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Chapter 1384: A Little ArrogantTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Heting ate the cake seriously, wondering if he should tell her about the He family now or wait for the He family to show their stand on this matter.

“Did you rush back just to have some cake Is there something you want to tell me” Su Bei couldnt read his thoughts, but his pursed lips and deep expression betrayed him.

Or rather, Lu Heting didnt try to hide his emotions in front of Su Bei.

Lu Heting looked up.

Before he could say anything, Gun Gun ran over and rubbed his sleepy eyes.

“Bei Bei, why arent you sleeping”

He rolled over and woke up.

When he saw that she wasnt around anymore, he felt aggrieved.

His voice was thick and nasal.

“Because I made you afternoon tea.

Wait for me, Ill get you some cubed coconut shreds and milk.”

Lu Heting reached out and hugged him.

Gun Gun leaned against his shoulder.

Da Bao also came out.

Looking at him, it seemed that he had not fully woken up yet.

Lu Heting knew that he had woken up a lot of people when he came back.

He also hugged Da Bao.

Probably because he was still half-asleep, Da Bao didnt refuse his fathers hug.

Like Gun Gun, he buried his head in his fathers shoulder and calmed down.

It was rare for Da Bao to be like this.

Lu Hetings smile was wide and gentle.

When Su Bei came back with the afternoon tea, she saw this scene and a faint, gentle smile appeared on her lips.

Instead of calling them, she put down her things and sat aside.

She propped up her face and watched quietly.

In the evening, Su Bei had a cocktail party that involved those in the film industry.

The guests were all investors, directors, and movie actors.

Qiao Mei felt that the opportunity was very good, so she fought for a ticket for Su Bei.

Lu Heting sent her to the cocktail party.

On the way, he wanted to talk about the He family, but the venue was not far away.

On the way, Su Bei received two more calls from Qiao Mei.

Even when Su Bei had already gotten out of the car, Lu Heting hadnt mentioned it

After Su Bei got out of the car, she turned around with her gown.

Lu Heting rolled down the window.

“So what were you going to tell me today”

“Well talk about it when you come out.” Lu Hetings handsome face revealed a hint of affection.

“Go first.”

Su Bei nodded gently, her smile as bright as the moon on the horizon.

She quickly entered the scene.

Qiao Mei was already waiting for her.

She felt that this was a rare opportunity.

Qiao Mei was personally attending today instead of Xiao Bai.

“There are many big directors and investors here today.

If you want to do well in acting, such opportunities are indispensable,” Qiao Mei said to her in a low voice as soon as they met.

“Especially some big directors with style.

You cant hire them just because you have money.”

She saw that Su Bei was wearing a champagne-colored evening gown and had an elegant and refined temperament.

She couldnt help but smile and say, “Lets go around later.

Ill take you to meet a few actors and friends first.”

Su Bei followed Qiao Mei forward and saw two familiar people—Lu Tianqing and Sheng Xiaotang.

It seemed that Lu Tiancis matter did not affect the relationship between Sheng Xiaotang and Lu Tianqing.

In the adult world, relationships were indeed not worth much.

What really made people stay together for a long time was the benefits.

Lu Tianqing could only come here because of Jin Mingchang.

If it were any other actress, they would probably need some time to get back up after such a disastrous movie.

However, Lu Tianqing, who had her fathers support, did not seem to need much buffer time.

She once again stood at the top.

When she saw Su Bei, Lu Tianqing smiled at her.

It was a meaningful smile with a hint of provocation and disdain.

Su Bei turned her head away and pretended not to see it.

Lu Tianqing didnt get the effects she wanted with her provocation and was unhappy about it.

However, she quickly regained her composure.

She did not come here today to be angry with Su Bei.

She had more important things to do.

Sheng Xiaotang said softly, “Miss Lu, Director He is here.”

Lu Tianqing immediately adjusted her smile.

Yes, her target today was He Xuyan.

As the first successor of He Consortium, He Xuyans status could not be underestimated.

However, he had no intention of taking over the family business.

Instead, he plunged into the entertainment industry and became a genius director among the younger generation.

Everyone was waiting to see him fail at the box office and have to go home to inherit hundreds of millions of yuan.

However, the movie he filmed with Su Bei enjoyed explosive popularity.

He Xuyan had found a foothold in this circle and was working steadily.

Be it as a director or a member of He Consortium, He Xuyan was an important figure.

It was normal for Lu Tianqing to want to get close to him and obtain the opportunity to cooperate with him.

“Lets go.” Lu Tianqing made sure that she was looking her best and walked toward He Xuyan.

Su Bei chatted with her peers for a while.

When Qiao Mei saw He Xuyan, she smiled and said, “Su Bei, lets go greet Director He.”

“Yeah, lets go.”

Su Bei had worked with He Xuyan before, and He Xuyan had worked closely with Di Xing Media Company before.

It was only right for her to greet them.

Seeing that Lu Tianqing was talking to He Xuyan, Su Bei and Qiao Mei stopped in their tracks and did not interrupt.

Lu Tianqing was He Yuans wife.

She was using this identity to talk to He Xuyan, and He Xuyan did not reject it.

He raised his glass and clinked glasses with her.

However, the coldness that surged in his dark eyes seemed to be able to pierce ones heart.

He stood there, aloof and cold.

It was as though there was a barrier that separated him from the others.

Lu Tianqings smile was so bright that it could melt ice and snow, but it could not melt this barrier.

She stayed in front of He Xuyan for a moment, then tactfully left.

However, she was not very disappointed.

Even though He Xuyan had treated her like that, he would also treat others the same.

She was no different from them.

As for her, she had an investor father and a husband from a consortium.

She would definitely have more advantages.

“Director He is really… a little difficult to approach.” Sheng Xiaotang gave this evaluation.

“A man like him is inevitably a little arrogant,” Lu Tianqing said.

“Im used to it.

He doesnt even give face to the He family.”

As the two of them commented, they felt at peace.

Seeing Lu Tianqing leave, Su Bei and Qiao Mei went up to greet He Xuyan.

“Director He,” Su Bei greeted him with a smile.

She was used to his dark eyes being cold and emotionless, so she didnt think he would be very enthusiastic.

He Xuyans eyes flickered as he glanced at Su Bei.

There was an indescribable emotion in his eyes… It could be said that he was gentle

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