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Chapter 1382: Didnt She Die prematurelyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He Xuyan stopped her.

“Lets get out of here.”

Lin Wenyu had no choice but to follow He Xuyan out first.

She said, “Why wont Aunt believe us She was the one who—”

“You havent spent enough time with my parents.” He Xuyans dark eyes flashed helplessly.

“My mother is unstable, especially when it comes to this.

She can never control her emotions.

And my father tends to favor my mother.”

“Ah Im sorry.

I spoke too quickly just now.

I shouldnt have said it so directly.”

“I dont blame you.” He Xuyan stuffed his hands into his pockets and shrugged slightly.

The arrogant and distant aura on his body was much fainter.

His long and tall figure was illuminated by the streetlights.

Seeing that he did not speak, Lin Wenyu did not say anything else.

She just stood at the door with him, as if she had a premonition that He Jiang would come out again.

To Lin Xiruo, this was a huge regret in her life.

Wasnt it the same for He Jiang and He Xuyan

Sure enough, after standing for a while, the lights in the house did not go out.

After a while, He Jiang opened the door again.

His handsome features were serious as he said, “Give me that thing.”

Lin Wenyu hurriedly handed it to him with both hands.

He Jiang took it and closed the door.

He had already calmed Lin Xiruo down.

Then, he entered Su Beis name on the internet and found her photo.

In that photo, Su Beis bright smile hit He Jiang hard.

That was why he turned to open the door and came to ask He Xuyan and Lin Wenyu for the test report.

He Xuyan said to Lin Wenyu, “Go back and rest.

They need some time to read the report.”

“Yes, yes.” Lin Wenyu also realized that she was useless here.

She and He Xuyan walked toward the yard.

He Xuyan stayed in the room closest to Madam Lins courtyard.

As soon as the two of them entered, Qin Zufang put on her clothes and got up.

She smiled and said, “I knew I couldnt sleep.

I kept feeling like I was missing something.

It turns out that the two of you arent asleep yet.

Do you want some supper I made dumplings tonight.”

“I want to lose weight, Mom.

You can ask Cousin if he wants to eat.”

“Im good.

Thank you, Aunt.”

Qin Zufang smiled and said, “I heard that you went to the hospital together.

I wonder what youre busy with Since youre not eating, rest early.”

Just as she finished speaking, Lin Xiruos cry came from the courtyard.

It was long and delicate, and the sound seeped into ones bones, making one unable to help but feel sad.

Qin Zufangs expression changed slightly.

“What happened to Xiruo”

Usually, even if Lin Xiruo fell ill, she wouldnt make such a loud sound.

As a well-mannered young lady, even if Lin Xiruo lost control of her emotions, she would not cause too much trouble, let alone cry like this.

Old Madam Lin also walked down the stairs with the help of the servants.

“Xuyan, what happened to your mother”

He Xuyan said steadily, “Grandma, Aunt, Wenyu and I did a DNA test report today and found my mothers daughter, whos also my sister.”

“This…” Old Madam Lin was stunned.

“Didnt that child die prematurely Everyone saw it with their own eyes.

I was the one who personally arranged for the body to be collected.

Your mother couldnt let go of this obsession, but the child wasnt lost.

She died.

How did a daughter suddenly appear ”

Lin Hancheng also got up, put on his pajamas, and came down with Old Madam Lin.

In the entire Lin family, Lin Xiruo used to be everyones little princess and received the most love.

Until now, this situation had not changed.

If anything happened to Lin Xiruo, no one could continue to sleep peacefully.

“If shes really alive, who is she” Qin Zufang also found it difficult to believe.

“Its Su Bei.”

“Su Bei” Everyone was shocked.

It wasnt that they dared not believe it but that they could not believe it.

Previously, Su Bei was brought back and claimed to be Lin Shulians daughter.

Hence, at this moment, no one dared to accept the fact that she was Lin Xiruos daughter.

Old Madam Lin was extremely anxious.

Her old eyes were filled with shock.

“Tell me quickly, what exactly happened”

“Previously, my mother accidentally met Su Bei and fell ill.

She kept pulling her and saying that she was her daughter.

At that time, I mistakenly thought that she was referring to the panda hat Su Bei was wearing, so I didnt pay much attention to it.

But later, when she saw Su Bei again, she said such things again and insisted on taking Su Beis blood to do a DNA test.

“Initially, Wenyu and I didnt believe it either, so we didnt take it seriously and we didnt do the test.

“However, Wen Yus colleague accidentally checked the two blood samples the other day.

The results show that Su Bei is my mothers daughter.

“To confirm, I found Su Beis hair again and we ran another test.

“The test results match the results of the first report.

Su Bei is indeed my sister.”

Hearing He Xuyans words, although Old Madam Lin was puzzled, she believed him.

“Xuyan has always been steady.

Its impossible for him to lie.

Moreover, he supervised the test, so there must be no problem.

Ive long felt that Su Bei looked familiar, but I didnt expect the truth to be like this…”

Qin Zufang also said, “Thats right.

I had always thought that that child was quite compatible with us.

It was just a pity that she was Lin Shulians daughter.

If shes really Xiruos daughter, that would be great.”

Lin Hancheng did not say anything.

He still had a reserved attitude toward this matter.

He looked in the direction of the courtyard and said in a low voice, “So Xiruo knows about this now”

“Yes, I think so.

We just sent the test report over,” He Xuyan said calmly with a light in his eyes.

It was said that Lin Xiruo had an obsession with that lost child, but it was also the same for He Xuyan.

His life had always been affected by that sister of his.

He felt that his sister had long been a part of his life.

If that was true…

Lin Hancheng had always doted on his biological sister.

When he heard Lin Xiruos cries, his heart ached as he said, “Ill go over and take a look at Xiruo.”

“Lets go and take a look too.” Old Madam Lin followed Lin Hancheng.

The closer they got to the courtyard, the louder the cries, making the entire familys hearts ache.

Lin Wenyu was the first to knock.

After a long time, He Jiang came over to open the door.

Because his heart ached for his wife, his eyes were filled with thick emotions.

When he saw that it was Old Madam Lin and the others, he could not refuse and could only invite them in.

With the help of Qin Zufang and the servants, Old Madam Lin walked in.

Lin Xiruo cried and threw herself into her arms.

“Mom, I found my daughter! She really didnt die.

Shes fine, shes fine, shes still alive! Mom, Im really too happy!”

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