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Chapter 1380: Havent Broken UpTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Du Jinghao was pushed out.

The doctor said regretfully, “Im really sorry.

The patients leg nerves were injured.

Even if he recovers, therell be sequelae.

But for now, he has to recuperate and ensure that there are as few after-effects as possible.”

Du Guoshou and Ou Huanwei were so angry that their eyes turned red.

Tang Yue bent down and said gently to Du Jinghao, “Jinghao, dont worry.

Ill always take care of you and stay by your side.”

Du Jinghaos eyes flashed with surprise.

He really did not expect Tang Yue to be so affectionate.

Had he really been wrong

Su Bei and Lu Heting got into the car.

She was wondering what had happened tonight.

“So Du Jinghao and Tang Yue were both there.

I dont think tonights events are that simple,” Su Bei said in a low voice with a frown.

“The bodyguards checked again just now.

The person who caused trouble tonight is Tang Yues admirer.

He rushed out and hit Du Jinghao, causing a commotion.

However, he denied that Tang Yue was involved and said that he was the one who did all of this himself.

Theres also a record of his conversation with Tang Yue.” Lu Heting took out his phone and showed it to Su Bei.

Su Bei took a look.

Tang Yue seemed to be quite kind and even advised him not to cause trouble.

But in the end, he still caused trouble.

No one would believe that it had nothing to do with Tang Yue.

However, there was no evidence that it was Tang Yues doing.

Su Bei rubbed her eyebrows.

“Fortunately, the other fans are fine.

Du Jinghao isnt my fan either.

I think he came to the venue today because of Tang Yue.”

“Ive already instructed the security team to keep an eye on Tang Yue in the future.

They wont let her enter any event venues where youre carrying out your activities again.”

“Mhm.” Su Bei was a little tired and nodded gently.

Lu Heting pulled her into his arms so that she could rest for a moment.

On the other side of the hospital, He Xuyan also received the news of the commotion.

“Is Su Bei okay”

“Shes fine.

I heard that only one of her fans is seriously injured.

The others are just a little frightened at most.

Speaking of which, Mr.

He, since when did you care about Su Bei” He Xuyans best friend teased him.

“None of your business.

Bye.” He hung up.

On Lin Wenyus side, she was asking her colleague for further DNA testing.

“Thats good.” Lin Wenyu heaved a sigh of relief.

He Xuyan held his phone and looked out the window.

It was already late at night in the hospital, but there were still people coming and going.

He suddenly asked, “Is Su Bei still with Lu Heting”

“What” Lin Wenyu did not understand what he wanted to ask.

The last time He Xuyan accompanied Su Bei to the hospital, Lu Heting had shown their photos when he came over.

He said that he was Su Beis husband.

He Xuyan did not ask further about this matter.

However, rumors about Lu Heting and Lu Bei spread like wildfire after that.

Previously, He Xuyan was in no position to care.

But if Su Bei was really his sister… He Xuyan felt that he might kill someone.

“Isnt Lu Heting with Lu Bei Hasnt he broken up with Su Bei yet” There was a hidden danger in He Xuyans tone.

The DNA test results werent in yet, but he felt himself slipping into his role as an elder brother.

Something very definite in his gut warned him that the DNA test would be a match.

If he was an elder brother, then he would feel the urge to protect his little sister for the rest of her life.

He wasnt usually like this.

Hed always been able to control his emotions.

But when it came to Su Bei… he couldnt help it.

When Lin Wenyu heard this, she snorted and said, “Dont you know that Lu Bei is Su Bei in mens clothes Su Bei looks very handsome in mens clothes too.

Previously, she even brought me to the raw stone market…”

Lin Wenyu had always known about this, so when the outside world was in an uproar, she was still secretly happy.

After just listening halfway through, He Xuyan relaxed a lot.

So Lu Bei was Su Bei

He coughed lightly.

Lu Hetings life would be spared.

Lin Wenyu laughed.

“You were worried about that We still dont know whats going on with Su Bei and Aunt.

Theres still half an hour left.

Lets wait.”

Half an hour was not a long time.

He Xuyan remained in the same position and stood there.

Lin Wenyu couldnt stand it anymore, so she ran over to look at the results.

When the results didnt come out, she ran back.

“It turns out that even if weve expedited the process, itll still take so long.

But we cant miss a single step, after all.”

After Su Bei fell asleep, Lu Heting glanced at her sleeping face and got up to answer Lu Hangs call.

“The person who hit Du Jinghao insists that it has nothing to do with Tang Yue.

He says that he was jealous of Du Jinghao, so he hit him.

However, I think that Tang Yue actually had the intention of encouraging him to cause trouble on the spot.

That persons emotions are very unstable.

Tang Yue must know this.”

“Deal with this person according to the procedure.

We cant find evidence against Tang Yue now, but therell be plenty of opportunities in the future,” Lu Heting said.

Lu Hang understood what he meant.

Since the person who hit Du Jinghao was emotionally unstable and was Tang Yues admirer, what would he do when he was emotionally unstable again in the future

Lu Heting could afford to wait.

He wanted to see if Tang Yue could afford it.

There were no mentions of this incident on the internet.

On Du Guoshou and Ou Huanweis side, they didnt know the truth of the matter and didnt think it had anything to do with Tang Yue.

They just hated Su Bei a little more.

On the other hand, Tang Yue did not leave Du Jinghao when his leg was injured.

This deepened the two elders impression of her.

They believed that their judgment back then was right.

Choosing Tang Yue had been the right thing to do.

In the hospital, Lin Wenyu finally obtained the DNA test report from her colleague.

“Cousin! I got it!” Lin Wenyu ran over while panting.

“What are the results”

“I havent read the report yet.

Im a little… afraid to.” Lin Wenyu had high hopes for this matter, so she was afraid of being disappointed.

She did not dare to open it casually.

“You do it.” She held the file out to He Xuyan and motioned for him to open it.

He Xuyan took it.

This report was just a further verification.

The initial report had already been done.

He Xuyan had handled the collection of samples personally this time, so there was no problem with the authenticity and accuracy.

“Cousin, quickly open it.” Lin Wenyu didnt dare to open it herself, but she was looking forward to the results.

She looked at He Xuyan eagerly.

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