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Chapter 1381: The Maniac Whos Crazy Protective Of His WifeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He Xuyan composed himself.

His dark eyes were calm as he reached out with his well-defined fingers and flipped open the report in front of him.

He skipped the other data and flipped to the concluding page.

His gaze fixed on the line of bold black writing.

Word by word, it came into focus—supports the identification of a biological mother-daughter relationship between the two subjects.

Biological mother-daughter relationship!

His fingers trembled uncontrollably.

Lin Wenyus head leaned over.

She enunciated each word clearly.

“Supports the identification of a biological mother-daughter relationship between the two subjects! Cousin, I told you that I wasnt mistaken! Its exactly the same as the results of the previous test.”

“I know,” He Xuyan whispered.

Su Beis face flashed before his eyes.

From the time he first met her when she was filming the movie to now, he didnt think that anything was out of the ordinary.

Now that he thought about it, everything was exceptionally clear.

It turned out that he had not been completely indifferent to Su Bei since a long time ago.

“Lets go back and tell Aunt and Uncle!” Lin Wenyu said.

The Lin family.

At this moment, it was already late and everyone had already fallen asleep.

Only a few street lamps were still lit.

The lights were dimly lit and yellow, reserved for those who returned late.

Lin Wenyu and He Xiyan went straight to Lin Xiruos courtyard.

Lin Wenyu was cheerful and knocked on the door first.

She was so excited that she couldnt help but want to tell her aunt the good news immediately.

A moment later, the lights came on inside and the door creaked open.

He Jiang was a little sleepy, but his sharp gaze that was usually seen during the day was still there.

His old face was still as handsome as when he was young.

When he saw his son, he was clearly dissatisfied.

His dark eyes glanced at him indifferently and were filled with reproach.

“Xiruo has just fallen asleep.

She has difficulty sleeping these days…”

His nature as a protective and loving husband was made obvious.

No one could disturb his wifes sleep, not even his son.

“Uncle, we have something important to discuss with Aunt,” Lin Wenyu said first.

When He Jiang saw Lin Wenyu, his attitude softened a little.

Since Lin Xiruo had always doted on this niece, he would also dote on her a little more.

“Lets talk about it tomorrow morning.

I dont want to wake Xiruo up at this hour.” He Jiang still refused.

His thick eyebrows were already deeply furrowed as he reached out to close the door.

“Is Xuyan and Wenyu here Hubby, let them in.” Lin Xiruos voice came from inside.

A trace of helplessness flashed across He Jiangs brows as if he was completely unable to reject his wifes arrangements.

He could only open the door, but he glared at his son and niece resentfully.

He Xuyan was already well aware of his status in the family and walked in calmly.

Lin Wenyu was feeling anxious.

She couldnt care less and rushed in.

Lin Xiruo stood up in her sleeping robe.

Her hair hung gently by her ears.

When her mind was clear, she was dignified and beautiful, filled with an elegant aura.

She was a completely different person from when she was crazy.

She greeted them with a gentle smile.


Lin Wenyu observed her aunt carefully.

In the past, she had never associated her aunt with Su Bei.

She didnt know if it was because she had evidence in her hands now, but the more she looked at her aunt, the more she felt that her aunt and Su Bei were similar.

Especially those eyes.

They were both exquisite and imposing, filled with a delicate temperament.

However, Lin Xiruo was middle-aged now, so she had the dignified air of an older person.

As for Su Bei, she was bright and energetic.

Hence, the two of them did not look too similar at first glance.

“Wenyu, why are you looking for me” Lin Xiruo asked gently.

He Jiang walked over and sat down beside Lin Xiruo.

There was a hint of impatience in his handsome eyes, but he had always treated his wife gently, even when she was ill.

“Aunt, the two of you are really too similar.

You and Su Bei are really alike.” Lin Wenyu couldnt help but say her true thoughts.

He Jiangs expression darkened slightly, and his facial features were immediately filled with coldness.

Lin Xiruos condition had just shown signs of improving.

He could not tolerate anyone adding to the burden in her heart and aggravating her illness at this time.

“If theres nothing else, Xuyan, take Wenyu and leave.

Its too late.

Xiruo and I are going to rest.” His face darkened as he ordered them to leave.

He Xuyan took the test report from Lin Wenyu and said slowly, “Dad, Im here to give Mom something.

This is Moms and Su Beis blood test report.

The report shows—”

“What report Take it all back!” He Jiangs tone became even more serious as he interrupted him.

When Lin Xiruo came back this time, she was doing well.

However, after only a few days, the situation worsened.

Hence, he quickly handed over his work to others and rushed back to accompany her.

He had watched as his wife fell ill.

He was extremely worried, but his son was still fooling around.

He had never seen Su Bei before.

Having lived in the United States for a long time, he did not care about such a figure in the entertainment industry.

He had only heard that Su Bei was related to Lin Shulian, so he instinctively hated her.

Hence, his tone was heavy and anxious.

At this moment, Lin Xiruo was rational.

She smiled and said, “Forget it, its fine.

Dont blame your son.

I was the one who insisted on making a report.

I also know that the results arent a match, so theres no need to argue.”

Lin Wenyu was an impatient person and couldnt wait anymore.

She said directly, “Aunt, let me get straight to the point.

That day, my colleague helped you test your and Su Beis blood samples and the results confirmed your mother-daughter relationship.

Cousin and I were afraid that the test wouldnt be accurate, so we specially went to get Su Beis hair and did the test again.

This is the report for the retest.

It confirms that Su Bei is your daughter.

Take a look.”

When Lin Xiruo heard this, she was stunned for a moment.

Her dignified eyes were instantly wet with tears.

She still remembered the feeling of the newborn child turning cold in her hands.

It was that obsession that had made her unable to let go for so many years.

Even now, she was still unable to let go of her worries.

Was her daughter really still alive

No, this has to be a dream.

No, thats not right.

Did I start acting up again Is that why my mind isnt clear at all Is that why I imagined Lin Wenyu saying those words

Her slender fingers gripped He Jiangs shirt so tightly that her knuckles turned white.

She looked at her husband awkwardly and pleadingly, wondering if she was in a worse situation now.

He Jiangs eyes were filled with heartache.

He pressed her into his arms and said sternly to Lin Wenyu and He Xuyan, “Hurry up and get out.”

“But Uncle…” Lin Wenyu still had something to say.

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