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Chapter 1379: Fanatic PursuerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I got a bruise on my hand from falling on the ground.”

“I hurt my forehead.”

“Im glad everyones fine.

Were so lucky.”

“Thats right.

Otherwise, it wouldve caused too much trouble for Su Bei.”

As they were talking, several people suddenly appeared in front of them.

The person in the lead was in a hurry.

They wore a hat, sunglasses, and a mask.

They looked at the figure in surprise.

Seeing that the figure was familiar, they could not help but stare.

As the newcomer approached, they removed their mask and sunglasses.

The fans were stunned for a moment before saying in surprise, “S-Su Bei”

The face of the woman in front of them was even smaller than what they had seen on camera.

She was exquisite and innocent.

Her shallow smile was like the moon in the sky.

They could not believe their eyes.

“Its me.” Her voice was small and warm as she made a shushing motion.

The fans realized that they could not be too loud, and they could not disturb the others in the hospital.

They automatically lowered their voices, but when they saw their idol standing in front of them in the flesh, they could only cover their mouths with their hands to control their joy.

Despite covering their mouths, their love for her still shone in their eyes.

Their love for her touched Su Bei.

She said softly, “I knew you were hurt, so I came to visit.

Hows everyone doing”

“Were okay, were all okay.

Were all fine,” a young boy said immediately.

“Especially when I see you.

Ive never been better,” another boy chimed in immediately.

Everyone laughed a little shyly and especially happily.

“I really didnt expect you to visit us in person.”

“Its good that everyone is fine.

These are small gifts for you.” Su Bei distributed the gifts prepared by Lu Hang.

“Can I take a photo with you, Su Bei” Another fan made a small request.

“Of course.” Su Bei took a photo with them and then signed their names.

The few fans were so happy that they were about to faint.

These fans consisted of five boys and a girl.

They all received Su Beis gifts.

Su Bei looked at the girl and thought for a moment.

She took the panda doll off her bag and handed it to her.

“This is for you.”

Su Bei actually liked this doll, but Lu Heting didnt like that it was from He Xuyan, so she didnt want to keep it.

It was great that she could give it to her fan.

“Wow, thank you so much!” The girl reached out to take it.

Lu Hang, who was at the side, hurriedly went forward to take it and said, “Miss Su, give this one to her.”

He produced an identical doll.

Su Bei looked at the identical doll and then at Lu Heting.

It turned out Lu Heting had bought a new one and replaced this old one

The one she wanted to give away was the one Lu Heting had prepared

Su Bei took Lu Hetings gift back and gave He Xuyans gift to the girl.

Of course, the girl had no objections.

It was given to her by Su Bei all the same.

She was already about to die of happiness.

How could she know that there was such a subtle difference

Seeing that the girl received a doll, the boys smiled tolerantly.

“Ive booked cabs for all of you.

Go back early.

Dont stay outside late at night.

Its not safe,” Su Bei reminded them.

“Okay, well listen to whatever you say.” They reluctantly waved goodbye to Su Bei.

After Su Bei sent them off, she asked the bodyguard, “Theres another seriously injured fan, right Where are they”

Actually, it didnt matter much if the fans were just lightly injured.

Su Bei was most worried about the seriously injured one.

I heard the fan even broke their leg.

She felt particularly bad about what had happened.

There must have been a security problem that led to the accident.

“The hospital wards and operating rooms are in another building in the hospital,” the bodyguard said.

“I heard the fan is already in surgery.

The situation is still unclear.”

“Ill go take a look.

I cant leave until their surgery is over,” Su Bei said.

She followed the bodyguards over.

Although Lu Heting didnt appear with her, he didnt leave.

“Thats the way.” When they entered the building, the bodyguard gave Su Bei directions and took her with him.

When Su Bei walked over, she saw a few familiar faces.

Du Guoshou, Ou Huanwei, and Tang Yue were all there.

Su Bei frowned slightly and looked at the bodyguard.

Did they go the wrong way

She asked, “Whats the fans name”

“His name is Du Jinghao.

Hes in surgery now.”

“Du Jinghao” Su Bei couldnt help but repeat.

How could Du Jinghao be her fan Why would he be at the venue

Su Bei did not intend to argue with these people.

She said, “Then let Sister Qiao Mei settle this fans matter.”

She expected it to be more complicated than that.

With that, she turned and walked away.

However, Ou Huanwei immediately saw Su Bei and shouted angrily, “Su Bei, you broke my sons leg and youre leaving just like that Let me tell you, if anything happens to Jinghao, I wont let you off!”

She came forward to grab Su Bei, but the bodyguards had already swarmed around her and separated her from Su Bei.

“Lu Hang, settle the matter here,” Lu Heting instructed in a low voice and left with Su Bei.

Lu Hang naturally knew how to resolve this.

Ou Huanwei and the others only saw a group of bodyguards surrounding Su Bei.

They quickly walked away while protecting Su Bei, so she couldnt even reach them.

She was furious and asked Tang Yue, “What exactly happened”

“I dont know what happened either.

Jinghao and I went there to see Su Bei.

Who knew that Su Beis fans would suddenly cause trouble and hurt Jinghao” Tang Yue shook her head and said.

Ou Huanwei cursed loudly at Su Beis back.

“What a pestilence! Youre nothing, but youve made a mess of the Tang family and our family.”

Tang Yues eyes hid her pleasure, but what happened tonight was not entirely what she wanted.

She bet that her fanatical pursuer would mess up the entire venue after getting jealous of Du Jinghao.

However, she did not expect Su Beis fans to be so orderly.

Moreover, the bodyguards arrived quickly and did not give that person much chance to mess up the scene.

Now, there was no news about it on the internet, and Su Bei had no negative impact.

Also, Tang Yue did not expect that her fanatical pursuer would break Du Jinghaos leg.

However, wasnt this all for the better If Du Jinghaos leg was broken, he wouldnt be able to pursue anyone else.

Then, he could only be hers.

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