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Chapter 1385: Everyone KnowsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Su Bei was also a little surprised.

She saw that the air of estrangement around He Xuyan had reduced, seemingly opening a barrier for others to approach him.

However, she had never seen him show… gentleness to outsiders.

Instinctively, she glanced at Qiao Mei.

She realized that Qiao Mei was also looking at her.

Clearly, Qiao Mei thought that it was strange too.

Su Bei was about to speak again when she saw another man enter the hall.

The man was in his 50s.

Age had etched its mark on him, adding to his maturity and steadiness.

However, it did not diminish his elegance and good looks at all.

He still stood out among the investors.

In fact, he was not inferior even among the younger generation of actors.

Lu Tianqings eyes widened in surprise as joy appeared on her face.

She did not expect to see the head of He Consortium and He Xuyans father, He Jiang, here.

If He Xuyan was the future successor, then He Jiang was undoubtedly the legitimate leader of that huge company.

He Consortium had fewer business activities in S Country, and He Jiang rarely appeared here.

It should be impossible for Lu Tianqing to come into contact with someone like He Jiang in such a place.

She did not expect to have a chance.

It looked like He Jiang was here to accompany He Xuyan.

Everyone discussed He Jiangs arrival for a while before stopping.

He Jiang glanced at He Xuyan and Su Bei beside him.

His eyes flickered, and his expression froze for a moment before he walked over.

Seeing him approaching, Su Bei took a closer look at his and He Xuyans faces and recognized that they were father and son.

However, Su Bei felt a little strange.

The way He Jiang looked at her was a little strange.

His gaze was a little too warm and excited considering they were only meeting for the first time.

Su Bei could even tell that his personality was very similar to He Xuyans.

He was not a man who was easy to approach, but the emotions he was showing now… were disconcerting.

She subconsciously looked at Qiao Mei again, and Qiao Mei also shook her head secretly.

However, she gave Su Bei anokay gesture, indicating that Su Bei could rest assured.

If there were men who were up to no good under such circumstances, she would definitely find a way to stall them and not let them succeed.

This was part of Qiao Meis professional ethics that she had always adhered to as an agent.

She never allowed her artist to be subjected to unspoken rules.

“Su Bei, this is my father.

His name is He Jiang,” He Xuyan said seriously.

“Hello, Im He Jiang.” He Jiang extended his hand to Su Bei.

After knowing that Su Bei was his daughter last night, He Jiang did not hesitate to look for Su Bei and acknowledge her.

However, it would be impolite to suddenly contact her.

That was why he waited until tonights cocktail party.

When he saw her photos, He Jiang had already confirmed that Su Bei was his and Lin Xiruos daughter.

Now that he saw her in person, he confirmed again that he was right.

She had eyebrows similar to Xiruos, and even her expressions were really similar to Xiruos.

Seeing that He Jiang was too enthusiastic, Qiao Mei was the first to reach out and shake his hand.


He, its an honor to meet you.

I hope we can work together in the future.”

“Im honored.” He Jiang smiled faintly at Qiao Mei and realized that she was deliberately tightening her grip.

She was obviously shielding Su Bei from something.

Qiao Mei continued to smile.

“Su Bei was feeling a little unwell just now.

Ill take her to the washroom first.


He, Director He, please excuse us for a while.”

“Go ahead,” He Jiang said gently.

His words were gentle and did not sound threatening.

However, Qiao Mei knew that the more gentle and refined a man looked, the more terrifying he was.

It was better to stay away from him.

She left quickly with Su Bei.

“Stay away from that pair of father and son tonight.”

Even without Qiao Meis reminder, Su Bei realized that something was wrong.

Both father and son were too strange, so she naturally wouldnt let her guard down.

However, in that instant, someone could tell that He Jiang and He Xuyan treated Su Bei differently.

Lu Tianqing frowned.

Su Bei actually made the father and son speak to her gently Even she, an authentic member of the He family, did not receive such treatment.

No wonder Su Bei could always get a big investment from a big director.

Her ability to please men was indeed impressive.

“Hmph, shes indeed skilled,” Lu Tianqing said disdainfully.

Sheng Xiaotang also said, “Otherwise, how could she have risen to where she is today”

Lu Tianqing wasnt the only one who could tell the difference.

Everyone else could too.

He Jiang and He Xuyan walked over.

There were people who immediately gave up their seats to them.

The investors sat around He Jiang and his son to chat casually.

Even so, their words revealed faint respect for He Jiang.

Qiao Mei and Su Bei came back from the washroom and consciously distanced themselves from them.

He Jiang glanced in Su Beis direction and quickly looked away.

He could tell at a glance that Su Bei was avoiding him, just like she was avoiding the other investors.

He couldnt help but feel a faint ache in her heart.

That was his daughter…

His glance was extremely short and did not even linger on Su Bei for long, but it was noticed by a certain investor.

This investor was only at the bottom of the food chain in front of He Jiang.

He immediately said in a fawning tone, “Mr.

He, thats Su Bei, a female artist from Di Xing Media Company.

I heard that she relies on her acting skills to make a living.

But no matter how good an actress is, its impossible for her to be independent in this industry.

Acting skills Haha, everyone has those.

Ill get someone to call her over so she can have a drink with you.”

As he spoke, he winked and smiled.

His smile was filled with contempt for women and Su Bei, making the men laugh.

Even Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang, who were not far away, laughed.

Before he could finish, He Xuyan, who had been sitting down, kicked him in the chest.

He fell back and didnt get up for a long time.

Everyone was shocked.

They did not know what the man had said to offend He Jiang and He Xuyan.

It was normal for men to make such comments at banquets like this.

Even if an actress occasionally threw herself at them, it was not uncommon.

In the adult world, everyone knew about consensual relationships.

So… What was happening now

Everyones laughter died on their lips.

They looked at each other, not daring to laugh anymore.

The investor held on to the coffee table and slowly got to his feet.

He suppressed his anger and fear.

He dared not ask any questions.

He said in an ingratiating tone, “Mr.

He, what did I say wrong Ill down three cups to punish myself.”

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