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Chapter 138: Chapter 138 Anyone Named Da Bao Was His Enemy

Lu Heting didnt want others to see his womans body.

But Su Bei was a model.

He respected her job, and he didnt interfere in her private affairs.

However, he saw too much admiration in Lu Weijians eyes.

After all, Lu Weijian looked like he was scrutinizing a womans body.

He would never allow Lu Weijian to continue.

“You are so overbearing!” Lu Weijian reluctantly turned off the video.

Then all of a sudden, he remembered something.

He said to Lu Heting, “Brother, help me play this.”

He logged in to the game using his username, Invincible Swordsman.

But he was defeated countless times by a person named Da Bao.

Lu Weijian was one of the top ten players in this game.

But he always lost to someone with such an unfashionable name.

Lu Heting wanted to ignore Lu Weijian at first because he was not in the mood to play games.

But he suddenly saw that the opponents name was Da Bao.

He remembered that day when Su Bei called out this name, mistook him for Da Bao and kissed him.

A feeling of displeasure and suffocation overwhelmed his heart.

As he took Lu Weijians phone, his body was instantly filled with a murderous aura.

He looked very combative now.

Anyone named Da Bao was his enemy!

Because of his strong murderous intent, Lu Heting finally killed Da Bao in the game.

“Oh brother, you are awesome! You triumphed over my archenemy.” Lu Weijian, who was standing aside, was lost in admiration.

At home, Da Bao turned off his computer.

For the first time, he was defeated by the player named Invincible Swordsman.

It seemed that his opponent had suddenly changed into a different person.

The person he had battled with just now had a very high combat power index.

It was really interesting!

Su Bei entered Feng Shangs shooting location.

The other supermodels were all in place except for Su Huixian.

Among the supermodels selected this time, Su Bei and Su Huixian were the most popular.

Su Bei was praised and recognized by the senior executives of Orisa after joining the Orisa Fashion Show.

Su Huixian, on the other hand, had been on the hot searches several times.

And now, everyone knew that Jin Xius sales soared up because she was their brand ambassador.

They thought that she was very capable of increasing a products sales.

Even for this photo shoot, Feng Shang had appointed Su Huixian to be the center.

They hoped that the sales of their magazine would also increase like Jin Xius clothes.

“Su Huixian will be here soon.

I need you all to cooperate and work with her,” the photographer commanded.

Su Huixians late arrival didnt displease everyone.

On the contrary, everyone waited for her patiently and with ease.

“Su Huixian is very busy with her work, so its normal for her to arrive a little late.”


I heard that Jin Xiu had made a lot of her print ads because she is so popular.”

Everyone was whispering to each other.

“Look, theres a sports car coming!”

Su Bei also followed everyones sight to have a look.

A cool Lamborghini sports car with fast dazzling lights stopped in front of everyone.

Everyones eyes were filled with admiration.

“Look, Mr.

Luo has personally sent Huixian here! I heard that this Lamborghini is a limited edition and worth several millions of yuan.”

“Oh, Mr.

Luo is so considerate.”

“Only Su Huixian deserves a handsome and rich young man like Mr.


Under the crowds admiring gazes, Du Luo got out of the car first.

Then he walked to the other side considerately and opened the door for Su Huixian.


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