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Chapter 1383: Hes Just Here To SupportTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Old Madam Lin patted her shoulder.

“Alright, alright, we all know.”

“Mom, I knew it.

Shes fine, but no one believed me before…” Lin Xiruo acted like a spoiled child in front of Old Madam Lin.

Children of all ages were inevitably childish in front of their mothers.

Lin Hancheng silently went forward to pick up the test report and flipped through it seriously.

He did not miss a single detail.

When he finished reading, he stared silently at the faces of He Xuyan and He Jiang.

His face was filled with distrust.

This father and son pair were good to Lin Xiruo.

They would do anything for her.

As the eldest brother, he had always felt sorry for his biological sister.

However, he did not want to fool her with fake things.

That would only cure the symptoms but not the root cause.

Qin Zufang could see through her husbands emotions, and her heart was heavy.

However, at this juncture, she couldnt say anything.

Lin Hancheng stared fixedly at the He father and son as if he wanted to spot a clue on their faces.

He Jiang did not dodge at all.

He looked at Lin Hancheng calmly and said, “Su Bei is my daughter.”

“You determined that with just this” Lin Hancheng waved the document in his hand.

“And from the photos I saw of her.” He Jiangs voice was firm and implacable.

He didnt believe it before, but after seeing Su Beis photos, he was swayed.

Moreover, this test report was personally handled by He Xuyan.

Lin Hanchengs gaze turned back to He Xuyan.

He Xuyans exceptionally dark eyes were filled with emotions as he nodded slightly.

“Theres nothing wrong with the test report.”

It was nighttime.

The entire Lin family was brightly lit.

No one was sleeping, and their expressions were a little solemn.

It was indeed a good thing to be able to find Lin Xiruos daughter, and it was also exciting.

However, there was a bigger problem troubling them.

That was, what was the real truth behind that premature child and Su Bei

“Back then, there was a problem with that child the moment she was born.

Even after rescuing her for a long time, it was useless.

In the end, she gradually died in Xiruos arms.” When Old Madam Lin thought of this, it was still fresh in her memory.

“Then Su Bei…”

“Where did Su Bei go at that time Who took her away And why” Qin Zufang muttered to herself.

These questions, for the moment, could not be answered.

Lu Heting sat in his office chair and listened to Lu Hangs report.

A cold expression appeared on his handsome face.

“This is the DNA report between Lin Xiruo and Young Madam.” Lu Hang made a copy of the content left behind from the hospital.

He Xuyan did not intend to hide this matter from Lu Heting.

For Lu Heting, who already knew the clues, it was easy for him to verify this report.

Lu Heting flipped through the document until he was sure it was correct.

“I had people follow He Xuyan yesterday.

He handled the report himself.

There should be no problem with it.”

“Got it.

Off you go.”

Lu Hang turned around and left, but he could not help but mutter to himself, “So Young Madam is actually from He Consortium and the Lin family.

No wonder her temperament is extraordinary.

Shes in a completely different league from just being the daughter of the Tang family.”

As for the mighty Lin family and He Consortium, they naturally would not casually acknowledge their relatives.

This report seemed to be trustworthy.

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.

Since they had this report, when would the He family come to acknowledge her

Su Bei had already been through several families, and each of them had left her with indelible wounds.

And here was another family.

Would they bring her warmth against disaster or pose another unknown test for her

Lu Heting frowned even more.

If the Lin family and the He family had problems, he would rather Su Bei not return to them.

She already had a small family of her own.

There was no need for her to get herself into trouble for the sake of so-called kinship.

It was impossible to make up for what she had lost when she was young.

Except… did he have the right to deprive her of that

After canceling his afternoon work, Lu Heting returned home early.

At the door, he handed his coat to the butler who came forward.

Lu Heting pulled off his tie and walked in.

The butlers movements were careful, and his voice was very soft.

“Young Master, Young Madam is taking a nap with the little masters.

Lu Heting automatically lightened his footsteps and strode in.

Da Bao and Gun Gun were both on vacation.

During this period, Su Bei was relatively free and had a lot of time to stay at home.

The room smelled sweet.

Su Bei had made a cake for the two little guys.

Lu Heting approached the big bed.

Gun Gun had placed one foot on the pillow and the other on Su Beis stomach.

He was sleeping like a little pig.

Da Bao lay obediently in Su Beis arms with his eyes closed.

Even when he was asleep, he looked calm and cold.

However, his dependence on Su Bei was obvious.

He was curled up in Su Beis direction.

Sensing that someone had come in, Su Bei opened her eyes lazily and saw Lu Hetings tall figure.

She had gotten enough sleep.

She carefully removed Gun Guns small foot and pulled out the arm Da Bao was holding.

Afraid of waking them, she got up in slow motion.

Seeing this, Lu Heting smiled warmly and reached out to help move his sons away.

His two sons were sleeping soundly and were not woken up by these movements.

Lu Heting gently put them down and reached out to take Su Bei.

Her hands were numb.

She swung her arms with a smile.

Lu Heting reached out his palm and massaged her.

The two of them left the room together.

“The children have grown up.

You dont have to sleep with them.” Lu Hetings heart ached when he saw the red mark on her arm.

“I was putting them to bed, so I decided to read scripts for a while.

I didnt expect to fall asleep with them.

They didnt mean to rest their heads on me.”

“Why are you back at this hour” Su Bei glanced out the window.

The sun was still high in the sky.

“Are you done with your work”

Lu Heting nodded slightly.

“Yes, I came back to see if the two little guys were too annoying.”

“My sons are very obedient.

They dont cause any trouble at all,” Su Bei said proudly.

“Theyve been seriously reading since this morning.

Theyre very quiet and obedient.”


After all, their mother is very quiet and well behaved.”

Caught off guard by the compliment, Su Bei blushed.

“Theres cake.

Want some”

“Yes.” Mr.

Lu, who did not like sweets, nodded seriously.

Su Bei went to get the cake and only cut a small slice for him.

She knew that he just wanted to be supportive, so of course, she wouldnt force him to eat too much of it.

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