Bei to come and have a drink with Mr.


“So, in your eyes, Su Bei will drink with anyone” Lu Heting raised his eyebrows and asked.

His tone was still calm, but those who knew him well wouldve noticed that his thin lips had pursed into a straight line.

It was a sign of anger.

The investor who tried to mediate did not realize it as he was only focused on helping his friend.

He said in a low and respectful voice, “Thats not the case, but its inevitable for female celebrities to—”

Before the man could finish, he was kicked hard in the chest.

This time, it was Lu Heting who kicked him.

His movement was extremely fast.

By the time everyone reacted, he had already tidied up his clothes slightly and dusted off the nonexistent dust.

The investor who tried to mediate didnt get up at all because his ribs were broken.

“A female artist is a tool for drinking with others Who taught you that” Lu Hetings voice was a little cold.

His deep-set eyes stared at everyone, making them lower their heads helplessly.

“Should people in an industry be labeled a certain way In fact, its you people whove led this industry astray.

Being an artist is just a profession.

Its no different from any other profession.

Who do you think they are Who do you think you are”

“We were wrong.” The lips of the investor who tried to mediate and the one who had to slap himself twitched fiercely.

Who wouldve thought it would end like this

At this moment, no one else dared to step in anymore.

Who would have thought that they would encounter a wife-doting husband and an overprotective boss tonight

Well, they were actually two wife-doting maniacs.

The powerful aura emanating from Lu Heting made people not dare to look at him.

All of them lowered their heads.

Su Bei and Qiao Mei stood together.

Qiao Mei said in a low voice, “Mr.

Lu is actually here But its not surprising.

These people actually dare to slander the people from Di Xing Media Company.

Since Mr.

Lu is here, he naturally wont sit back and do nothing.”

Su Bei looked in Lu Hetings direction with stars in her eyes.

Lu Tianqing glanced at Su Bei and saw that her eyes were fixed on Lu Heting.

She couldnt help but feel even more disdainful and snorted softly.

Her light snort was even clearer in the silence.

Lu Tianqing also realized it and quickly stopped.

“Since you know your mistake…” Lu Hetings voice was very domineering.

“…then apologize.”

The two investors had indeed said something wrong and had no choice but to apologize to He Jiang and He Xuyan.

Lu Heting stared at them lazily.

“And Su Bei.”

The two investors had always had absolute sovereignty in front of celebrities and were high and mighty.

Of course, they had to apologize to He Jiang and He Xuyan, but to have them apologize to Su Bei

However, Lu Hetings words left no room for negotiation.

The two men hesitated for a moment and had no choice but to walk toward Su Bei.

“Were sorry, Miss Su.”

Su Bei raised her chin slightly and looked at them arrogantly.

They subconsciously raised their voices and said again, “Were sorry, Miss Su.

We were wrong.

Please forgive us.”

Everyone held their breaths, afraid that the flames of war would burn them.

There was no point in running away, however.

Lu Heting said calmly again, “When I came in, I heard someone laughing.

What were you laughing at”

Everyone immediately jerked nervously.

When they were laughing just now, it was over nothing more than the investors tacit evaluation of women and the usual laughter of agreement when talking about Su Bei.

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